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Part 3 Ayatullah Fadlallah discusses his views in a very frank manner. You need to navigate to the relevant section. Dialogue On Marriage Encouraging people to marry at an earlier age rather than later. Laws concerning marriage according to the fatwa of Ayatullah Seestani. You need to select the chapters that interest you from the two drop down menus at the top of the page.

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Or you can click directly to the relevant sections below: By Ayatullah Muhammad Shirazi. The replies are from Mujtahids and local scholars. What is the procedure for ending a Mutah contract before the time originally agreed? Can the Arabic formula of Mutah be pronounced in advance of the commencement of the Mutah itself? When is the full payment of the Mahr due to the Mutah wife?

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Can a Shia marry a Sunni in Mutah or Nikah? Can someone who is chaste marry someone in Mutah who has not been chaste, but after knowing about Mutah agrees to doing Mutah? What is the cure to the widespread sexual immorality and haram relationships amongst the Muslim youth? Can someone who was having a haram western style boyfriend-girlfriend relationship convert that relationship into a halal Mutah relationship? Can a Shia do Mutah with a Christian or a Jew? Can a person remove their beard or Hijab for the sake of personal safety and Taqiyya?

Is it compulsory to get the permission of the Father or Grandfather of the woman with whom I want to do Mutah?

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Does a man married in Nikah need his wife's permission to marry other women in Nikah Polygyny? Does a man married in Nikah need his wife's permission to marry other women in Mutah? Is a man allowed to have more than one Mutah wife at a time?

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If a girl has lost her virginity through haram relationships does she need her father's permission to marry someone in Nikah or Mutah? What if because the father refuses Mutah or is likely to refuse permission for Mutah as is mostly the case in the present age the man and woman continue to have a haram relationship.

Is it not better in this situation that they recite the seegha for Mutah in the hope that it is acceptable to Allah? Can a person do Mutah with a prostitute? Can I Do Mutah with my ex-husband even though I have not remarried since? Is it permissible for me to change the Mujtahid to whom I do taqleed? For more information about Nikah Marriage, Divorce and related issues in Islam please visit our sister site: The Woman By Ayatullah Modarresi. - Mutah Chat and Muta marriage (Sighe) in Islam

Islamic Articles Lots of links on subjects related to Women in Islam. Extensive collection of links. An excellent social, psychological and philosophical analysis of many issues related to Women, Family, Nikah, Mutah, Polygamy, Divorce. The revolutionary role of the hijab. By World Islamic Network http: Hijab By Mary C. Hijab Articles From Islamzine.

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Some very valid points about the need for thoughtfulness in choosing the style of Hijab one adopts while living in the West. What Do You Mean? A useful section in this very useful book.

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Dialogue On Marriage Encouraging early marriage rather than late. He speaks with the wisdom of an old, learned and experienced man. Marriage - Early Or Late?

A very good debate about whether people should marry early, or delay their marriage. By The Nikah Matchmaker. Polygamy From Seeking the Straight Path: This is a commentary of Qur'an 4: In order to navigate easily to different parts of the commentary go to the Table Of Contents. It covers topics like marriage to slaves andpunishment due to a married slave in the event of adultery.

Slavery - What Is It? A list of articles about slavery in Islam. Biography of The Prophet Muhammad's saw first wife. Dating Web Site Mutah: This is a dedicated special area for Dating Web Site Mutah.

How to perform a Muta (temporary marriage) contract

If you are interested in finding Dating Web Site Mutah then the personals listed below are of your interest. It's been more than a decade since Mate4all Mutah is providing safe and clean dating and friendship service for Mutah single men and women. By yusuf44a , Monday at By sisi , 14 hours ago in Guest Forum. All Activity Home Finding a partner for Mutah. Rate this topic 1 2 3 4 5. Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3. Posted August 25, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Ask your wife to look for a girl for you! Salaam, Sister, not every woman has difficult being married to a man who does a muta. I simply asked a question and already both me and my personal situation has been judged! Wa alikum wasalaam From the UK. Posted August 26, If so this is bull.

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