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It, too, benefits from being tiny, because it can fit in the inch space available just behind her keyboard and is only slightly bigger than the audio interface. We don't need a whole separate table for just the computer.

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The venerable Mac mini. CNET "Found another one! Unique benefits of the Mac mini The Mac mini is a unique member of Apple's line-up. My Profile Log Out. Cloud My top productivity tools and tricks for managing my daily workflow edition.

How to Use a Laptop as a Monitor for a Mac Mini |

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  • Using iMac As Monitor Requires Very Specific Cable.
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See the black wire? Where is it not connected?

How to Use a Laptop as a Monitor for a Mac Mini

When I took off the glue to solder on the black, unsurprisingly, there was another wire that came off from their cold solder. One person found this helpful. First off theres a little tweaking to be done with this adapter but its no big deal at all. I'm using this on Leopard, Snow leopard, and also Lion so it should work with anyone else's macs. Now for the video its pretty much the same setup through the System Preferences- in the display settings you can arrange the way the screens are connected.

For example stacked or side to side, for those who want to use a dual display setup. There is also the mirroring mode where the other display or tv is now the exact same as the computer. Great for movies or gaming. The video quality is great nothing wrong with that and for just a few bucks this adapter is a great buy. I ordered two, one for me and one for a friend, both have been working and it has been about 3 months. So I was using this on my MBP and it worked just fine. I had to fiddle with the sound settings at first but once I got it to work it was amazing.

I was able to watch my movies all p on my television and it was awesome. This was the first time I had a chance to hook my computer up to any type of tv so one can imagine my fascination once I got it to work. It only worked about 1 month and then all of a sudden I hooked it up and nothing.

Nothing showed up and I played with it for about an hour until I gave up and trashed it.

macOS: How to Turn Your iMac into a Secondary Display

Like seriously, I watched a movie the day before and then it just breaks out of nowhere. It was good while it lasted but I guess you get what you paid for I use this adapter to project movies from my computer onto my TV and it does the job. I had trouble in the beginning when using it because the sound was not connecting to the TV. A year after using it the sound started connecting to the TV and I can adjust the volume through my TV remote. I did not change TV between this time so I have no idea the change as I am not a tech expert but I am happy it works now.

I use this with my Macbook Air Intel Core i5. I used this to hook up my laptop to my hdtv. My apple TV doesn't stream well from my laptop, neither does my chrome cast but the cord works. Honestly I don't think any device does this well. It's simply faster for a cord to transmit to a TV than it is for a device to send signals into the air, get them read by a device and put onto the TV.

No matter the device and it's supposed streaming from device abilities invest in one of these if you care about hd picture quality and smooth playing. I have now gone through two of these adapters because each stopped working only weeks into use.

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Both stopped working after only a few dozen un- and re-plugging. Despite a clean design on the outside the innards are clearing volatile and brittle. Some piece has come loose inside and caused the adapter to fail. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Using an iMac as a monitor for a mac mini Ask Question. Ian Turner Ian Turner 1 1 6. What model iMac do you have? What Version of OS X is it running? I think it's an early iMac. Also, remote desktop access over wifi would probably not be ideal for everyday use To actually perform this, just do the following: In Finder, click the 'Go' menu option and then 'Connect to Server' type in vnc: Ruben Ruben 1 5.

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How To Connect Apple Mac Mini to HD TV LCD LED or Plasma using HDMI cable