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Counterfeit bills showing up across GTA: YouTube bans risky prank videos post 'Bird Box' challenge. Ford government to cut tuition by 10 per cent Air Date: Ontario reviewing municipalities for efficiencies Air Date: Most hospitals running above capacity: Community mourns person killed by garbage truck Air Date: Loaded AK magazine among items in Hussain's room: Olympian's message to kids Air Date: Tent city residents ordered by city to move Air Date: Person run over by garbage truck in laneway Air Date: Saudi runaway wants to try to live normal life Air Date: Barenaked Ladies partner with Toronto students Air Date: Cops' conduct in Instagram videos under review Air Date: Hamilton joins cities allowing retail pot shops Air Date: Warm on Tuesday before snow, cold Air Date: Kelly accuser says he wrote threatening letter Air Date: Gillette's new ad drawing online criticism over messaging.

SUVs, pick-up trucks highlighted at auto show Air Date: Case of Saudi teen raising immigration questions Air Date: OPP commissioner 'a political appointment: Tag-and-tow blitz underway during rush hour Air Date: One person in custody after east-end police chase Air Date: Man found guilty of 'webcam' murder in York University student's death.

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A shoplifting allegation from was also withdrawn, Skubic said. The two would also talk politics, though it could get heated, she said. Related Stories Man charged in 'webcam murder' didn't mean to kill York U student: Pathologist at 'webcam murder' trial says York student died of neck compression. General Feedback News Tips.

Kelly accuser says he wrote threatening letter. Gillette facing online backlash over new ad. Giant floating ice disk spotted in Maine river. Two teens hurt after reportedly being stabbed during fight near Scarborough school. Indigenous parents believed their children would have more opportunities and face less discrimination if they spoke English.

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  3. Man found guilty of 'webcam' murder in York University student's death?

Chacaby was the 13th of 14 students he has taught to speak fluent Ojibwe. The prominent cultural leader has devoted the last 25 years of his life to preserving the language. Now 78, he is still teaching, though turnouts below 10 are common—even though his classes are free. At one of her Ojibwe-language camps, Chacaby met a man no one else seemed to know who offered her a pack of tobacco.

At the end of the three-week session, he approached her again, this time revealing he was Ian Martin, then coordinator of the linguistics and language studies program at Glendon, a small, bilingual, liberal-arts college. Martin, now an English professor, offered her a job and gave her the freedom to design her own program.

The problem with learning Anishinaabemowin is that everything is alive in Indigenous culture.

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It is a descriptive language, with little use for nouns. The Council has identified a number of areas to review and to make recommendations to the President by the end of August Please provide titles and number of sustainability staff. Please describe including name of office or department and year created:. Please describe policy and provide URL to full policy, if available: All centrally printed materials are FSC.

This practice will be formalized in an institutional RFP to be posted in September.

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Other buildings have green products, however, complete conversion has not yet taken place. Department of Agriculture or Canadian Organic Standards excluding on-campus farms? Very little pesticides are used on campus — municipal requirements only related to West Nile mosquito control. No licensed pest control service provider, is required to meet the requirements of the Canadian Organic Standards. Please check all that apply. Please describe status and provide estimated completion date: Also, include the start date for each year as well as the URL to each inventory, if available online, or attach the document.

I Tried Speed-Dating, and It Was Interesting

They are counted in a subsequent indicator. If you answered only "No" or "In progress" to question 21, please now skip to question Data on total degree heating and cooling days is available at: This information will be used to help reduce bias between schools in different climates. Heating degree days average over the past three years: Please specify percentage of overall electricity generated from each of the following sources and describe details below. Please specify number of systems and total BTUs generated annually, if available:. RECs and electricity from renewable sources must be Green-e certified or meet the requirements of the Green-e standard.

Course kits are carbon neutral. York University contributes 10 cents per kit to the not-for-profit organization Zerofootprint, to purchase local renewable energy and support other projects such as tree planting. Percentage of your total electric energy use that it represents:.

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Date of most recent contract: Percentage of your total non-electric energy use that it represents: Because we make cogenerated electricity this consumption is inherently combined and approximately Percentage on-site combustion derived from renewable sources: If available, please indicate the total annual weight or volume of each material collected for recycling or reuse. Please describe policy and provide URL to the full policy, if available:. The University has adopted a number of green principles to which it adheres in building, renovation and campus grounds management.

All capital projects are subjected to ongoing analysis form the standpoint of sustainability. Projects are conceived giving consideration to sources of material, construction methods, the reduction of energy consumption standards, redirection recycling of waste heat sources to building heating, utilization of recycled material fly ash concrete, asphalt, wood , viability of green roof, efficiencies in building envelope and floor plate, efficiencies in HVAC and lighting systems, use of recycled materials for landscape furniture and benches.

Proposals for new developments are examined from the standpoint of maximizing building and operational sustainability, carefully examining the viability for fixed guidelines, such as, but not limited to, LEED Certification. Infrastructure improvements, including new parking garages, road construction and extensive storm water management projects, have occurred in service of creating greater sustainability on the campus.

New roads have been constructed incorporating storm water management, carefully selected lights that eliminate up lighting, and designated bike lanes. Extensive storm water management initiatives have also been undertaken.

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Renovations, small and large scale, have incorporated sustainability measures into planning and design, which in turn, have yielded more sustainable operations. This includes consideration to the reuse of existing buildings, materials, and in the case of new, the use of environmentally friendly sourced materials and supplies.

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Each renovation brings unique opportunities, and at the same time, all are subject to review from the standpoint of more generally applicable green guidelines, including, but not limited to, the use and distribution of natural light, operable windows, use of low VOC volatile organic compounds , minimized inflexible interiors focus on partitions and open concepts for office designs , the use of light sensors and the use of exterior sun shades and canopies to minimize cooling requirements.

The principle of sustainability in grounds operations has been a driving force in the creation of all new landscape designs. Grounds management has adopted the goal of eliminating all chemical or unsafe fertilizers and pesticides. It continues to provide ongoing support to faculty and student inspired improvements to the site, including the Maloca Community Gardens, the annual Arbor Day Tree Planting, and Faculty of Environmental Studies garden.

Please list building names:. Please list building names: Silver-level criteria met, but not certified. Computer Science Building , sq. Energy Star labeling for buildings does not exist in Canada. For each technology, please indicate the number and type of fixtures installed, and the number of buildings in which those fixtures are installed.

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If possible, include either the percentage of the overall campus fixtures each type represents or the percentage of overall maintained building space that has been renovated with the technology e. Please provide details below. Pond Road Residence Type of community e. Please describe how sustainability is incorporated e.

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Please provide number of students and average number of hours worked weekly per student: GA part time grad students. Average hours worked weekly per student: