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Dating should feel easier for men, but upon closer observation, it seems that both Boston men and women experience challenges. Boston men, on the other hand, seem to be in the quandary of sowing their oats without a care while harboring the awareness that they too, have feelings involved. Theresa also happens to be African-American, which she feels only makes dating in Boston more challenging. Theresa has begun to be more clear about her intentions for dating earlier on, but has found that a majority of the men she encounters online, regardless of their race, seem disinterested in that.

Have you found similar trends in your Boston dating experiences? You probably assumed I let things go with the guy from my last post? You must not know me very well. While he was away for a month I texted him numerous time. Eventually, he wrote back I received the text one bottle of wine deep. In my mind, neither of those things were true. We texted several times while he was away. When he finally came back I was fairly aggressive in my pursuit of seeing him again. I truly felt it was worth it, and that I owed it to myself to keep trying.

You would think it was awkward and weird.

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As soon as I saw him walk in, I felt this dumb grin spread across my face. We had so much to talk about, him being in China for a month, me being in Ireland and England for a month. I was careful to avoid talking about anything that would cause an argument, clearly. He drove me home, we talked in the car for a while, he kissed me and left. I was ecstatic, I kept congratulating myself that I had actually fixed this, brought it back from the dead.

I had also been sneaky and mentioned that it was my birthday the following week. I thought to myself, if he cares even remotely, he will remember that. We texted a little over the next few days, I was careful not to launch back into anything too intensely. You should have seen my dumb little face. The next couple of weeks went slowly downhill. We kept talking, but he would be slower to respond. The last time I texted him was four days ago.

What a blithering idiot. I debated whether I should even write about these next two dudes, but given that I had two dates with them each, it warrants a brief discussion. I met this guy on Hinge still the winner in my books. The date was overall fine, he was very very smart, well-spoken and passionate and I can always appreciate that.

He also managed to be even more liberal than I am which is unusual and a stark contrast to my previous date. After the date, he walked me home and went in for the kiss. I thought it was cute. However, when I walked into my apartment he started texting me that I should reconsider, and let him into my place. There are few things less attractive than a man begging like that. We kept talking a lot over the next few days and he asked me out again. I was on the fence. However, I reminded myself that every single dating decision I have ever made was incorrect and that I should be open to someone who is clearly smart, successful, and interested.

I was nervous per usual for our second date. But once it started, I actually felt much more positive about him. It helped that he showed up in a nice suit and not dressed like a teenager. Ruka is a great date place, its vibe is aggressively sexy. Things at work were particularly busy and the following day I was leaving for London for an event.

datingisdumb | People say I should blog my dating disasters. Here goes.

I said that I just had a lot going on. I tried diverting the conversation. But he kept coming back to it. I had had about an hour of questioning about my personality at this point and was starting to get annoyed. I reminded him that he had collectively known me for about 4 hours. He acknowledged this and we continued talking about other things. After dinner, I was ready to call it a night, but he suggested we go for a walk around the city.

At this point, I was phenomenally angry. I said, listen, I have had a really long day, I am going abroad tomorrow and I have a lot on my mind. How could you not be a happier person? At this point, I stopped in the middle of the street and said very precisely and calmly: Back the fuck off of me. He then had this stricken look on this face. He said, a lot of my family has dealt with this, and I said, then you should be more cognizant of the things you say to people who could be dealing with things the best way they can.

I turned around and walked away. I will always be a dark-humored, sarcastic person. And experiences like this remind me that perhaps a life with no human interaction is best.

People say I should blog my dating disasters. Here goes.

He obviously texted me immediately after, in case you think I am exaggerating the drama, here is the last thread. Yeah, I actually did keep trying to date. How funny is that? Our first date started at a wine bar and ended at Tasty Burger and went exceptionally well, so much so I accidentally invited him to a pub crawl with a bunch of my work friends.

The night of the pub crawl, he showed up over an hour later than he said and with some liquid courage. I was feeling super on edge because I suddenly realized that he was about to meet 10 of my friends. When we went to the first bar, Loco, it was ok. He was doing a good job interacting with people and I was finding it hilarious that I actually came to an event with a date. Then two things happened. After dealing with the whole Dip incident, I was not ready for another smoker. I should have my friend AC just fill in here, bc she was present for the entire disaster.

I have never had a witness to see things literally go up in flames on a date. I left her alone with him and went to the bathroom to talk myself out of a panic attack. Sadly for my friend, she probably remembers it all too well. She headed home and we went on to the next bar on the crawl mistake. The rest of the evening was just a mess. We both had way too many drinks, I was deciding that I semi loathed him. When I left the bar, he was still hitting on my coworker.

