Destiny no matchmaking for strikes

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  • How does Strike/Matchmaking work? - Destiny 2 Message Board for PlayStation 4 - GameFAQs.
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Its basiclly d1 over again for me Be careful TC, the bungie defense force will come out soon and attack you for stating the obvious instead of trying to get something patched in. In order to avoid a flood of commonly referred to questions, we have an FAQ that can be found either pinned or in the sidebar above. If you are going to post a question, read through the FAQ to make sure it is not there. If you have any suggestions for things to add to the FAQ or have any other generic questions, please consider posting it in the FAQ comments section rather than as a self post.

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Destiny no matchmaking for strikes - Pawillion

No advertising, selling, trying to buy, trading, begging for, or giving away of items, codes, games etc. This also includes your Clan, sherpa-ing, low effort YouTube videos and blog posts, etc. Keep the submissions in English. Keep submission related to Destiny 2. No ungrounded rumours, fake footage or wrongful information.

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  4. Absolutely no NSFW posts. This also works in raids. More interestingly, raid players will be able to save their raid checkpoints out of Guided Games. In other words, if the entire team disconnects in the middle of a Guided Games raid, you can form up another fireteam and start at where you left off.


    On the subject of social activities, Bungie is also placing more emphasis on clans and clan goals this time around. Because of this, Bungie is changing how clan XP is earned.

    Why Destiny Sucks Rise of Iron No Matchmaking Raid Rant

    Players will now need to acquire bounties from Hawthorne, up to three per day. Completing these will offer clan XP.