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Heinrich Heine in his 'The Baths of Lucca' creates a satiric portrait of the Jewish upstart figure Gumpel trying, under false aristocratic pretenses, to ingratiate his way into high society, while waiting for God to restore the Jews to their ancestral homeland. God must eventually make good on his promise of a return to Israel, the narrator reflects: Is this being led by the nose the reason, perhaps, why their noses have grown so long? Or are these long noses a kind of uniform, by which the divine old king Jehovah recognizes his palace guards even when they have deserted?

In American Jewish literature and cinema, the Jewish nose has been a defining characteristic — for better or for worse — of the American Jewish identity. Goldblatt cites numerous examples of Jewish writers discussing the Jewish nose. Not his flat black one or my long bumpy one, but those tiny bridgeless wonders whose nostrils point northward automatically at birth. In another scene, Allen assassinates the dictator in the movie by throwing the tyrant's distinctly non-Jewish-looking nose under a steamroller.

While large noses are a sign of Jewishness, Jewish authors take small noses as a sign of the Gentile. Suddenly they remembered she didn't look Jewish, that she had a snub nose, high cheekbones, teeth that were strangely white […] unlike those found among the Jews," writes Isaac Bashevis Singer in his novel The Slave. Just look at that nose. With a slightly different genetic break in our wanderings and couplings, we might all be as blond and gorgeous today as Danish Schoolchildren," writes Joseph Heller in God Knows.

Bernice Schrank notes that Jewish attitudes toward the Jewish nose has changed from negative in the s to positive today. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Part of Jewish history. History of antisemitism Timeline Reference. Hunter William Luther Pierce. Antisemitism on the Web. Boycotts General Order No.

An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies , 25 4: It has been found that this nose is far less prevalent among Jews than popularly supposed. Furthermore, it is most prevalent among Jews when it is also prevalent among the general population, as among Mediterranean or Bavarian people.

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Physiognomy in Nineteenth-Century Britain , p. The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century.

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The Jew in American Cinema. German Literature and Film, Rodopi, pp. The Nose as the Organ of Othering". Farrar, Straus and Giroux. As someone who matured at a slower pace than most of my fellow campers, my name never made it on the hookup list, but I constantly felt like I should just hook up with a guy so that I could fit in with my bunkmates.

I was a unique exception because as my college friends have told me, many people at their camps would succumb to the pressure without understanding their own limits because no one had talked to them about consent, establishing boundaries and expressing their feelings to a partner.

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As I have learned more about these topics in college, I have realized that the pressure to be on the list could lead to sexual assault as it could cause someone to take advantage of another person if popularity is given priority over concern for the other camper. While the perpetrator could publicize the hookup to gain popularity, the list could serve as a constant reminder of the incident to the victim. I am therefore embarrassed that I helped to normalize this nationwide camp tradition, rather than try to stop it. Additionally, one friend told me about how she felt the hookup culture further forces campers who are trying to understand their sexuality to conceal it out of fear of not fitting in.

Because sexuality and gender identity do not often fit into the Jewish learning agenda created by directors, many campers have little to no understanding of homosexuality and assume that everyone at camp is cisgender and heterosexual.

Hookup Games Turn Student Leaders Into Sexual Trophies – The Forward

As a counselor, my friend noticed her campers acting homophobic as they made comments, such as: The hookup culture has been allowed to persist because staff have turned a blind eye to its existence. These comments have negative consequences because counselors are no longer a confidant to campers if they experience sexual violence. Staff need to ensure that campers feel comfortable talking to them about any issue and not hide a sexual assault or harassment to avoid the consequences of having snuck out. While some camps have tried to address the hookup culture by telling campers to stop making things like the hookup list, the feeling of rebellion and attachment to these unofficial camp rituals has only encouraged campers to continue these traditions.

Rather than just tell campers to stop, staff instead should show campers the stress that the list causes many people; counselors can present potential scenarios created by the hookup list in skits and ask campers to come up with solutions to these problems. Seeing the implications of the list acted out may allow campers to realize its negative implications and encourage them to determine solutions themselves on how to create a healthy hookup culture. Parents also have a responsibility to talk to their children about these issues that may arise before camp begins.

These beliefs lead to the greater expectation that Jewish campers would never intentionally hurt fellow members of the community. Rather than assume that Jewish values alone teach campers right from wrong when it comes to sexual relationships, camps need to be honest about the existence of the hookup culture and address it in camp education programs. Camp directors can start by working with the parents - in the many permission slips and forms that parents sign, the directors can provide conversation openers on topics relating to sexuality and sexual violence so that kids can be aware of these issues before camp starts.

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  • Camp directors should then provide staff with education on sexual assault and violence to plan programming on these topics. Camp directors and counselors can also talk about sexual violence and consent by bringing The Talk Project to camps. Many of The Talk Project Peer Educators attend camp themselves and already understand the hookup culture.

    Staff members can thus create a more open and safe community where campers are willing to talk about any issues that arise, rather than stay quiet out of fear of getting in trouble. Despite the pressures of the hookup culture, sleepaway camp is still an amazing place to attend every summer and hookup culture should not deter a kid from going to camp. Working to solve these issues will only make camp an even more positive, memorable experience for future campers where they can truly thrive.

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