Dating in chicago vs nyc

I became a skilled third wheel with my Philly-based couple friends, allowing them to revel in their own domestic bliss over wine and gourmet burgers at least once a week. I did go on dates with a good helping of men. Another was married with a wife in the suburbs that I discovered thanks to my friend Google. Women say men in New York are arrogant and full of themselves. When I asked this political consultant why he liked me, he said I fit two requirements: I was brunette and had a vagina. Women in New York also say every man wants someone younger and hotter than they are.

When I stopped seeing this political consultant he told me I should realize men just want to date young hot blondes.

Not even close: NYC is the #1 city for single men

Indeed, his next girlfriend was six years my junior. There are simply more men in New York City — so although there may be more jerks, there are also more diamonds in the rough. I gave up on Philly last July. When I returned, I was determined to treat New York like a new city, not my decade-old stomping ground. I tried places I had never been and I hung out with new groups of people.

But I do think Seattle and SF people are obnoxiously liberal and sanctimonious; they are ugly on the inside and out. It's painfully obvious that it's Seattle from the threads I think NYC has this sort of unique culture that makes it possible to have the social life of a college kid because it is full of people in their 20s and 30s that don't settle down and start families.

It almost feels like someone created the city to dump everyone who is experiencing FOMO into, quite a beautiful thing to see. Is this a joke? Look in the mirror. In terms of dating, you really just need one good woman, which makes me wonder:. Why do you need different women to go on first dates with every week?

It just sounds like you're having zero repeat customers. Just because you want to settle down by 25 doesn't mean the next guy has to stop playing the field, let the man live, you're not his pastor! You've missed my point entirely. Actually visualize what the OP is saying. Between a full time job with long hours finance , the OP has how many days per week to realistically go on a date?

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There's no room for repeat customers, or very few if any and on a limited basis. Meaning, something is driving these women away He's probably driving them away in droves. No no, this is just another in a long string of pathetic posts seeking affirmation. Brady has never and will never be satisfied with a major life decision. The only truth to this post is that he's driving women away in droves and keeps hopping between jobs and cities but none live up to his imagination.

You asked in one of your posts how to enjoy the good years. Build the life you want, ask yourself what you want to look back on as accomplished three months from now and make it happen, invest in meaningful relationships. When you learn to love what you have it makes swinging for the fences easy. Talk about a life wasted, and you're going to what, say it's about getting laid by a different stranger every few weeks? Moving to the right city where your spreadsheet says it maximizes your purchasing power between salary, taxes and COL? While I do not want to job hop, I do think that experiencing life in different cities is a hell of an experience to have and as for "driving women away in droves", I am in no rush to get into a long term relationship or settle down myself!

TBH, I don't see why you're so angry at the guy or say his path is poorly traveled. The life of living in different cities and getting with a lot of different women is nothing to be embarrassed about. I've pulled everywhere from NY to Lubbock, I don't get the point of threads like this. Whenever friends from other cities visit, they marvel at how much more activity they get on their dating apps. So I guess this makes sense. Follow the shit your fellow monkeys say shitWSOsays. While I generally agree with the OP credit to the numerous fashion students here , a few other cities are equal in terms of the quality of girls And then you spend some time living in Europe, which blows every US city out of the water.

The problem with a place like Phoenix and really the state of Arizona in general is that you have to be a certain kind of guy and have a certain kind of look in order to get hot girls there. If you aren't the All American jock white guy in general or a black guy, its slim pickings. One of my friends is Egyptian and he has done well with attractive women in NYC but when he went to school in Tempe, he struggled due to a lot of the social issues concerning race and immigration that plague Arizona, it makes a lot of the women and people there in general weary of anyone that looks "foreign".

Almost every Arizona girl I met was quite xenophobic and weary of men that looked foreign.

What's beautiful about NYC is that any guy who is decent looking, wealthy, and cool has some good options regardless of his ethnicity, not many places have that. Even though it's , race still matters when it comes to dating in the U. All the empirical data proves this. If you're an Asian-American man, and you want to date interracially, there are only a handful of cities in the U.

Of course, if you're a white male, you rarely have to worry about a large swath of women excluding you from their dating pool based purely on your race. Seattle is pretty good for Asian guys and San Fran is rough for men in general, there just aren't a sizable number of good looking women there.


That being said, Arizona in particular is just horrible and the one state where race matters a great deal. Unless you're an Asian guy who doesn't like Asian women San Francisco would seem to be a great spot, no? You are forgetting that the vast majority of Asian-American women, especially in the West Coast, prefer white men. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them. The women in Oslo and Stockholm are incredible. Totally my type of women.

But I have not lived in cities abroad so will refrain from commenting too much.

Yeah Stockholm is cool. But, this one chick saw I was confused and was thereafter approached by the nicest 9. Then we figured it out and she like locked eyes and held it for a second then giggled and walked away. Everything seems so clean there and everything.

Not even close: NYC is the #1 city for single men

I was like hell yeah, stepped into some marble room decked out with towels and all kind of stuff. It's refreshing how Scandinavian and Eastern Euro women are so much more fit and natural than Americans. Popular Content See all. OFF Resources See all. Upcoming Events See all. Recent Jobs See all. Dances With Newfoundland CD. Log in or register to post comments. Oct 11, - 8: Oct 11, - Investment Banking Interview Case Samples. Oct 12, - Oct 14, - 3: Oct 23, - 2: Dec 1, - Hedge Fund Pitch for Interviews. Private Equity Case Interview Samples. Hedge Fund Pitch Template. Oct 12, - 1: Oct 12, - 2: I prefer your MOM!

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Oct 12, - 4: In terms of dating, you really just need one good woman, which makes me wonder: Some guys like having options and don't want to settle down, why judge them so harshly? Oct 13, - 4: