Matchmaking failed you are not connected to matchmaking servers

Cant connect to Matchmaking games or Lobby games

I know youve whitelisted stuff, but have you already tried disabling av and firewall completely? Just to see if itll work.

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Close firewall , close anti-virus, delete anti-virus, close windows defender from regedit, add exception on firewall, open port from modem interface. Change windows version, change windows 10 to 8. Delete all drivers, update all drivers… Still same.

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But, my dude, they acknowledged that particular issue. Which server do you play on? Solo, duo or squad? Give the other servers a try? Okay but I really think you should wait for the devs to solve this on their end.

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  6. I seem lucky and get rewarded everytime. A game developed since It was published before 3 days, and still no hot fix.

    'could not connect to match making'

    Its frustrating I get it. We all want those skins and stuff. Please read and follow the instructions provided to complete this process.

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    connecting to matchmaking server problem FIX

    But when i switch to mobile internet, i can most of the time start a PvP This started happening after my first, succesfull PvP. Same here just got a new Xfinity modem and the connection is perfect until I get to pvp then it says it can't connect to matchmaking server or to the server it's self it's really a nuisance cause don't King butters ask you to play pvp to continue on the episode when I connect to xfinity's around town wifi pvp work but I have a constant battle with WiFi staying connected you guys got to fix.

    It's seem the problem is with strong wifi connections.