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You can check which plan you're currently on at Netflix. A steady internet connection speed of 25 megabits per second or higher. Streaming quality set to Auto or High. More information about video quality settings can be found in our playback settings article. To stream in HDR, you will need:. A 4 Screen Netflix plan. Streaming quality set to High. Close Netflix uses cookies for personalisation, to customise its online advertisements, and for other purposes.

Learn more or change your cookie preferences. Netflix supports the Digital Advertising Alliance principles. By interacting with this site, you agree to our use of cookies. We use cookies why? You can change cookie preferences ; continued site use signifies consent. Netflix Help Center Help. Back to Help Home. Supported Models and Features. Netflix streaming features on supported devices include: Subtitles, Alternate Audio, 5. Connect from the Apps menu. Locate the Netflix app, then press OK.

Once in the Netflix app, select Sign In.

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Your device is now connected to your Netflix account. If you sign up on your set-top box, you will not be asked to create a password. When you have completed signup, you will receive an email from Netflix prompting you to create a password on your mobile or web browser. You can stream on your set-top box without a password, but must create one to sign in on any other device. If you didn't receive or no longer have the email, you can create a password anytime by visiting Netflix. Connect from the remote control X1 Voice Remote.

Voice command is a joke. Compare voice on android samsung as comparison there is none. No more top 20 shows. Easier to read bold written descriptions. Have old system in bedroom. Much easier to find movies and shows.. But no dvr there. If it werent for the dvr its junk. Annoying, slow usless voice, if you search for movies it has to display full color box covers that are not clear. By the time you read each one and with the lag you miss the movie start. Yea, I can dvr it for later in high def.

But the lag is not acceptable. Give me normal titles not hard to read gizmo box covers, duh, does comcast use their products. How i long for the old system and with dvr features. Fast, easy to read. Plus box covers rarely look anything like movie.. What the heck is the X1 doing that it needs an internet connection to change channels? Is it checking my account authorization every single second? It makes no sense whatsoever to design a system that becomes useless without an internet connection while it can still receive TV signals.

I firmly believe any decent engineer would have designed the system to gracefully handle internet dropouts but Comcast decided the customer is guilty until it can be proven otherwise via internet connection. Came from satellite after about 10 yrs between Dish and then Direct and this is the best of all.

X1 has the most horrible user interface Ive ever seen. My wife and I hate it. I took it all back today. My feelings exactly, Jerry. The first thing is the visual display of the guide and menu. The type is condensed and thin to where it breaks up on the black background. Also I use close-captions constantly. The largest size is too small to read, really bad!

Which brings up the awful remote itself.

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A primitve back-step that is affected by my other satellite remotes for certain functions with cross contamination of signal. The interface is geared to make you purchase programs or video more aggresively than before. Too damn mercenary for me! More and more they are trying to manipulate and mold our viewing habits and I am extremely sick of it!!! Have main dvr and 2 additional outlets but am being charged for 3. This has been going on for at least a year and they claim they can only refund me 2 months.

Hello PUC complaint line! I agree that the new X! Click the guide button twice. Then scroll over to favorites and from there you can scroll through favorites. Some extra clicks but at least you can scroll through favorites. I found this by happenstance…just playing around…. OR You can set the guide to only view favorites…. If I reboot it will work for one day and then off again. At the recommendation of an Xfinity repr on the phone, I picked up an X1 box on Wednesday.

I returned the X1 box on Thursday. X 1 has worked poorly in Illinois. I kept the old system in another room which continues to deliver good hd television. Comcast made me switch one of my receivers to X1. I have called Comcast multiple times because the X1 system would not work. Finally Comcast recommend I go back to old system before X1. So my tv will not work for 4 days until old system returns.

The Definitive Review of the Xfinity® X1 from Comcast

I think your review was too kind to comcast. X1 has a couple of nice features, but user interface design and performance is terrible, ondemand uptime is sketchy.

The new features are vastly outweighed by the all of the downside issues. I am looking for an alternate service. Put the curser all the way to the right and click on the blue gear. Scroll through the settings until you come to the clock and power brightness. You have option 1,2 or 3 for levels of brightness. Just got X1 today. Definitely a mix of plus and minuses.

The biggest drawback is clicking through your favorite programs. So you end up scrolling through a menu instead of clicking through and watching each. This adds extra clicks. Extra clicks are a big step back on this system. Almost as if its too complicated for its own good. Does have some good features: This is a terrible idea. Browsing the web on a tv has always sucked. People can just use their laptop or smart phone for this as well.

