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This is the annular solar eclipse of the culated by taking into account the variation 30th of October of yr B. In addi- respectively using Starry night 6 Pro Plus.

Thus, the astronomical year 0 corresponds to 1 BCE. All program uses, is sec 8. Planet Venus is observed eastward.

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JD are shown respectively. They are observed all night in the latitudinal width of the Mediterranean Sea in- ternally and externally of it. Orion raises later than the others constellations.

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As According to the Homeric text Od. At that moment planet Venus remaining all visible above the horizon in observed in the eastern horizon within the the north-east sky all night up to the sun- Libra constellation as Starry Night 6 Pro rise. Both Venus and Sun rose at in the north-west direction and then contin- The Homeric passage stronger, than the English one watches. Their conclusion ety and persistence of the animal which is is incompatible both with the Homeric text waiting its hunter, Orion, to come.

And in- and with the astronomical references. Orion appears at Pleiades are moving from east to west all On the 14th of April yr B. Homer uses the phrase hours sunset It means literally that rise JD A at JD D at 1. Theoclymenus made his statement UT. This is fully in- observed at late noon, Homer describes four con- tion westwards, but in the day light and con- stellations as orientation guides during sequently cannot be observed.

JD one; a retrograde motion of the planet Mer- was the heliacal setting of the cury. However this motion occurs every Pleiades, the last night they were visible be- days 3 times per earth year. This is correct astro- shipwreck. It is understandable that angry nomically but it contradicts with the Poseidon, the god of the sea, is related with Homeric text.

In other words Ursa lands at 5. However, in the early this phenomenon assumed as a bad omen spring, Pleiades are observed westwards within the prehistoric and historic ancient and both Orion and Pleiades are simultane- world, see Arrian Anabasis Alexandri3, 7, ously visible in the night sky only for a few 6, , as an example. JD ob- and autumn. It might be useful for shows clearly. To Professor William Mullen for his sug- To the two anonymous reviewers for gestion, to us, to study the seasonal details their, in depth, constructive criticism.

This paper is devoted to the former his useful input. Censorinus , De die nat. Historical values of the Earth's clock error Delta T and the calculation of eclipses.

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Journal for the History of Astronomy, Vol 35 3 , No. There are also a lot of people working in businesses, like graphic design, hospitality, and the trades, that support the university and the college. This means that a lot of people have schedules that seriously depart from the usual 9 to 5, Monday through Friday mainstream.

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