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Feel free to hit me with a Cruciatus curse. Brittany and Santana Plot: I felt her gulp and I smiled. I started to attack her neck again and she groaned. She had lifted her hand to her forehead and her other hand was scratching my bare side soothingly. She fell back into the pillow and let me slide my tongue into her mouth. I think we forgot about her needing to quiz me, because I stayed and made out with her for a while. She sounded so quiet and small, I barely heard her.

But I moved down to her chest and ran my tongue over the ridge between her breasts. I lowered, sucking and kissing every inch of skin between her sternum and the arch were her ribs ended. I felt her shudder beneath me as my fingers fumbled with her pants. One of my favorite Glee things, both on the show and in real life, is how Brittany is the only one who makes Santana act as sweet as a basket of kittens.

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Rachel and Santana Plot: Such a waste, so much turmoil over Finn. A mouth like that…. She pulls back dazedly to see Rachel staring back at her with wide eyes and her expression frozen in shock, salty tracks drying down to her chin as her mouth hangs slightly open. Her lips are shiny. Turning to put some much needed space between them, Santana bites down on her cheek to jolt some reality into head before she does something stupid, like suck that glistening lip back into her mouth. Brittany thanks Santana, in public, for visiting her at MIT. Actual mention of scissoring!

Her fingers skimmed up a little higher, her own adrenaline starting to surge as she felt the skin under her fingertips growing warmer and warmer. She carefully edged up so high, she could feel a damp heat coming from inside her underwear. Brittany glanced up curiously to see rich, chocolate brown eyes fixed firmly on her mouth and realized that Santana had seen the movement.

Her eyes glazed over, caught for a moment in a mental montage of all the things she wanted to do. Since they were sixteen, they had never gone this long without touching each other. Any and every way they could think of. It was the comforting constant in her life. One of the reasons why she loved scissoring so much was because it let every bit of their skin touch that was possible and Brittany had done extensive testing to be sure. Does Brittany chew on her lips a lot on Glee? I never noticed, but she chews on her lips in every Brittana fan fiction.

Quinn and Santana Plot: Ask for them nicely.

Santana closes her eyes, tries to regain a little control of her breathing before she continues. I think you liked it. Heather Hogan is an Autostraddle managing editor who lives in New York City with her partner, Stacy, and their cackle of rescued pets.

Fan Fiction Friday: Glee's 10 Hottest Lesbian Sex Scenes | Autostraddle

You can also find her on Facebook , Twitter , and Instagram. You need to login in order to like this post: Def worth the cup of coffee or less I paid for it. Lily is wonderful and has written a couple brittana stories with names changed that she sells:. One of my greatest sorrows in life is the fact that ITYTD is discontinued, which is one of the worst things about fanfiction, that you fall in love with a story, and the author walks away from it. Also, I have read all but one of the stories you sampled.

Also also, I too am one of those people who realized their love for lady-parts after stumbling on Hermione-centric femslash Hermione-Tonks, to be exact. I only wish there were more stories with Rachel and Faberry …my weaknesses. Can we suggest fanfic pairings? Lemoncake lesbians is a fun tumblr dedicated to them. My biggest problem is I ship Natalie Dormer with myself. I recently got into fic again and have spent some quality time this past week with Brittana the best thing that will ever come from Glee.

I was excited when I saw the title! They continue hooking up after I Do. Rachel was pregnant in season 4. Santana is a tattoo artist they have sex in the shop. I thought Heather did a pretty sand up job showing fandom diversity. And I say that as someone who is faaaaaaaaaaaaaar from being a fan of that couple. About as far away as one could get. Brittany posted their sex tape to the internet, basically outing Santana to the entire universe and getting her into a lot of hot water.

Fans basically created Brittana before the show made them canon, so in my opinion, anything that has happened on the show is secondary to what happens in fanfiction. So this is offically awesome times a billion. Like the distance from here to Saturn awesome. Fanfiction has been my safe place to explore myself and who I am. It was the only place I could feel that way. This will give me some good stories to read in the least. Also you have to do Guiding Light. That page is basically Otalia with some Blake and Doris to make it interesting. Sex positive and female oriented? Still I felt, and currently feel less guilt, over fan fic reading because a human made it for fun not to make money of the exploitation of drunk people.

Last year I encountered a Stephanie Rogers and Antonia Stark femslash that got me misty eyed, then uh a month or so ago I encountered a Steve and Tony slash story that was an unexpected caliber too. Lady Sif was one of the witnesses for the consummation. Ooh, now this is a new topic I can definitely get into.

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You listed some great fics, and there are so many other great ones out there. A feel a little embarrassed admitting this, but I have a whole list of my favourites saved on my computer. While some fanfic is horrible, there are some truly great authors out there writing beautiful stories. My favorite Brittana fic would have to be Influence. It takes her a few minutes to compose herself enough to drive.

Instead of heading home or to Santana's, she drives to McKinley. Everything right now is so confusing and hard, she wants to go back to her first senior year where her and Santana were together.

Getting out of the car, she slowly walks towards the football stadium. She doesn't want to believe what Sam told her. There's no way in hell Santana would ever sleep with Quinn. One Quinn is straight and two Santana would never sleep with one of their best friends. She doesn't want to believe what he said out of anger, but she has to be sure.

Fan Fiction Friday: Glee’s 10 Hottest Lesbian Sex Scenes

Scouring both Santana and Quinn's facebooks turns up nothing more than they weren't happy at the wedding. After coming up blank on all social media sites, she decides to go to what Sam said was the source. She texts Tina if this is true in person and see her eyes. Tina wants to say no, at the look of sadness on her face, but doesn't want to lie to the blonde either. Whitney doesn't know what to do. Since last night when Brittany went out probably to Sam's, has been sobbing in her bed.

The last time her daughter was like this it was when Santana broke up with her. Because Santana is back in town for their glee teacher's wedding, she can't help but think it has something to do with the Latina being back too. Heading upstairs, she knocks softly on her daughter's door. You've been crying for all most a whole day. She doesn't want to talk about the real reason. It hurts too much to think of the love of her life with someone else. And of anyone in the world it had to be with their best friend.

Right now all she knows is that she wants to stay in bed, crying far away from Santana and Quinn. Just thinking about them makes her cry even more. Whitney doesn't say anything, but she figures that her daughter's crying has something to do with Santana now. Getting up and heading downstairs, she decides to call Gloria to see if she knows what is up. You don't think they-" Gloria says gasping at the thought. I'm just very worried. Santana frowns when she sees her mom whispering into her phone before hanging up and smiling at her. Santana drives quickly to the Pierce's house and bangs on the door.

Whenever she hears that Brittany is sad, she feels the need to comfort her. Seeing the blonde cry is like kicking a puppy. Pierce," Santana says running up the stairs. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. After Will's wedding, Brittany realizes she doesn't like Sam anymore that way and wants Santana back. Things don't go as planned when she finds out about Santana and Quinn. Can the couple get pass this or will it really be the end of them. After the Wedding Brittany sits in her room alone with her tongue between her teeth thinking hard.

She's not sure exactly where they stand anymore since it had been weeks since they last spoke. Brittany heads down the hall and instead of opening the door, she knockes. She turns her cheek so he catches her ear instead of her lips which is what he was aiming for. Did she tell you that huh?