Senior dating freshman college

He knows what to expect and, just as important, what not to. Thus in any sexual interaction between the senior and the freshman, the senior enters with more: The senior, in short, knows himself better than the freshman could ever hope to. The senior has more power than the first-year, and always will. Why do we think power imbalance is a problem if both parties consent to it?

We frown upon teacher-student relationships for precisely this reason. Granted, seniors are not teachers and sex is not painting. But the essential insight is the same. When these imbalances go wrong, they go very, very wrong. I am reluctant even to mention sexual assault, but it is too important to neglect. A senior exploits the imbalance of power to his own benefit. Of course most senior men and women do not assault first-year men and women. Of course most senior-freshman hook-ups are consensual. Sexual assault is different.

But it is similar.

It shares with senior-freshman relationships a common root: I believe these circumstances are possible. But I believe they are exceedingly rare. Far rarer than the hook-up scene at Amherst would suggest.

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I refuse to believe that the exceedingly large number of senior boy-freshman girl hook-ups is due to interpersonal chemistry. Perhaps I am mistaken. But I suspect in both cases less noble intentions are in play, and that worries me, and it should worry you. Others may argue, not without merit, that senior-freshman relationships can be beneficial for both parties. The freshman nabs a cute older girl and a crash-course in dating at Amherst.

Life is, in the end, about living and having experiences and making mistakes, and dating someone older than you can be a wild ride and a lot of fun. Being intimate with someone more experienced than you can be invigorating.

What are your thoughts on a 21M college senior dating an 18F college freshman?

Men are not really mature until they are about My sons never introduced any of their serious girl friends until they proposed and it was always casual. Like coming to the house for towels on the way to the beach. Most married people are two to six years age difference, some much more. You need to back off.

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You are 18 acting like He is being kind to you as he can see just how young you behave. He is a real catch but you will not let him think of you seriously if you keep trying to grasp and cling. You are acting like Poison ivy. Have a Nice long talk with your father. He needs to tell you how to behave to men, not boys. You are a young women, you really do need to act your age.

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