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Even if you have to give up one team, it's better to debut the better team in the end.

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There are tons of idol groups out there who are young and handsome, until when should YG pick out of years invested? They're all similar in skill and I'm sure the younger ones have a lot more years to improve anyway. He said so even before the show aired. He knows that visuals are really important in creating a strong fandom, which he was in dire need of when he said that. The kids that you guys are all supporting are all at an age to debut but you have to ask yourself if their visuals are at least up to par with the other groups out there. If you're trying to look for YG style in these kids, there are already so many seniors you can go stan.

Why demand a YG style from the rookies too?

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Who's going to join the fandom if they're the ones who get picked? Every time their pictures are posted on community boards, the only comments on it are calling them ugly. The others are handsome and young too, vote for them instead!! Twice Jungyeon 'prettier at night' Source: MK Sports via Nate 1. She looks pretty with make up but looks drastically different compared to when she does have make up on.

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Is this really 'Sky Castle' Kim Hyena? Kim Bora's 'pink pink' life Source: TV Report via Nate 1. Her pictures look like she's using Sulli as her concept. She also looks like her, but in a sad kind of way.

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Her skin is darker and she looks way different in videos and pictures. Wishing her more luck! Yoo Seung Jun releases a new song in 12 years "Please, I want to turn back time, this album is before it's too late" Source: Donga Ilbo via Nate 1. Or are you too much of a foreigner to even understand that!! If you want to, go serve in the army. Let him be buried in the dark by himself.

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Why let a guy who backstabbed the nation get any attention? Have you not seen your country's idols? Even if he could come back, he's already a has been, his popularity won't be what it used to be.

Please let go already. The music industry is an idol's world. At least back in his day, there was a decent mix of solos and groups. A solo singer now? Won't work unless you're a ballad singer And normally when your service slip is out, you're not allowed to leave the country, but they let him as a special favor and then he went and ran away Mydaily via Nate 1. Watch other episodes of Dating Alone Series at Kshow Dating Alone Episode 1 kshow You May Also Like See more. Guide Episode 3 3 years ago. Car Talk Show season 4 Episode 16 2 years ago. Music Bank Hot Stage Episode 5 3 years ago.

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