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This validated, single suppli January 31 - January 31, Boston, United states.

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Dose response curves have been an integral part of drug discovery and development for centuries. Multi-dimensional data on proteins, compounds generated using modern techniques still relies on insights coming from the dose response curves.. In this webinar, Christof Ganzler will present a modern workflow that adds results from dose-response curves to your already multidimensional data for quick and efficient analysis, while maintaining the context of your data, experiment s..

The result is an interactive what-if application which is widely used in a variety of formulation assays and beyond.. Join PerkinElmer and our esteemed guest speakers for the latest on mass spectroscopy applications and instrumentation. Presentations will focus on recent advances in workflow solutions to streamline forensic toxicology, disease detection and newborn screening analytical methodologies..

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A poster presentation session will highlight selected applications to support further discussion on emerging drugs of abuse e. OneSource Laboratory Services Optimize lab efficiency with a comprehensive suite of scientific services and support Learn More. Enter product part numbers and quantities to quickly add products to your cart.

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See Where We Serve. Design and Analysis, 2d ed. The labels have been designed for UV measuring in applications where a radiometer is not possible, such as web printing, sheet fed printing, and 3-D curing. How To Select a Radiometer describes the different styles of UV monitoring choices and specifies which types benefit each application. The four measurement services are based on: Intramural comparison of NIST laser and optical fiber power calibrations. A new line of plastic capillary samplers, called "safeClinitubes," has been designed by Radiometer America of Westlake, Ohio, to eliminate the risk of medical-staff injury and contamination sometimes associated with glass samplers while maintaining high performance standards.

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To calibrate the instrument, two or more temperature levels must be introduced to the radiometer. New types of millimeter-wave noise sources. Tiny satellites, big impact: NASA's next-gen approach to studying Earth's climate: NASA's suite of six next-generation, Earth-observing small satellite missions is set to foster creative and cost-effective approaches to studying our planet. These also include a profiling microwave radiometer sensitive to the atmospheric temperature structure.

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Recommendations for improving U. NSF-supported airborne microwave radiometry.