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It's as if one person in the "mesh" does not exist - and it's you.

Are You Dating a Narcissist? 5 Warning Signs You Can't Afford To Miss!

A healthy relationship involves two separate individuals who merge and connect. There is joy and relief in both separating and connecting. In a relationship with a narcissist, the fact of enmeshment means you are not separate so you can't connect. It's as if you exist for the purpose of the narcissist.

It's commonly described as if you are an "extension" of the narcissist. A narcissist acknowledges your existence when you serve a purpose. A person who is not separate from you can not love you because they can not see and know you. It's as if you are one being -- the narcissist. You, as a separate, distinct individual can not be appreciated. In fact, evidence of your distinctness and individuality is confrontational to the assumptions and unconscious world view of a narcissist, and is often met with attempts to maneuver you back into accommodation. Disagreements can feel life threatening to the non-conscious mind of the narcissist because they contradict the invisible mental map of how relationships work.

Are You Dating a Narcissist?

Can you relax in love with someone who thinks there is something essentially wrong with you just for being you, not him or her? It is important to remember that all of you have been part of a warped system orchestrated by the dominant narcissist in the family singularly to serve his needs at the expense of others.

On some level you have all been fighting to survive with the roles you have been cast in. The most powerful defense against the narcissist is a unified front against her. However, if your other parent or siblings are not trustworthy or open to talking about the narcissism in your family, you need above all to protect yourself and limit contact with them. Narcissists constantly violate boundaries.

1. They’re charming — at first

They see others, particularly their children, as extensions of themselves to control and manipulate. As the golden child your job is to reflect what the narcissist wishes to see in himself and wishes to project to the world.

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One of the most difficult and important things you must do for yourself as a survivor is to establish healthy boundaries. Understanding what that means and getting comfortable doing it can take considerable time and practice for the child of a narcissist. The first place to start is with the narcissist parent and possibly other family members. As the child of a narcissist parent, you have been systematically trained to ignore your feelings, even to fear and hate them.

Your feelings are a direct threat to the narcissist parent because they are likely to conflict with what she needs, believes, and demands. Perhaps the most important thing to do for yourself toward healing is to reconnect with your feelings. They are there, and they always have been. Let them in, listen to them, carry them with respect. Since you have been violated in innumerable ways by your parent s , you will have to navigate through intense hurt and anger.

Most narcissists constantly project their own bankrupt motives and emotions onto others and blame others for or even accuse them of their own abusive behavior, so at first you may not know what you really feel versus what you have been brainwashed to believe. As you learn to attune to your feelings, be patient. Try not to judge yourself.

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Feelings are feelings are feelings. They deserve, and in the scheme of things insist upon, recognition and respect.

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  6. Narcissists are experts at deflecting and projecting blame onto others. If they punched you, you drove them to it. One of the best ways to break your unhealthy family dynamics is to stop blaming yourself for what was never your responsibility or fault to begin with.

    7 Signs You're Dating A Narcissist | HuffPost

    Along with not blaming yourself, chances are you need to stop patterns of self-abuse. As someone raised in a narcissistic family, you are prone to risky, self-punishing, and self-soothing but destructive behaviors, such as substance abuse and addictions, self-harm, and thrill-seeking. But figuring out the difference is huge. He Loves to Talk About Himself.

    2. The spotlight shifts from you to your partner

    He only cares about you caring about his feelings. Did you just get a promotion at work? Have you ever dated a narcissist? Leave your story in the comments below. This post was published on the now-closed HuffPost Contributor platform.