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An Internet connection is required to view live TV but not to view downloaded recordings. Viewing content is restricted to Canada, except for access to the program guide and downloaded recordings, which are not geographically restricted. Cogeco On Demand requires a subscription to the TV package containing the associated digital channels.

YouTube is a trademark of Google Inc. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. The Cogeco Home Phone service has been tested, and is compatible, with the most popular home alarm systems in Canada. Subscription to a Cogeco Home Phone package is required for all long distance plans. Limited to a list of countries predetermined by Cogeco.

Additional minutes will be charged at the then current rate, per minute per country, applicable for the remainder of the month. Skip to main navigation. What are you looking for? Webmail Contact us fr. Why choose Cogeco Discover why people choose Cogeco. A full range of calling features Get them as part of your package or individually.

Competitive monthly rates Get home phone service at a price you can afford. Reliable Phone service A Phone service you can trust to make those important calls. Affordable long distance plans Staying in touch with family and friends around the world is easy and affordable. A variety of packages Find a package that fits you, not the other way around. Compatibility with most alarm systems Depend on your Home Phone service for peace of mind. Discover our phone packages. All packages come with: A discount for bundling your services.

The possibility to keep your current number. Bundle your Cogeco services and save Combine your Phone package with our TV and Internet services and benefit from great savings. Ultrafast Internet Enjoy incredible speeds, the option of unlimited bandwidth and the strength and reliability of our AC Wi-Fi modem. If you have the time to get more agressive, then you can try to get a good internet only deal and see if you can find all the TV you need online. Plug your laptop or home theater PC into your TV and watch that way. Check out my guide to free internet TV.

This won't work for heavy cell users. Dennis Walker in Burlington, Jay here "next-door" in Hamilton: And then, they continue to raise your service rates because they never promised to lock those in, only promised the discount for x-amount of time. The phone service has been flawless, clear lines, no problems with internet speeds.

Obviously, you needs will vary but there are other packages available with faster speeds and up to unlimited bandwidth. In Burlington, you will also be able to get the US networks from Buffalo if you use a second antenna I still need to do that. It really comes down to what you "must have" and how much you are willing to pay.

Particularly when it comes to TV. But there are a lot of options out there for saving money on those services. This has been interesting reading, even though I don't understand most of it. As seniors and not at all understanding the "electronic age talk", we need help. I understand VOIP is good but can be confusing to folks not knowledgable. Hubby loves the sports channels and I like old movies and some US tv shows. We get a bundle credit of We live in an apartment that does not have HD service but I understand that can be purchased - but where and how I have no idea.

We have two boxes for tv - How can we get this down to a reasonable amount? I don't know any of the technical words you use - so we need help. The easiest thing to do would be to call and ask for a discount. I would go on Bell's website and see if you can find a package there similar to what you get.

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I can't imagine it would come to that much. If you just mean home phone, then you need to do something to get that price down. Unless you want to get somebody a little more technical to help you out, then you will be best served by aggressively shopping around, watching ads and websites for new customer bonuses and discounts, etc. Once you have a good deal from a competitor, call and threaten to cancel and see what they offer you.

Tell them the specifics of the offer you have in hand. You could also try splitting your services up, getting internet from a cheaper provider like Tekksavvy, getting TV somewhere else, and getting phone somewhere else. Mine is high i supose: Well your TV and internet costs are fantastic, but your cell phones are way overpriced. Why not do your Indian calling from VoIP or a home phone and go a little lighter on your data package to cut your cell cost.

Try to use WiFi when streaming video and audio and just use cell data for normal web browsing, email, etc. You should be able to get away with 1GB or less of data when doing that. My bills have changed and gone up some since I wrote this post because data is necessary for me too. I have two of these because I got it for my wife too. An LG Nexus 5 phone. I just paid off my phone to get a new phone plan because I wanted the Data.

I would love a better Cell phone plan without that many phone minutes but enough Data. I keep my home phone because of my Security Alarm System. I got rid of cable because wasn't watching it enough. Online Bell is now blocking a lot of their channels but I still get CNN for free from some other website and I get Crackle and some other programs elsewhere.

Sounds like a great deal you got on the phone through Koodo. They do offer some amazing deals from time to time. Your cell plan looks reasonably priced for what you are getting. I don't know of anything better in the current market right off the top of my head but since you aren't under a contract, always keep your eyes open for a better deal.

That's the beauty of not being tied down with a contract. Your internet and phone prices are a bit high. Have you considered going with a lower cost provider like Cogeco or downgrading your speed a bit? Also, have you seen my Free Internet TV article? It's getting a little out of date I will be updating it soon but it still has a lot of good information for finding tv shows legally online. I am currently paying Any ideas how to cut costs?? Internet is the hardest one to cut because companies know that it is the most essential service these days so it is their bread and butter.

As people cancel or reduce their other services, they know that no one is going to cut their internet. That said there is competition out there. Depending on your region, you might have a low cost provider in your area like TekSavvy. You can check out my article on saving money on Internet service here. Other than that, I'd look at new customer offers, try to find a good long term fixed priced bundle.

If you don't want to switch providers, calling retentions is a good option too. Nicely done Catherine - you've definitely got me beat there. We don't have great options for good quality and cheap internet in my region unfortunately. I'm too embarrassed to even tell you what I pay but trust me it is WAY more than anyone here. I've been interested in Internet TV for a while but nobody I asked seems to know how to do it, if it's legal, or even where to find out so I am very thankful to have found this website!!

One question I have is about using my Xbox One: Seems to me my Xbox basically is a computer. Maybe it's all I need?

$166 – My Cost For High Speed Internet, TV, 2 Cell Phones, Home Phone, Long Distance, And Movies

The Xbox should give you access to some apps like Netflix that you can use for some internet TV. I'm not sure how capable or user friendly the Xbox browser is for browsing the internet and flash based websites for streaming video. You'd have to try out some of the Canadian network sites to see if you could stream content using your Xbox or Google around for more information on that. Yes, it is most certainly legal if you aren't downloading movies and other copyright material by using torrenting programs.

My article on free internet TV is the best place to start:. I think if you read through the post, you will see where I mention the different service providers I am using. Not all the offers I mentioned may still currently be available, but you should be able to get an idea of how to assemble a similar collection of services yourself from reading the article carefully and checking out other articles under the "Bills" section of the site.

I've been meaning to lower my costs for some time now and this article has motivated me.

Mostly looking to go cheaper on TV, internet and home phone. I would like to keep my home phone number. Does anybody have experience with them in the GTA area? Thanks in advance for any help. It will "port" your number so there is no need to get a new number. Fongo free calling and long distance app, basically free calling anywhere in north america and only pennies international calling. Note that Fongo uses 0. Incoming texts are free even if you don't pay for their text package. Also be sure in your phone settings to make it so that unknown incoming calls are blocked under the Parental Controls of your phone.

Tablet sims still have a phone number associated with them but you don't want those calls happening. Just use the Fongo app. This service would replace a landline and you can port your number. This is a promotion they are running right now. It depends on what service providers are in your area. This is just an example of what you can achieve on a tight budget if you try hard. This excludes mobile which we are quite happy with VirginMobile. MagicJack looks quite interesting, however in checking out how it connects: We currently use a router which the ethernet cord plugs into.

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  • Rely on a Phone service that matches your needs.

Does this mean the we would be unable to use our router if we were to use MagicJack. Any advice would be appreciated. Your router should have multiple ports in it. You just need to use one of the ports for magicJack.

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If you run of ports, you can buy a basic "hub" which basically just makes more ports for you. You plug the hub into one port in your router, then you have 8 or 16 news ports you can keep plugging stuff into. I found the best provider for Cell Service, in N. Magic Jack would be a Long Distance Number for other to call me.

$85.04 – High Speed Internet (130mbps Down / 50mbps Up)

I will Caution you that they add things to your Bill without you consent. They would only Credit me for 6 months that they had charged me. Saying I've been Selected to participate in a Survey!!! I had messaged them on FB and they deny it is from them I live in Abbotsford, BC. This lets me watch 10 hours a day if I want to of streaming internet.

I used to have MagicJack, but cancelled it and downloaded Fongo, a completly free Canadian voip, which gives you a free local phone number and all your calls accross Canada are free through WiFi. So my total cost: They do allow number porting but they don't support all area codes so you have to check with them to see if it will work for you. I have a question for my mother, she's She only has a wireless Home phone, phoning to her kids in The Nedtherlands and Germany and a sister in Zwitserland cost her a lot of money!

She used to have one of these weird accounts that make you dial about 15 nrs. But if you made a mistake you have to start all over again, plus you have to pay with a cell phone or online, so she always had to get someone to do that for her. Why is it so expensive? What can she do to save money? Calling cards or an international phone package are probably the best options.

If she can use a computer, then getting a package to call on Skype to regular landline phones would help. I'm considering cancelling it out as it's just too much for my fixed income anymore. It's just been spiraling up and up with no end in sight. It would be great if we could get more OTA but my area has 3 channels, so that's not an option.

I have no cell phone. My income is fixed so something simply has to go and it's looking more and more like the satellite TV. It's just become too expensive with few legal alternatives. What about CFL games? That is the only reason we have kept cable - I can't see any other place to stream those.

We are in rural Ontario and there is only one choice. I'm not sure how much bandwidth we have but it's not unlimited and I know that we pay more than the basic fee to up it. We travel 6 months of the year so my husbands' business needs to travel with him. Based on our needs, I was under the impression that there were only two companies that meet our current needs; Vonage and Yak. We were with Vonage from until and very pleased with the service, just not the charges. In , we moved over to Yak to save money.

After a year of problems with continual service we were getting dropped , it's been fine for 6 months now not one drop. Way back, we got a plan with Solo Mobile because we can put it on vacation for 6 months where we travel, the service is not available. I've been looking at Fido for a while now, wish we got in on the deal you did! It sure would be nice to live were WIND is. We have none and haven't since We go to the library once a week and rent movies and people give us their old VHS tapes.

It's nice to have the home phone for business and when my husband is out, I wouldn't have any phone capabilities I haven't had a cell phone since Thanks for posting about this as I've learned a lot from the other comments. Off to check out all the other companies that I didn't check when we moved to Yak in I got tired of my huge long distance bill and figure there had to be someone out there that had figured out how to outsmart the phone companies, low and behold there was! I found a site call redtag deals and their message boards had a posting on cheap phone plans. I have 6gigs of data - I know 6gigs- what do I need with 6?!!!

I have unlimited nationwide calling, voice mail and texting. The only time I get an extra charge is if I add on a plan to travel to another country and here is what I pay I got both my kids on this plan, although they only got 2gig of data at the I don't think we are going to get cheaper prices. Here is the thing. As canadian dollar falls and provincial politicians race to jack up hourly wages the cost from birth to after death services where humans are involved its not going to get cheaper.

This is fundamental economics. Internet, cable involves need for human resource for installations and support. Every 6 months I focus on looking to negotiate for basic services like internet, cable. I would say yes as I am almost half cost x 6 months which gets me my tickets to mexico.

But getting internet and cable services should be as serious as getting best deals for mexico if not more as you are not only paying more or less same prices you would pay for Mexico but also entering in a expensive contract which could affect your credit score.

Why Choose Cogeco Home Phone

For cellphone it is another fight but if you bought that Iphone-7 on last Christmas you are still paying for it as someone has to pay for device and their expensive mall kiosks rent no matter how good CRTC is showing happy faces. I would say its not easy to negotiate. I am really impressed Stephen. I thought that I was doing pretty well when I bundled most of my services, but it seems like you can do better by selectively getting the best deal for each one.

Now I need to work on my negotiating skills and start making some phone calls. I know we pay too much and plan to take some action soon. We are likely to cut back on some of these packages. For long distance we do not make many long distance calls, and not usually lengthy we have for years used YAK dialaround that is billed to your home phone bill https: To Canada and US it is 5 cents a minute, with a minimum 20 cents charge.

To UK it is YAK also has other phone and internet services available but I have no experience with them. There are other long distance dialaround programs as well - some are for specific times eg http: We have prepaid cell phones basic, old and do not use often - mainly to keep in touch with each other when we are out, or for other calls while out. Sounds like you need a stable home phone because you don't really use a cell phone.

Wonder if any of the higher quality VoIP providers would suite you like Vonage? Might be able to save more that way. Thank you SO much for sharing ways to cut Telecom costs. I am wondering if there is a way to run everything via a smartphone? Meaning all I need is high speed internet and a phone. Would this allow me to also use the mobile phone as the "hotspot"when I go to an island on Georgian Bay 2 months a year?

This is what I do now Need to be able to communicate with US clients b Basic Cable - never watch it and watch everything online c high speed internet so couldn't I cancel the home phone and the Basic Cable? Convert all costs to a souped up Mobile plan with unlimited Canada-wide calling, text and data? Is there a downside to what I am thinking?

Will I still be able to communicate and use the internet on Georgian Bay? Would really really appreciate any help and advice. Sounds like a reasonable plan. You can definitely use your phone as a hotspot and for all your internet needs. Speeds are fast enough now that it's almost as good as a standard WiFi connection.

Only problems might be chewing through the data with streaming video if you cancel your cable. There aren't many unlimited mobile options out there. You can chew through 6 gigs of data pretty fast with streaming video if you watch TV regularly. I can't speak to the cell phone coverage in Georgain Bay - but if you get good coverage then you would be good to go there as well. I use Skype and WhatsApp to do a lot of talking and video - I'm surprised that it hasn't hardly a mention in this thread. If you have internet at home, there is no cost. You can't say that for a home phone!

$ – My Cost For High Speed Internet, TV, 2 Cell Phones, Home Phone, Long Distance, And Movies

The "roaming" packages with Canada providers are an absolute rip-off! Cut cable TV and home phone 3 years ago - Prefer streaming music and programs without interruption! Looking at people's costs, I feel I am doing ok so far, but admit it is always a fight to keep them reigned in. Great for when you have people who are tech current, not so great otherwise.

Thanks for this article. It's nice to know there may be some reasonable prices out there somewhere. We are located in Alberta, just north of Calgary in Airdrie.