Dating a blue collar guy

AGain, you are forcing your opinion on to me.

The solution to NYC’s man drought? Date down

I am not worried about it. My answer still stands and your "news for me" isn't news. It is just the same old stereotype we western people live under our materalistic world. There are a handful of reasons why a guy might have a minimum wage job. It doesn't bother me. I earn well more than living in poverty and if he is working and being respectful than I am OK with it.

Fair enough, that's valid!

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I do well for myself as well, that's why I wanted your opinion. Thanks for you input. I love a woman that will stick by or embrace a man no matter what position he is in! You're exactly right, it's just a job, and thus doesn't define a person.

I would personally rather date a blue collar guy. You do not that I was ready to offer you the world, but you just tore me to shreds! Thanks for your answer! When I think of "Blue Collar" workers I wish I could get a job like that Marrying a rich guy who loves me unconditionally would obviously be the ideal situation for anyone because a lack of money is a major stresser in any relationship.

That being said I made more money than my last boyfriend and I still loved him. It doesn't really matter to me as long as he's goal oriented and driven. I like being in control, calling the shots and deciding what color the dining room should be painted.

Would I have that control if I were married to a corporate attorney? Valanzano feels like sticking to these standards — even if it means remaining single indefinitely — will only lay the groundwork for a rock-solid relationship in the future. I think most men want to feel like they are a breadwinner.

Do Educated Women Dating Blue-Collar Workers = Recipe for Disaster?

Is it being self-made, motivated, and passionate? Still, some are unwilling to bend. Ever since that relationship ended, I would never consider dating or marrying below my education level again. That way, by the time I got home, we could do whatever we wanted -- have dinner, catch a movie, go shopping. Similarly, when Raymond gets home from work, two hours before Odette, he picks the kids up from school and cooks dinner. Laundry duty also typically falls on him. Though Raymond's child-rearing style initially was more "hands-on" than Odette's, he has moved closer to her philosophy over the years.

Dating Dilemma- White Collar Woman and Blue Collar Man

And his feelings about the importance of education also have shifted. Faith and Isabella attend the elite Nightingale-Bamford School, Odette's alma mater, and it's a foregone conclusion that they will go to college. Sometimes, though, a couple's differences can have the opposite effect. Last year, Peggy Malloy's doubts about her handyman boyfriend prompted her to move out of their Poughkeepsie home.

Malloy, 54, who manages the supplement department in a Manhattan health-food store, would get turned off when Tony Maresco showed up for dinners and church meetings in dirty clothes because he was running late from a construction site. She thought he was disorganized and managed his time poorly. But he won her back nine months later. Compared to the professional men she had dated, "he's more down-to-earth and real and connectable," Malloy said.

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For his part, Maresco views Malloy's recent promotion from nutritionist to manager as a boon for the relationship. She's making more money and she's more satisfied at work. Maresco now keeps a list of his current projects and the tools he needs for each, thanks to Malloy's influence.

Blue Collar White Collar

And he is more conscious of the clothes he dons before he leaves the house. I came to the opposite conclusion about Scott -- that our differences were stunting the relationship rather than stoking it. I found that because we had very little in common, we also had very little to talk about. He didn't ask me questions about my work because discussing it made him feel insecure.

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Sometimes he didn't get my jokes and our conversations faltered. Now I realize that dating a blue-collar guy wasn't the problem. It was just that I had chosen the wrong blue-collar guy for me. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

Grand trifecta or not, their relationship works.