Ge refrigerator water hook up

No more GE products for me…ever! Are you certain it is installed correctly?

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Maybe try reducing raising the temperature setting on the freezer to see if that might help. Everything works well except the water line freezes up. It makes sense to me that we should be able to open the body of the freezer door and replace the tubing with an insulated tube. Unfortunately, I am not aware if there is any such thing. Standing there with the blow dryer is getting old!

This water line heater worked for me. I had to use the hair dryer trick to get it thawed out first. It acts as a heat sink. Mine has been frozen for years! I tried the heat gun, sticking random things down the tube, etc, and nothing has ever been able to clear it. I duct taped thick plastic over the freezer opening, which actually worked really well and set the door in front of the warm air coming out of my dehumidifier. While it was warming up I decided to search again and came across this forum.

The one thing I never tried was hot water, so I thought it was a good time to try it, especially since I had the door off and apart. Surprisingly it only took a few ounces before it was free and clear! The fridge is 9 years old and we only had the problem when we moved it downstairs. Anyway, I definitely suggest trying that as the first option, as I did everything else suggested and it did not work.

Thanks for the suggestion and reading my long story! My GE side by side was freezing up the water dispenser every few days in spite of having installed the heater add-on, raising the freezer temp as far as it would go and numerous hair dryer thawings. I figured the insulation behind the water line had become frozen solid with condensation and it froze the water line almost as soon as I thawed it.

It is now over a month and the water is flowing freely. The heaters GE sells are a total rip-off. Just buy a cheap ice chest and cut it up. Not real pretty but it is inside the box and cheap! Hopefully I can still sing this song in a year. Chilling the water line and re-heating it is a waste of electricity, plus you have to by the heater. A simpler and cheaper solution is to tape some bubble wrap inside your freezer door to add some insulation from the cold air blowing on the door. Now GE is trying to walk away by selling the company to Chinese company.

GE addressed this issue the same way Ford addressed the Pinto. There should be a class action suit started by some enterprising attorney. Then it busted the water filter! GE sent me a new water filter that took 7 to 10 day …. Do they sent us another one,,,,7 to 10 days later we got it. Put it in and that night it froze up again! Now they are sending a repairman out!

Why should we put up with this!!!? You can also use a skinny straw and pour the hot water into it and blow it up into the tube or just use hot air. Statistically not a proven concept but if others use this technique and it works we can validate the effectiveness. Very innovative idea to get the line unfrozen. The warm water straw did the trick almost instantly.

I think the spray bottle would have worked buit it was hard to position it. Use a stra with a bend near the top. Unplug and defrost fridge. Clean cover on back of fridge. Remove cover and check fan motor for dust. Used vacuum to clean fan motor housing.

Replace cover plug back in and the water works and is still working a week later. Heat gun no hair dryer here to the inside of door panel worked like a charm. After waiting a few minutes, I tried the dispenser and it spit out a small bit of ice…. Glad to have found this conversation site! I saw both of these issues discussed, and are good points to keep in mind. How do you figure out where your line is frozen? You might try and fish a trimmer line or some other type of stiff wire up the line and see how far it goes before hitting the ice.

Chances are, it is just a few inches up the line as that seems to be where the insulation breaks down around the water line. Yours may be too. To verify this do the following after ensuring that you have water pressure from the tube at floor level by: Check the temperature of the wire immediately after pulling it out. If it is very cold, it was in contact with ICE. BUT the way I did it thanks to information I read on the great internet was to squirt very hot water into the dispenser outlet tube using a 2oz syringe connected to a thin flexible plastic hose.

I burnt my finger as the hot flowed back out, so wear thick dishwashing glove s and eye protection etc. They are happy with full ice cubes. Did you ever come up with a fix for item 7. I thought one could buy a new plastic overlay, but no luck there.

