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Marla sensed the piece of plain potato in her mouth. She felt as if the bland taste were the blandness of the ordinary people, who seemed somehow insensed when being trampled on by superior men, that she was consuming that blandness, overcoming it. The soft, moist texture was that of the average middle manager, a source of constant distraction to her. But now she was proving her superiority, her invincibility, and it felt, well, empty and emotionless.

She passed it to him, noticing the fine cut of the salt shaker, a form that might have been concieved by a master architect. They don't make salt shakers like that anymore, she thought. I almost said her name, Jack thought to himself. He had caught himself in time, but he realized she had the upper hand now, which meant they would probably have to stay for dessert.

When the server took their plates away, everyone in the restaurant seemed to notice that Jack hadn't quite finished his asparagus. They all fell silent, in awe of any man who could deny himself three hefty spears in February.

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This was a man to watch, they all thought. He pushed himself away from the table and looked almost, but not directly, at Marla. But she couldn't help feeling defeated. It was like that sometimes.

Heck, even stolid objectivists have bad days. Steam poured out rebelliously from a manhole as they walked back to the car. Neither had minded parking the car across the river in New Jersey. A twenty mile walk was a rare chance to enjoy the marvelous, heroic skyscape of Progress. They enjoyed the Marcal factory particularly.

Do you architects even have time to date?

Marla summoned all her energy, barely aware of the fact that it had been 78 hours since she had slept, and even then it was a five minute nap in her office. She looked up as a DC that she owned flew overhead, and belched with all the precision of a diamond cutter. Jack knew it was the closest thing to perfection he had heard all day.

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He knew he could possess the source of that belch, through a civil ceremony, that she would say yes, and that for that reason he could never ask. That instead he must destroy her, for he was a man of Reason, and he knew, as did she, that it was the right thing to do. No matter how much architecture gets you off, another person is better suited for the task.

Life is too short to spend it alone. A couple friends archs use some IM based sites to meet some decent people I'm set, but without someone else I'd probably resort to the Internet vs. I really don't know as I am really old compared to the rest of you. I've never met a quality companion long term at a club. Back in the old days, when we drafted by hand, we were like medieval scribe monks. Now with the advent of the computer, we have all the time in the world to frolic and fornicate!

I stlll remember getting out of architecture school and having a bunch of very awkward dating episodes with the darkside non - arch females but I learned to adjust. Fortuantely I had a lot of friends who were and still are non - archs thank goodness. Its good to get away from Architecture to be perseved as normal, would be a start, besides if your interested in doing your own work some other arch isn't going to hire you. Isolation inside architecture and books and projects.

At the time, I thought she was a great break from the psychotic culture of architecture school.

Date with an Architect

She is really cute, and nice in ways that most architecture students cannot comprehend. Zaha is not so hot Is the architchick an image There was the 19 yo model who impressed the night i drove her around a recently completed building, the tart who was visiting the island on vacation, the graphic design student, the diplomat My work today bears alot on my work 10 years ago Are you sure you want to block this user and hide all related comments throughout the site?

Features News Events Competitions. People Firms Blogs Forum. About Advertising Contact Newsletters Privacy. Aug 26, 05 6: Aug 26, 05 7: Aug 26, 05 8: I dated another architect in school, same studios same floor, drove me crazy. Why the post anyway? Aug 26, 05 9: I did at one point, and it was great while it lasted Aug 26, 05 We need to find you a chica! Aug 27, 05 4: I drink to make other people interesting.

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Aug 27, 05 5: Aug 27, 05 Aug 28, 05 9: I dated a hot babe that made signage in an arch office. Aug 28, 05 Aug 29, 05 2: I married a teacher, too. But it didn't last. She wasn't any good at making signage. Aug 29, 05 3: Aug 29, 05 4: Aug 29, 05 5: Aug 30, 05 7: Aug 30, 05 5: Aug 30, 05 6: Aug 30, 05 Aug 31, 05 4: Thank you Sep 1, 05 5: Last Commented Threads Wework ed until it didn't M. Feel free to disagree and giggle along, because sometimes an opinion and a good laugh are all you need.

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I love him uncontrollably and without reservation, but this is only the beginning. I think this is due in large part to the demanding lifestyle that architecture students have. Understanding the differences between the different leads is extremely important, even at 2am. Everything is important, even at 2am. Crayola colored pencils will color better than prismacolor. And they cost half the price.

Coloring is not the expertise of the architect major. However, he does have the ability to eye-ball an approximation of an angle. Ask him to color, and you may as well ask him to saw off his left hand. I should have bought stock in 5 hour energy drinks. Architecture majors go through those things like water. I have learned the quickest route to every fast food place in a 5 mile radius.

And the ones that are truly open late. After being employed by doctors, their handwriting looks neat compared to that of an architect.