You cannot tell sports from Movies and because everything on the guide is black and small fonts it is horrible to try to read it. I stand right in front of the TV to be able to read descriptions of anything. AND you cannot tell if that channel is marked as a favorite.

Netflix App Now Available on Comcast Xfinity X1. Here is How to Find It!

You have to go into favorites to see and then BACK to guide and channel to then mark it as a favorite. X1 is not an improvement for us. Click record for a movie in progress, even when box is set for channel and it does not record from the beginning as it did before. Watch moves in the early AM hours as we like to do and constant interruptions to reboot for an update.

At least give us choice rather than the lowest common denominator.

Using Netflix on your Comcast Xfinity X1 set-top box

Why all the big icons and not a quick list? Always loved Comcast until the arrival of X1. The X1 system is Horrible,we have had this system for 5 days. The tech came out today at 4: The system malfunctioned right he left. They scheduled another tech visit for Friday ,April 8, This system should be taken off the market.

Comcast need to rethink this system or give it away for free. The rebooting on its own is outrageous. Once it reboots the remote is no longer paired to the box…so frustrating.

How to Hook Up a Comcast Cable Box: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

A tech will be coming out once again for the second time since I had it installed…. Done got credits and all…the next step is…. We had X1 installed just 4 days ago, and continue to have nothing but problems. The secondary box still does not work, and the main one reboots every 15 minutes. Second tech coming tomorrow. When I did get someone helpful on the phone, she told me that the signal strength is good, and that it should be functioning fine.

Maximus D, how long have you worked for Comcast? My coffee maker come with a user manual for cryin out loud. Hundreds of improvements have been done by Comcast in their service they provide. If you are unaware of technology and how it works then you need to do yourself a favor and read up and catch up with society in If your X1 service is running s-l-o-w it means that in compliance with the FCC, Comcast has sent an update to your equipment in your home and either the update pack is incomplete, waiting to update or needs to install to your equipment.

If you have the Double Play or Triple Play then that process should happen regularly and consistently so that your service is always at a optimal level. Just like you SHOULD regularly get oil changes every months based on your driving habits and the type of gasoline you pour into your car so that your car runs at an optimal level. I have had the X1 system since it first was introduced.

Yes at first had some problems ,but for over the last year it has been trouble free,very user friendly and the voice remote really a nice plus. Xfinty customer service whe calling needs to be improved ,but they are working on that. I will stay with Xfinity unless the cost goes out of sight. X1 is fantastic, in the event that it actually works consistently. Constant messages to unplug the living room unit and reboot the system. Constant freezing up of what we are attempting to watch. We are beyond disgusted and on the verge of a different solution all together i.

Dish or Direct TV. The remote is just awful. I do not know the name of movie or actor I may want to watch, so scrolling down hundreds of poster pics, five at a time makes looking for a movie to watch is out of the question. Extra OK clicks for everything. My husband wants to go back to our old system remote. We got this because of a message on that we needed to replace our box.

Can we go back to just one DVR and get the old remote? When you set up your new x-finity 1 platform….

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It took me 2 different calls to get the charge resolved. Also, if we want reminders……. Also…why does it take 4 clicks to remind? Why do we have to constantly be changing from listings to favorites. BUT, it still is way to complicated to use this remote. They all activated and started working with minimal bother. I am still discovering the functions and issues. My only complaint so far is the lack of technical information. I wonder if this is deliberate to purposely instigate technician service calls.

I am a retired IT support specialist and I do not feel comfortable using complex equipment with no idea about its functions. Right away I found out my old Logitec Harmony remote is not compatible so I ordered a new more up to date model. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Leave this field empty. This site is a U. You can learn more about our site and privacy policy here. The X1 Voice Remote. Here are a few of the key features: In the meantime, see the snazzy voice remote in action here: Watching a Series When you finish watching a TV show on demand, the X1 system will ask if you want to watch the next episode. You can get a peek at what that looks like below: Software Updates To keep your X1 in peak condition, make sure it maintains a constant internet connection. Tool to connect your phone or computer to a compatible TV Horoscopes: Zodiac horoscopes for today and tomorrow iHeartRadio: Over live radio stations Pandora: Radio stations based on your personal music preferences Photos: Viewing tool that connects to your Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr albums Netflix: One of the biggest TV streaming platforms Sports: Filter for available games and list of current standings Stocks: Map with traffic alerts for your area Voicemail: