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Cheers to hipster apparel and protecting your skin and eyes from those harmful UV rays, right?

But when it comes to posting photos online, just nix them both. Because the eyes are the window to the soul right?

And swam on the beach! And scaled an iceberg in Alaska! And hiked Machu Pichu!

And worked with the Peace Corps in Africa! Ok, ok, maybe post one or two for travel cred.

WATCH: Ford created a crib that'll trick your baby into falling asleep

Then we can snuggle up and you can tell travel stories for hours. Way more fun, right? Ok, I know, rhetorical question. We just want to know that you have some wheels to drive us to dinner. Double points if Photoshop was used to blur or blacken the ex out. Triple points if you crop out girls on either side of you. So the solution to this one is easy — just find some other great photos to post!

Trust us, anything will be better than the awkward unidentifiable blonde hair on your shoulder. So why it seems reasonable for you to throw half-naked photos all over your profile is a wee bit perplexing, to say the least.

3D-Printed Ford Gran Torino

Keep it classy, San Diego. Bloody dead animals that you shot and killed and hold up as a trophy for the world to know that you know how to hunt?

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And I know that many of you No-Shave-November fans are in it for a good cause. Not worth the risk. Maybe just a bit of a red flag. So put your coozie down, and grab a glass of water every now and then. You know, gotta stay hydrated after those other beers…. Again, please know that ALL of these are in good fun. I tried online dating a few times in the past, and am sure that my lovely profile pics went check-check-check down the upcoming girls edition of this list. Also, big thanks to a bunch of friends for chiming in on the topic.

And BIG thanks again to Nate for being a model-for-an-hour. Your email address will not be published. You are hilarious Ms.

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And your friend Nate deserves a gold medal for participating. And, glad Nate was a good sport: I suspect someone as handsome and successful as Nate would have success with even these photos. Well, except for the mustache one. The Demon edges the Model S and all other comers in the race from 0 to mph though 5.

The speed's made possible by the Demon's Supercharged 6. Dodge is calling the Demon "the only street-legal drag car in existence," and backing up those claims with offers that will appeal to speed junkies — the car will be available for purchase with an option to take out the passenger or rear seats to cut dead weight. The Demon will only be manufactured on a limited run — 3, of the hellions will make it to the US, and in Canada.

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Dodge didn't announce the price, but if all you care about is muscle-bound speed, the Demon might as well be priceless. Assembled on to the body of a Ford Torino is a 3D printed liquid metal car shell created by Ioan Florea. Land Rover revealed a " see-through " hood that allows drivers to see beneath their cars while driving.

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Toyota gave car fans an up-close look at its video game-inspired FT-1 concept car. Ford's executive chairman, Bill Ford, stands with the all-new Mustang convertible as it's introduced on the 86th floor observation deck of the Empire State Building.

13 Online Dating Photo Tips For Guys Who Want More Dates

The PM is a personal mobility Toyota concept vehicle that "fits like a glove" to create a feeling of unity between the driver and the vehicle. Jeep has a whole obstacle course set up outside the Javitts Center for individuals who want to give a car a test drive through the most extreme conditions. For those with a little less cash in their pocket, you can take home an electric bicycle that actually looks like a bike. You might recognize this Corvette C7 Stingray from the recent trailer for Transformers: