Dating 20 somethings

Let them teach you, rather than trying to show off by what you learned on Google.

There are many things somethings can teach older people. This is not one of them. Nothing terrifies me more than being so close to someone and then watching them become a stranger again.

6 Perils Of Dating Gay Twenty-Somethings In Your Thirties

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Generation Xers will call instead of text. They might not even have Facebook. The text game is different. They only have a Twitter account to follow the news. They use different terminology. More From Thought Catalog. Get our newsletter every Friday! Or so you think.

1. Don't Meet While Drunk

I realized the perils of dating somethings when I recently decided to date a year-old fuckboy who turned out to be the essence of primordial ooze. I knew all the challenges and risks that came along with dating younger and I knew that it would not be easy entering into a May-December relationship with someone who was very different than me in terms of style, dress, speech and daily habits…but I decided to throw caution to the wind, embrace difference and enjoy learning and loving someone new.

For one, the dude ended up cheating on me due to his cold, callous and restless nature. Somehow I get the impression that none of them were a good fit considering dude has a hole in his soul no dick could fill. Two, he was a complete narcissist who had the morals of a serial killer and the emotional maturity of a 5-year-old.

9 Things That Happen When A 20-Something Dates An Older Person

Aside from these serious issues, the relationship was fraught with a series of power struggles, power plays, rebellious antics and emotional abandonment. Charge it to my loneliness and dismissal of serious red flags noticed early on in the relationship.

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After this experience I realized many things one of which is that I can no longer seriously entertain the prospect of a long term relationship with a something. Sure we can mess around, Netflix and Chill, Hulu and Hump, Vudu and Do You but as for a real relationship with a something complete with all the bells and whistles, you can miss me with it. Here are a list of reasons why:.

It was believed that it was my responsibility to do all the legwork for love. I was always expected to initiate dates, pay for dates, be his emotional backbone, shower him with loads of attention, validation and praise while all he did was look good for Snapchat videos and occasionally tickled my dick hair with his wincing tongue. My needs were never considered a factor as he was not equipped developmentally to deal with my experience as a something.

In fact I had to constantly complain about him not listening to me which only drove a wedge between our commitment to communicate our needs openly to one another.

13 Dating Myths About Somethings the Media Needs to Stop Telling

Throughout the course of a relationship with a something gay man, you will begin to feel like a parent. Your attempts to try and motivate your partner will be misconstrued as attempts to try and change or control them.

They will resent you for this and resist and rebel at every turn like a spoiled child. You will begin to feel like the responsible one as you trolley off to your while they coast on part time hours, late night bar hopping and wake and bake sessions with other loser type bed heads. There will indeed be a mismatch in priorities and while this may seem like no big deal at first, ultimately their lack of motivation and ambition will begin to work your last nervous system.

Also it has been my experience that a lot of gay men come with baggage regarding their fathers. The relationships they share with their fathers are either strained or non-existent. They resent their fathers and will carry this resentment over into the relationship and you will notice some interesting dynamics at play that are reminiscent of parent child roles.

At one point my ex told me that I reminded him of his father. When you date a something, they will try to bury you before your time. They will try to bury you in financial debt, guilt, doubt and stress. You will ultimately get the sneaking suspicion that you are seen as nothing more than a living breathing cash register only good for favors. Your bleeding heart will be an allegorical giving tree disassembled down to its bloody stump. These something bottom feeders will go shopping with you, smile sweetly, drop hints as to items that they want and will expect you to go deep into the abyss of your pockets to pay their way through life.

Their entitlement game is ridiculous. And you will not be privy to all the rules. Gay men in their twenties are looking for drama. They are looking for scandal, intrigue, dish, the hottest tea served up on a plate of shade and will often times not be happy in a good, healthy, functioning relationship.