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The few women who have actually approached me have been foreign, one russian.

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There are some good British women though but not many. I think good guys are the winners in Eastern Europe and bad boys are the winners in Britain. Report 9 years ago Original post by Coca-Colita Similar here. Report Thread starter 9 years ago Anyway OP I think if you are foreign you will tend to get more interest because you are a bit different. My theory, at least. I was in Krakow a few weeks ago mmmmmmmmm Krakovian girls. The one and only reason for this OP is that in East. Europ are in majority very mono-national countries.

It's just history the "iron curtain " etc. Original post by Anonymous You mean you have more success here than you did in Slovakia? It might be something to do with being at uni as well and obviously people will find you exotic and interesting here.

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Do you know why you have more success? The stereotypical answer is that Slovakian girls are far more beautiful but I think it's something else as well, because British girls still manage to get guys without any problem. Have you been out with a lot of British guys? I'm gonna tell you the truth here- eastern european women LOVE western men for one thing- wallet and the fact they can get them easy citizenship. These women are normally beautiful and have lived with a lot less money than we have.

Alot of them are desperate to get out and live here, so they flatter ugly western men and give them "love" in exchange for marriage, coming over to live here and money. Haven't you ever seen the hundreds of russian bride sites? Being a wife to a western man is a small price to pay for them, rather than living where they do.

The west is still alot more developed than eastern europe. And before anyone says anything, my dad has had 2 affairs with eastern european women and he is very unattractive I have to say. In the emails they sent to each other they were always demanding money, holidays etc. They were prostitutes in all but name, and although my dad doesn't earn that much, to them the amount he learns is like he's paul mccartney or something. My uncle also went to Russia and came home with a bride. She can't speak a word of engligh and just irons his clothes and cleans the house all day. My dads friend also brought a Ukrainian woman.

And when you look at these ugly men with these beautiful women you just want to cry as the men are so pathetic as they actually believe these women want them for anything other than money. Original post by Coca-Colita I rarely find a Slovakian attractive but that must have been a great catch! Don't you have a pic of him? Anyway this thread needs Go and get a job abroad, I have worked several parts of the world where you can get a girl in days.

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However, she wants a UK passport and her family will want money. They all have sick parents too. They are all looking for soft hearted men. Some are hookers, some are genuine, many are pretty and half the age of the men, but many see it as a means to an end Eastern Europeans working in my local Tesco and a cafe bar AnthonyG , May 7, May 7, at 9: May 24, Messages: Bill Hicks , May 7, Oct 9, Messages: IL Cattivo , May 7, Jan 29, Messages: Sad Hill Cemetary Ratings: May 23, at 3: DrWise , May 23, May 11, Messages: You'll locate plenty in the uk. May 23, at 7: Begonia , May 23, Nov 19, Messages: A guy is helping me out with a job.

He lost his house to them too and is now living in rented accommodation. He says he has absolutely no chance whatsoever of getting any of it back. May 24, at 7: Liquid , May 24, Jan 30, Messages: May 24, at 1: AdrianMills , May 24, With the help of our marriage agency network, thousands of beautiful Eastern European girls find their life partner outside their home country each year.

If you are serious about creating a family with a woman who still believes in the traditional family values - no doubt that an Eastern European woman could someday be your charming bride.

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European ladies dating

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