City paper dating

City paper dating

Or did the specials menu include the location of the producer who grew the fresh beets? Or did you enjoy a locally crafted beer? Farm-to-table dining is more than a fad. As more and more Pittsburgh area restaurants begin sourcing locally, the ripple effect is impacting everyone in the region. For example, black men and women are 10 times more likely to message white users than the reverse.

Some apps themselves may create biases, according to research and reporting. In a BuzzFeed reporter found that the dating app CoffeeMeetsBagel suggested only partners of the same race, even when users said they had no preference. The app is considering the removal of options to filter potential dates by race. Heather Nelson, of the charity BME Cancer Voice, said women of colour were less likely to go to screenings because the services were perceived to be targeted at white people.

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Unconscious or implicit bias is one part of the explanation for why, despite equalities being enshrined in law, minority groups are still at a disadvantage in many parts of life. The term was popularised after US social psychologists devised a way of measuring the prejudices that we are not necessarily aware of — the Implicit Association Test. While the reliability of that test is now contested, there is overwhelming wider evidence that unconscious bias seeps into decisions that affect recruitment, access to healthcare and outcomes in criminal justice in ways that can disadvantage black and minority ethnic people.

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One study found that university professors were far more likely to respond to emails from students with white-sounding names. Another showed that white people perceived black faces as more threatening than white faces with the same expression.

In this series, Bias in Britain, we're exploring some of the ways unconscious bias plays out in the real world. For example, we conducted a poll which found that ethnic minorities are much more likely to report being suspected of shoplifting, refused entry to bars and clubs or being unfairly overlooked for promotion at work.

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While some of our biases may begin on an unconscious level, experts caution that the concept of unconscious bias should not absolve people of discriminatory behaviour. And some were clearly up for more activism, including the man who mentioned needing to change Title 21 , which still classifies marijuana as a schedule 1 drug at the federal level.

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