How to Install a Water Line for a Refrigerator Ice Maker | Home Guides | SF Gate

I flushed hot water into the dispenser with a turkey injector. Then used a hair dryer to the inside of the freezer door to remove all moisture and taped the lid of a styrofoam cooler to the inside of the freezer door behind the dispenser. It has not frozen again since. I tried forcing hot water into the dispenser tube with no success, just a mess, but isopropyl alcohol like from your medicine cabinet worked almost instantly.

Isopropyl alcohol is used as a deicing agent in aviation and other applications and is safe for food surfaces as well. Just wanted to say thank you. The hair dryer trick worked. I worked the dryer on the inside of my freezer door, behind the dispenser if that helps. I turned down temp on freezer and blew hot water up water dispenser line. In 30 min water was dripping.

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Just started happening, I used to thaw out with hair dryer, but now that it keeps happening, not sure what to do??? Worked on mine for many years without freezing again — http: It may sound weird but I fed about 18 inches of weed wacker line up the dispenser so that only a little bit sticks out. Now when it freezes which it still does, you just move the line up and down a couple of times and that takes care of the frozen water.

How To Install a Water Line to your Fridge

Its a no cost fix until you want to buy a new fridge. The hair dryer will work, but the freezing water line will happen again-and-again. Ours is a GE refrigerator. There are some good hacks here..


I learned about squirting the hot water up the frozen waterline…will try that.. I have been filling my freezer opening with pillows pushing the freezer door as closed as I can get it to hold them in , propping a chair to hold that position. This works if you leave it like that for about 30 mins or sometimes a bit longer. But I like the idea about insulating the back of that white plastic sloped section. I was astounded, this lasted for 3 or 4 months. I did my pillow thing.. So I searched and found this great thread.. Thanks for your input!

I sucked up a drinking straw full of the hot water and blew it into the dispenser hose. Quick fix for constantly frozen water line.. Use a can of expanding foam shoot it slowly into the hole. Insulates the inside compartment and around the tube. Once dry trim off the stuff coming out of the hole. No more freeze ups. We used to defrost it every night with the hair dryer. Finally we duct taped a piece of foam siding on the panel inside the freezer.

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My Kenmore water line froze up 3 days ago. I found these tips while googling for an answer.

GE PFE29PSDSS Owner's Manual & Installation Instructions: Installing The Water Line

Decided to raise the temp in freezer from zero to 5f before I tried anything else. First make sure it is a frozen line. Remove the trim at the bottom of the fridge. On the left hand side facing the fridge you will see a water line going into the hinge. There should be a coupler fitting before the hinge. Separate the water line there and press the water dispenser.

If water comes out, it is a frozen line, if not it is most likely the control valve in the rear of the fridge. If it is a frozen line use the tool on Amazon or make your own to thaw it out. I used a squeeze bottle with a small tube attached from a continuous flow printer ink supply that I purchased but never used. Fill the container with hot water and shove the tube into the water line until you hit the ice jam.

Should be about 10 to 15 inches. Put a wash cloth or cup under water line to catch the overflow and maintain light pressure on the tubing as you squeeze the container or syringe and you will feel the hot water slowly melting the ice and the tube will advance a little at A time until you feel it break free and clear the line. Refill your container as necessary.

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I worked on mine for three days trying to raise the temp in the freezer and poke plastic and wire up the tube to break up the ice but nothing worked until I tried this. I believe this full bucket of ice causes the line to repeatedly freeze. Try moving the ice maker arm to the top full level before it fills up completely. To prevent burns and product damage, do not hook. If the refrigerator is. When the refrigerator has. If the refrigerator is operated. Do not install the ice maker tubing in areas where.

When using any electrical device such as a power. All installations must be in accordance with local. To determine how much tubing you need:. Be sure there is sufficient extra tubing to allow. Add to my manuals Add. Troubleshooting Table Of Contents Ge energy star This manual also for: Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Enter text from picture: How it got to that temp I don't know.

It was working fine before hurricane Irma. How do I remove the glass shelf on top of the veg and fruit bin.