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Communication is key in Second Life and in both lives. How you communicate with someone can have either a negative or a lasting impression.

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If you have your eye on dating someone, you should be prepared to communicate in a way that they know you are interested but also in a way that is not annoying or can come off as stalkerish. We have all heard stories of people being imed for sex without even knowing the person or you may have received ims from brand new avatars who ask you for sex or something sexual related.

Usually we either mute these people or we politely say no thank you or we may fill up their im with a bunch of expletives. Either way this type of behavior is usually not warranted. I say usually because it depends where you really are in Second Life. There are places that are swinger spots or hook up places in Second Life and this type of behavior is ok and encouraged, but if you are not in one of those places, think before iming someone and asking for sex. T his should be a golden rule. If this is the case, then send them a friendly im.

If a person takes the time to list this on their profile, this usually means they do not want a Second Life relationship. Do not pry or try to force the person to change their mind, this will simply lead to you being ignored or muted. It is great if you are interested in someone and want them to know it, but keep in mind that over iming or sending note cards to someone may be deemed harassment.

Give the person you are interested time to respond to your initial inquiries. Some may see constant communication as you being a possible stalker and the person may decide you are not worth their time. We would all love to have the fairy tale of meeting our soul mate in Second Life and then meeting that person in real life and living happily ever after. This has worked for some and they were very lucky to transfer their Second Life relationship to a real life one, but if a person states they do not mix both lives or that they want Second Life only, you have to respect their choice.

If you already know you are seeking a real life relationship in Second Life, then look for like minded people who are open to mixing lives.

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Similarly do not get upset if a person says they do not voice or do not share social media information. If you are told this information up front and if you expect these things from a relationship, the person is not for you. You can find out if the person is partnered or taken, if they mix Second Life and real life, and if they voice and a bunch of other important information, that may save you time and embarrassment later. If you met the person in a club or a store, try asking their opinions about the club or store and see where the conversation goes. Or talk about the music or the activity.

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You do not want to base the conversation about yourself, but you do want to keep the lines of communication open. If the conversation is going well and before you both log off, ask if you can friend the person, do not automatically send an invite. Remember first impressions are key here. If the person accepts your invite then thank them.

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Keep in mind too that you should not automatically log in and im that person each day or im them as soon as they log in. You can choose to show or hide destinations based on their maturity rating. Learn more about maturity ratings. Escape to one of the many romantic Second Life hideouts for dating, dancing, flirting or even cuddling.

SL Etiquette 101: How to Date in Second Life Part 1

Ready to add some spice to your virtual life? A romantic fantasy forest, floating islands, and hidden spots are all here to enjoy in this ever-changing place.


Welcome to Luanes World, a romantic spring location where everyone can relax, cuddle or hang out with friends. The surrounding area offers a lot of ideal, picture-perfect scenes to photograph.

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After exploring the scenic locations, visitors are welcome to check out the main store at the center of the grounds. La Vie has returned to beachy perfection. Take a stroll with a friend, cuddle with a loved one or take advantage of all of the photogenic spots. The sunset won't disappoint, the drinks are cold, and the sand is perfect for bare toes.

The summer never ends at Shagwong Cove Resort. Ride horseback solo or as a couple over the four sims, or paddleboat around them if you prefer.

Second Life Can Help Long-Distance Couples Connect

Adventures await on surfboards, waterslides and hang gliders and about 80 different activities. At Casa del Sole Nascente, ladies and gentlemen can enjoy opulent surroundings in this beautiful, lavish, yet cheeky little cabaret. Everyone is welcome to enjoy a performance, or perform for the audience themselves.

The location is set in beautiful Venice in the s. The Lost Gardens of Apollo is a relaxing and romantic spot with beautiful gardens, waterfalls and secluded places to snuggle.