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Once I made this upgrade the rattling went away. I do not have tube tamers installed. I think the clean channel has bodacious bottom end, but it seems to disappear in the drive channel. I've never felt the need to use the drive channel at all, and instead rely on the clean channel with a pedal or two Fulltone Fulldrive II and OCD sound very good into this amp.

Fifthstone , Jun 9, Jun 9, 7. I love the Big Ben. Compared to some other speakers I've tried, I just always come back to the Big Ben. Calloway , Jun 9, Jun 9, 8.

I used to have a Delta Blues and used it with a separate Peavey 15" cabinet classic e, I think -- huge sound with the combination of the 2x10s and 1x I replaced the 15" speaker with a Weber California 15" on Ted Weber's recommendation -- very full sound, worked well for me. AshlandBump , Jun 9, Jun 9, 9.

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Too boomy in the low end clean channel, eh? Try plugging the speaker into the 8 ohm jack. You'll be amazed at the difference, even though that Weber is a really good choice as well. Lance , Jun 9, Jun 9, Jun 10, I had a DB with a Eminence commonwealth 15" it in, it is a very balanced speaker that loves overdrive.

It may work good for ya. Jun 14, Spent several hours with the Jensen Neo installed in my Delta Blues.

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Also, I should note that the Jensen was purchased new. Perhaps the Blue Marvel is an existing Eminence relabeled for Peavey? After poking around on the Peavey and Eminence sites, I noticed that there isn't a direct match between the three 15" speakers offered by Eminence and the Blue Marvel After installing the Neo, I warmed up the tubes and played the amp for three hours. Right away, I noticed the "boxy" nature of the Blue Marvel was gone. I played around with the EQ and the higher gain channel for a while and tried Couldn't quite get it, which I thought was very interesting.

Using the Neo, I noticed the lower notes were smooth while the highs were mellow. There was also tube rattle from the amp on certain lower notes and of course heavy loud volumes. This issue did not go away with the Jensen installed as some have noted it would. As a born again skeptic, I am pleased that the amp's tone had notably improved with just the speaker swap out. My thoughts after buying the amp was to immediately replace the stock Sovtek power tubes and change out the Blue Marvel.

I noticed that the amp was not as loud anymore. I cranked the clean channel up to 10 goes to 12 and let it rip. No flubs or farts from the speaker. Responsive and articulate low end. But the amount of volume wasn't there! I had cranked the amp when the Blue Marvel was installed and was impressed by the sheer amount of volume it pushed. Both have a rated power at W with a musical power rating of W. Both are 16 ohms. The Peavey is rated at The Peavey has a voice coil diameter of 1.

The Peavey weighs 12 pounds while the Jensen weighs a little over six and a half. I was a little worried at first because I have neither played nor consciously known anyone to play through a Neodymium speaker before. Maybe even find one of those coveted JBL Ds [ http: ReginaldBisquet , Jun 14, Thanks for the in depth Reginald. I dont' agree that the stock DB sounds even remotely boxy, but that's my opinion.

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I'm talking the clean channel only, which is the one I use. I think the DB 1x15 stock is an excellent blues amp as is. Also, Eminence is an OEM for many amp makers, so it's not unusual that a Peavey-labeled speaker may have been built by Eminence. Fifthstone , Jun 14, Acid Test , Jun 14, Jun 15, Fifthstone - I've also read where people say the Blue Marvel has a "country honk" sound. Perhaps this is what I was hearing? For now, the Jensen is more along what I was looking for. Acid Test - That also crossed my mind. But it still bothers me that - according to the spec sheets - the Jensen should be more efficient than the Peavey.

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ReginaldBisquet , Jun 15, Jun 16, Just received this note from Jensen. Perhaps I should try reversing the speaker connecting wires? Thanks for the feedback and for your support of Jensen Speakers. Unfortunately I don't know why you're hearing some volume loss with the Neo Like you said, the high sensitivity would lead one to expect a volume increase.

Typically Neo-type magnets have a problem with sensitivity going in the other direction. I probably should not compare a 12" in a solid state vs. Tonight I'm getting together with a friend who has a Crate Palamino 16 with a 12" speaker and I will get back to you with that comparison! Jul 23, Messages: I'm a huge fan of Peavey tube amps, especially their Classic series. Congrats on your purchase, you'll likely remain a tube guy from now on! Cool, thanks very much. And it sounds like you and I are both after very similar tones as well Aug 20, Messages: A" Couldn't have spent it better: Jan 14, Messages: Feb 14, Messages: I just took a flashlight and found the tiny factory sticker on the speaker.

It is the original Blue Marvel and it matches the numbers the Peavey customer service gave me in the email about the dating. Boy, I don't think I would yank this one out just yet. I think it sounds good. Sep 23, Messages: Spudman , Jan 11, Dec 17, Messages: That's exactly the same amp I have.

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I traded a friend my Line 6 Flextone II for it and couldn't be happier. It is stupid loud, though, so I can only turn it up when my wife and kids are out. I run two Danelectro pedals and a Zoom G1 through mine and love the sounds I can get. I think he sort of regrets making the trade, but I already know what I'm gonna say to him if he asks to trade back Dec 1, Messages: I've been a Peavey nut since the 80's Bang-for-buck is a Peavey tradition.

Spudman , Jan 13, Jan 13, Messages: I am new to this site as a member but I have been visiting this site for about a year. After plugging into both amps side by side using a strat and an Agile LP, I must say the Peavey has more pressence and low end.

Dating a Peavey Delta Blues

This may be due to the higher wattage, 30 versus I feel the bigger speaker has more to do with it. Face it, more watts pushing a bigger speaker means more sound? The one noticable difference was in the gain stages. The Crate is a single channel amp with gain.