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It's more valuable that way. I'm sure my mother must have gotten this as a gift. She used to buy designer clothes but never expensive perfume or bags sigh. Apr 1, 9, Posts. There are a lot of perfume blogs and communities online, perhaps try emailing one of them. They may be able to help you out or at least point you in the right direction! Apr 15, 61, Posts.

Mar 6, 3, Posts it's all about the arts If you like Chanel, I would keep and use it to remind yourself of her. I do that with some of my Mom's Dior perfumes that I found after she died. Mar 16, 1, Posts. Wow what a find! I emailed Chanel but I haven't heard back yet. I do love Chanel but my favorite is Chance. I have heard that they changed the formula for No.

I don't think I can bring myself to open it when it might be valuable. This bottle of Chanel smells wonderful and strong with no alcohol smell. Hi Grace happy new year, hope you're well. I have a large bottle of chanel no5 8. The bottle is sealed and have 32 oz on a strip of paper at the bottom.. Hi Grace, I have a Chanel no 5, 1. Can I send pics? I just want to make sure it is real. Hello Grace, I found a Chanel No. Also has the number 31B. Would you be able to help me date this bottle?

Hi Joyce, it sounds like a 3 digit batch code, which would place it around the s. Hello Grace I wonder if you advise me whether my recent purchase off ebay of a vintage bottle of Chanel No 5 is authenticate? My main reason to be concerned is that the square label on the bottle and on the inner box isn't on straight. The bottle has a fat stopper but the wax seal doesn't have a c or cc on it. The base of the bottle has Chanel and 32 molded on it and also a B. The inner box has Extrait P. M and Made in France on the bottom, also on the central label there's a 4 digit number indented but I can't make it out and it doesn't appear anywhere else.

The outer box has the same plus 1. Thank you for your help. Hi, the fact that the base has the Chanel name molded into the glass tells me the bottle is authentic. Thank you so much for the speedy reply. I was really hoping it was going to be ok as I bought it sealed in cellophane so had no idea of what the inner box or bottle looked like. I've managed to make out the first 2 digits of the code and have dated the box to July I don't know if you would be interested in having the measurements of this bottle to add to your blog, if so it measures, bottle height 5.

Thank you for your help and for posting such a informative blog. I do not doubt its authenticity, it's too perfect for that, but there are a few questions for me.

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The seller didn't know the era, but using the graphic above, I'd have to put it s - 60s. The height seems to match the number above also - being just shy of 2. So to the oddities: There is no "Made in France". I have not opened it yet, because quite frankly, it's too gorgeous and I'm wanting to look at it longer.

Does any of this indicate a particular time within the s - 60s range? Is there a way to date these things more closely within that time frame, say within one of the 2 decades? I'm also a bit bemused that there are no indications of origin. Any information you can give would be greatly appreciated.

And now I'm going to have to do the deep dive into the history of No. It certainly indicates to me at least, that this bottle is on the extreme older end of the s - s range, since I would not think the production of Chanel's precious perfume stayed in the US very long post war. Again, thank you for the reply and the avenue of inquiry. I wanted to thank you for your amazing website. There seems to be an uptick of fakes online and I bought one in a sealed box..

I was able to prove it was a fake by including info from this site. I wanted to ask you about my latest purchase, a GM no. The boxes and bottle looks rral, but I found an imperfection by the neck. It wasnt sealed and smells different from my other no. I know you cant tell me about the scent, but maybe give your expertise about the bottle?

The 4oz extrait is pretty rare. Could I send you some pictures? Thanks again for your website! Hi Ann, thank you for visiting the site!

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To help you better, please send all photos to my email at cleopatrasboudoir gmail. Please understand that this website is not affiliated with the Chanel company in any way, it is only a reference page for collectors and those who have enjoyed the Chanel fragrances. The goal of this website is to show the present owners of the Chanel company how much we miss the discontinued classics and hopefully, if they see that there is enough interest and demand, they will bring back the perfume! Please leave a comment below for example: Looking to Buy Vintage Fragrances?

How to Date Chanel Bottles.

Dating Vintage Chanel Perfumes

In this guide I will help you accurately date your Chanel bottle. Be sure to look over the entire page for the most information. All Chanel perfumes appear in the signature Chanel bottle based on the original Sem design. From the s until , the small "o" used in any perfume beginning with No. From , all Chanel's pure parfums will be marked with the word Perfume underneath the fragrance name.

Starting in , we see the word Parfum used instead. Black striped boxes used up until The familiar black and gold cologne sprays were introduced in , they were metered to expel sprays in each bottle. Light and sturdy, designed by Chanel for the age of air travel. Cologne and talc was used from - onwards If there is a barcode on the box, this perfume dates to after Starting in , the Green Dot recycling symbol will appear on the box. From , a short list of ingredients are listed on the box.

By , there will be a long list of ingredients listed on the box.

Unboxing New Limited Edition -Chanel No5 Perfume 2018

Decipher the letters found on the extrait boxes to determine the size of your bottle: Other catalog numbers found on boxes: Women are not flowers. Why should they want to smell like flowers? Chanel's exquisite fragrances in the form of colognes is the thing to wear. And it's a mere suggestion of perfume, cologne's the thing to wear. And it's much more reasonable than perfume. Chanel also introduced various gift sets in either perfumes or perfumes with ancillaries.

Chanel and Dior forced to reformulate perfumes under new EU laws - Telegraph

A newspaper article in the Berkeley Daily Gazette reads: Anonymous March 19, at 4: Grace Hummel March 19, at 5: Anonymous October 9, at 8: Max Duncan March 29, at 8: Grace Hummel March 30, at 3: Anonymous October 19, at 4: TIM October 25, at 3: Grace Hummel October 25, at 3: Leanne Dailey November 9, at 5: Inna Pauce December 10, at 7: Lynda Tate March 13, at AJ Hetzel June 5, at 9: Grace Hummel June 5, at 9: Marjorie June 28, at 2: Anonymous July 5, at 5: Jillian Phillips July 11, at 2: Ruby September 3, at 3: I'll try and take some photos of the two types I have.

What you have is definitely not the latest edition of No. Help with Dating a Chanel no 19 And here are the photos. The older bottle is on the left. The case is clad in a thin, brushed metal stainless steel? The inner material is plastic. This type of metal-skinned case was used for a few years before Chanel switched to the cases with all-plastic walls, like that on the right.

I don't know exactly when this switch occurred, but am fairly certain that Chanel had stopped using the metal-skinned cases by I have tried, but can't get the bottle out of the metal-skinned case. The best way to check the remaining volume is to turn it upside down. This particular bottle is completely full; when inverted, it has about 1 cm of headspace showing.

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The bottles themselves are slightly different. The older bottles have straight sides, whereas the newer still "vintage" ones taper slightly at the bottom. Here are a few more pics of the metal or more accurately, metal-skinned case edition. The quality of the manufacturing is quite impressive. And finally, a pic of the plastic case edition, fully disassembled. Based on the 4-digit production code and other packaging details, I think this one was made in I realize this information may be of little help to you specifically.

I just thought it might be useful for others who are thinking of buying a vintage 50 ml spray, especially one that no longer has a box. And if anyone can clear this up, I would like to know: Were the metal-skinned cases available in a ml size as well? Last edited by RoRo; 1st April at I am in the market for some vintage No. Outrecuidant by Histoires de Parfums. Help with Dating a Chanel no 19 Glad to contribute to "the cause" One thing I will say about the metal-skinned cases is that, while they look great and you can feel the quality, they tend to share a certain flaw.

Namely, the bottom half can become slightly loose over time, so that when you go to pull the cap off you end up pulling off the bottom instead. It's no more than a minor annoyance, and not a reason to avoid these older sprays. I'll try to take a few photos of the boxes. For now, I'll post these few. Below is the ingredients list I described earlier.