He texted me after and said he had a great time. He clearly changed his mind overnight. The next morning I said, it was super awkward when you hit on my coworker. Luckily, a week after this, I relocated to the greatest city on earth, London for a few months. Please be sure to read my next posts in a British accent, because that is how I wrote them. Without getting into the gritty details. After the fifth date, he was driving me home and I had noticed that he had chewing tobacco in his car. I said something annoying off-hand, about how hockey players have disgusting habits.

Instead of it being a casual joke. It turned into a massive argument. We argued about it for a long time, mostly because he was pissed I brought it up, and I was annoyed that he had raised his voice and had gotten extremely defensive and mean. I was completely thrown off. The whole time I have been talking to him, he has never yelled at me and been generally low-key and adorable. After some time he apologized and we hung out for another hour or so. Things were calmer and he was back to being his normal self.

When he was leaving, he said he had a really good time, apart from our argument, that he would talk to me when he was back. What made everything worse is that he was leaving two days later on a 3 week trip for work. As he was leaving, I had a nasty feeling in the pit of my stomach. I asked him if he was mad at me, and he said no. The following day I texted him something random we had talked about, he responded but not in his usual style.

The day he was leaving I texted him, no response. I texted him once when he got there about GOT, which we talked about all the time. He wrote back, but only minimally. I texted him two separate times and never heard back. I told myself for days, that he was busy on his work trip abroad, that I was overreacting. But then I looked at this Hinge profile and saw that he had added all new photos from the trip to his profile. The strangest thing is that for someone who is as psychotic as I am, I found it so easy to be affectionate and warm and fuzzy with him. I think I will never hear back from him.

It sucks for a myriad of reasons. Chief among them is that I actually miss him. After a week, I went back on bumble. I have been quite busy casually plowing through the dating apocalypse that is Boston. I cant remember any distinguishing details about this man. Other than the fact that he went to really good schools, had recently quit his job, had a shockingly white shirt, and mentioned too many details about his ex gf. Apparently she took the keurig when they broke up. When he asked me what I wished I had done differently in my twenties he was 36 I said I wish I had settled for some random semi-decent man.

That did not go over well. Apparently he believes in soulmates. Never saw him again. This is creepy of me to observe, but he had the most incredible skin. Literally glowing, not to mention, distractingly perfect teeth. I have never dated a military man, and especially not a former pilot for the navy. I thought the date went fairly well. After our date we texted back and forth for a week. And then send a photo of him walking around in Charlestown in the middle of the day. He finished active duty and now is on reserve, which means he only works a few days a month.

Meanwhile, I have to go to work…well…. Annnnnnnnnnd then a curious thing happened. I met someone I really liked. We first started talking because his flight was delayed by 7 hours and he was bored out of his mind, and clearly scrolling through his arsenal of Hinge matches. He was straightforward and direct. I was excited when he asked me out. When I first saw C, I knew it was him because he looks like literally every other man I have dated.

I do love a corn-fed white boy. Apart from the fact that it was 90 degrees, and I sweated through my entire outfit, the date started off shockingly well. It was so easy to get along with him, I was almost giddy. Until… I discovered that we do NOT agree politically. I started full-on panicking immediately. In this current political climate, there are certain non-negotiables for me. I asked him about the two things that I care most about, and his answers were moderate enough that I could calm down. We were able to move past it, because I then discovered that he was living with his parents in NH, after an unfortunate breakup with this live-in gf.

There was a lot to talk about. We closed down the restaurant. After our first date, he immediately tried to make plans again. Looking back, I realize how different this felt from all my other dates. Our second date was at Fugakyu. It went really well, at first I was impressed that I had somehow made it to a second date with a human male.

But then I realized I was just having a good time with him, and it felt so easy. I even made it 2 hours before my first political dig. We were the last people at the restaurant. The following day When I asked him if wanted to do something the following Saturday, he said, he would prefer to do something Wednesday, because Saturday was just too far away. I actually smiled at my phone. Our third date was at Hops and Scotch. I found myself being that creepy person that holds hands at a bar table.

Except this time I even told him I found it really easy to spend time with him. Our fourth date he drove down after a long day of moving. By the time he got to my house, I was a little loopy from anticipation. We went to the Fireplace for drinks, where I had one of the strangest drinks of my life. The next morning he was kind enough to take me to the airport at 5: Unfortunately that drink came back with a vengeance and he was witness to me throwing up.

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