12 volt relay hook up

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See questions and answers. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention works fine worked great gauge wire good price pin relay wiring socket vehicle amp switch connector device fuse harness motorcycle plug current horn instructions relays. Showing of reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. This unit is good for small jobs.

Constant to Momentary Output

In my case, I used this to install a new dash cam. I wanted the camera to come on automatically when I started the car but I didn't want to use up the cigarette lighter plug-in. There are no paper instructions. There is a small diagram on top of the unit, but this wouldn't be clear if you aren't familiar with how a relay works. It also appears that there may be more than one version of this product, so I am not going to include wire colors, as yours may be different. My wire colors did not match the photo. The pin numbers, however, are clearly marked on the unit next to each pin Detach the wiring harness to see them.

Coil - Pin The ACC wire is what turns your radio on when you start your car. Coil - Connect to a solid grounding point such as the vehicle frame. This ground must have a clear connection back to the battery. Newer cars are made of many plastics and composites, so it is important that you find a proper grounding location.

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This connection should be fused near the battery or through the fuse box , unless you like fires. The negative connection for your device should be grounded to the vehicle frame. You can use the same ground point you did for the relay. Simply terminate the connection.

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If you were to hook this connection up to an additional device under the current scenario, the device would turn ON when the vehicle is OFF. An example for this situation might be a "Night Rider" style LED which you want to light up on your dash when the vehicle is parked. Anything connected to this pin will draw power when the vehicle is OFF, so it's current draw must be extremely low or you'll have a dead battery in no time.

If you choose to use this connection, I would recommend adding a switch to the line in case you ever need to park the vehicle for an extended period. I hope this helps someone! Except that I had to look up instalation info, this worked like a charm! I put an inverter in the back of my SUV to power my wife's oxygen concentrator on trips it won't put out over 2 liters when used with battery adapter, and she needs 3 liters. I ran 8 ga wire from the battery into the passenger compartment and to the rear area. I used this relay, along with a fuse piggyback, to turn the current to the inverter on and off with the auto ignition, so I don't have to worry about the drain on my car battery when stopped.

TIP122 Arduino Relay Tutorial

Handles about 25 amps continually. Used two of them to lessen load on Used two of them to lessen load on the headlight switch on my motor home. This also helps to get more light on the road, as voltage is coming directly from the battery and not thru any type of circuit board. I installed a backup camera in my car BMW i but needed this little relay because of "pulse width modulation lights" system. Connected to the backup light and a 12v from the battery, I can now send a clean signal to the monitor on the dashboard.

Needed this part for my husband to re-wire my factory subwoofer in my '02 VW Jetta when he installed an after market radio. Have been using for over a year and not a single problem with the product. If I ever do have any issues I will definitely purchase again. I have always wanted to get this tool. No idea why I waited so long to get it. I have had it for a couple of weeks and it has already helped me troubleshoot several electrical problems. Only wish I got this sooner.

I do ALL my work on my cars and always there to help a friend work on theirs. The volt meter readout not only reads what the battery is reading but also any DC voltage. Helped me diagnose my TPS issue.

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DId not need to break out the multimeter as it is already built in. Great to know what is a ground and positive without using the multimeter.

12v Horn Relay Wiring Diagram - Wiring Diagram Data

My favorite tool so far in my This transfer switch is well labeled to make installation pretty much fool-proof. Unfortunately in my installation I could not use the molded-on plug and had to cut it off. They obviously made some assumptions about where this unit would be used with respect to the location of the inverter, powered appliance, and shore power.

It makes easy to pull any relays out from the fuse box.

Basic Relay diagram - IOW what goes where

The only thing I do not like is the minimum opening is too wide and will not fit relay on narrow side unless pulling from longer side. The design should make it from zero close position to a maximum opening. Otherwise, this tool should have a five star. Good for projects where you don't want to drill holes for a switch and ruin vehicle interior or something. Looks pretty cool too. Switch A - is to switch between series and parallel. Switch B - is to switch between stereo and mono. With both switches off, the amp is wired in stereo and each pair of woofers, top and bottom, are wired in series.

One Channel to Multiple Outputs One Channel to Multiple Outputs You can add multiple functions to an AUX output of an alarm or keyless entry by adding a relay in series with the output wire as shown to any switch or accessory with an output. Only one output can be active at anytime, the one first in the chain bottom relay in diagram will have priority, so if you wanted to have the ignition from the key to have priority over the ignition from the remote start, you would connect it to the first relay and the output of the remote start to the next and so on.

Also pay attention to the top relay shown. Terminal 87a the default output will be active only when none of the coils of the relays are energized. The first pulse from the switch will engage the latch. The next pulse from the switch will disengage the latch. A negative output from an alarm, remote keyless entry, or other device can be used in place of the switch shown in both of these diagrams.

Radio On Until Door Opened Retained Accessory Power Radio On Until Door Opened Retained Accessory Power If you wish to keep the radio or any other device that is powered by an accessory circuit on until a door is opened, you can do so by creating a latch when the accessory is turned on with the relay shown below on the left, then breaking ground to the latch when a door is opened as shown with the relay below on the right.

The second diode between terminals 87 and 86 prevents the radio from pulling current through the first diode. If the second diode is not in place, the first diode will become toast. The additional relay is needed to prevent the radio from turning off when the key is in the accessory position and a door is open. Below is the same set up as above for positive door triggers. The consequences should be obvious, but in case you don't already know what they are, property damage and serious injuries or even death could occur as a result. Below is a basic relay remote start system.

It is not shown with any inhibits, nor a single trigger to activate and deactivate it, and does not have "rev protection". You are much better off with a system you can purchase from a local dealer or retailer. They include many important safety features and come with a warranty, unlike the one below. But if you must make one from relays, here are the basics shown below without the diodes across the coils.

You will have to customize this to work with the vehicle you plan to install it into. Make note of each wire's function in the harness connected to the back of the ignition switch. You will have to duplicate these in order to have a successful installation.