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From my personal experience, when I was newly seeing my current boyfriend, one of my earlier clues about whether or not he was interested in me was how he held my hand when he was walking me home one night after a date. Not only was it a sweet gesture, it was also one that told me that was definitely interested.

1. Men and Body Language Cues

Body language doesn't just tell you all the ways he could be interested in you. There are also ways to tell if you should maybe keep your distance. If a man shows signs of "aggressive or invasive body language," Bennet said that this is a red flag that "you're probably dealing with a creep. If this continues throughout the night, you might want to take precautions and call a friend, or have the someone at the restaurant or bar call you a cab if you feel like slipping out inconspicuously is the safest way to go.

Whatever you do, if your gut is telling you that something about someone you're seeing doesn't feel quite right, trust your instinct. If you're playing the field and dating right now, try not to focus too much on whether or not someone's into you or not. While that matters to some degree, you should also keep in mind that dating and getting to know new people should be fun, too!

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Even if a date doesn't turn into a long-term relationship, that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy that person's company while you're going out with them. And who knows, they may not become your boyfriend, but they could become a friend — you never know! How to read male body language. The dating world can be a tricky one to navigate. How he sits next to you Shutterstock. On average women need to eye-gaze three times before a man takes notice.

4 Body Language Signs of Attraction Backed By Science | Science of People

When in an MRI women have 14 to 16 active brain areas while evaluating others, whereas men only have 4 to 6 active. Men, Women and Lying Men and women lie differently.

A Guy Likes You: Decoding His Body Language

Their motivations for deception are different: Men lie to appear more powerful, interesting, and successful. They lie about themselves eight times more than they lie about others.

2. Men, Women and Lying

Women lie less about themselves and more to protect others feelings or to make others feel better about themselves. Smiling Having an expressive face Minimal arm crossing Keeping hands outside of pockets Intimate eye gazing from the eyes to the mouth to the body Leaning towards the other person 4. Touch, smell and other senses really can create chemistry and stimulate attraction when you are close to them. Put intention behind planning your date attire so you look and, more importantly, feel sexy, confident and attractive. Use your eyes and smile.

Get out of your own head and really pay attention to how your date communicates with their body. Most people are more concerned about how they come across rather than who they are with, in which case you lose the opportunity to cultivate that attraction. Make eye contact with your date.

How to read male body language

Really look at them and connect with your eyes to see if they are giving you signals or if their pupils are dilated! Sometimes the silent messages are the loudest. The answer will be there. Using insight into body language, attraction and the behavioral patterns of communication you can facilitate open and honest dialogue without saying a word, empower yourself to express your feelings and identify, without waiting or wondering, the real state of affairs with his and her attraction.

Male Body Language

She utilizes the unique combined approach of therapy, in-field date coaching , and styling to help people with their confidence and dating life. What is Body Language?

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  • For press or queries about EliteSingles relationship research, please email press elitesingles. Follow her on Twitter for more. See more articles written by Zoe Coetzee. Body language is a fundamental communication tool in dating and attraction. It is an elaborate subconscious signal system that has the power to give unique insight into how your dating is actually unfolding and the significant but silent messages being sent back and forth.

    In order to take a look under the covers of communication, EliteSingles spoke to dating and image therapist Kimberly Seltzer. A well-known expert and coach in body image, styling, and dating in Los Angeles, Seltzer shares her body language know-how with us in our exclusive article. How to read body language: How to read female body language: How to read male body language: Battle of the sexes: