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Might hold true for the Craftsman plane Other than that I really cant find very much info on the Craftsman's plane history. Not because I own a few Sargent planes, I think there just as good as a Stanley of the same era. I do have a Stanley type 9 4 and the Craftsman feels a little bit heavier, sole does look a little bit thicker. I dug up some Craftsman history and there are links to it in my Fulton article, http: Sargent made two forms of the brass insert. One with an insert into the cap like yours, and one with a insert in the bed. I have purchased a Craftsman plane as part of a group, but I would not normally pick one up.

A friend gave me this No. Can you spot the slight mis-match? My friend does not know much about hand planes. I blame the seller.

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I have a Craftsman combination plane because the price was right. I have a Sargent smoother, and like you I note that it is heavier than my Stanley smoother; the cap iron slips sometimes and you can't set it too close to the edge without moving the frog back enough that the blade would be without full support, so I have it set a little coarsely compared to the Stanley.

Miller Falls almost interchangeable with 3 Most of the others can fall from here, and some are even better, depending on how well they are tuned. I had an old Sargent smoother that was a terrific user plane.

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Jeff A distinguished graduate of the School of Hard Knocks. My long winded reply boils down to one thing: Jeff Yeah a smoothing plane is on the short list of things go get. Jeff, "The 6 is good for stock preperation, but you'll need a shorter plane for smoothing. Mel Measure your output in smiles per board foot.

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    It was in How to identify an old plane?

    In Search of replacement cabinet roller latch 1 reply. Scott -- "It's only wood. Doc -- Hey, woodworking ain't brain surgery. Thanks -- "It's only wood. That is a beauty, Charlie… and even more so now that you have put the shine to it. How DID you repair the tote chip? Seen lots of Craftsman logos, but not that one. I think you scored big time! Glad to see you got a deal and that these tools are seeing a new life!

    Charlie, As a liberal arts major, I instantly recognized the fine job you did restoring those planes.

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