Job hunting vs dating

How is job search like dating?

What should you do? Suddenly an idea strikes you: I know what you're thinking: But many people find that too hard, either because they are busy, or because they are shy, or because they simply don't know how to find interesting people outside of their workplace. The same challenges, and choices, exist for people who are trying to find a new job. In fact, job hunting is more like dating than it is like, say, applying to grad school. And, just like dating, finding a great job is mostly about getting out there and meeting people.

Job Hunting Is Like Dating (It’s EXHAUSTING)

Scientists, as we know all too well, tend to have difficulties with both dating and job hunting! With respect to job hunting, I think the reasons are obvious. First, we are trained in highly technical, narrow fields. It is hard to match those skills with jobs in other areas. Second, we have been trained in an environment in which most selection processes are highly organized and regulated.

Consider your application to grad school. Your information was tabulated and compared to a host of other applicants.

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The department ranked the results. In a very orderly and analytical way, the selection process was made. We have come to expect that all selection processes will be run in a similar, meritocratic manner. Finally, many of us are Science might suit us well because it is a career in which accomplishments, and not personality, are of highest importance.

Dating vs Looking For a Job: 6 Creepy Similarities

Many careers in the outside world require strong social skills, and we can feel uncomfortable in unfamiliar terrain. Like the world of dating, the world of job hunting is populated by a number of people who make a business out of helping others. However, before you go off and sign up with them, you should think about the analogy to dating. As most of you have learned from Dave Jensen's columns, a headhunter is a person who is hired by companies to find good people. Most headhunters are employed not by the job seeker but by the company, and many specialize in finding senior managers and leaders.

Many young scientists ask me if using a headhunter would be a good strategy. I find that it depends greatly on one's background and the position being sought.


If you are in a hot field with great potential for work in industry, a headhunter may end up finding you! But if you are looking to make a major career move or are in a field where the job market is not so hot, it may be hard to find a headhunter who is interested. Employment services are firms that help job seekers find placements.

Their services are usually paid for by the job seeker or, in some cases, by a company that is downsizing and wants to help its outcasts find employment elsewhere. Like dating services, employment agencies help clients determine what sort of job they might be attracted to.

How to Date in the Workplace - Job Hunting

There is a range of employment services that are available to young scientists. We bantered back and forth for a while, as I finished my popsicle and, under stress, consumed another.

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I need that more than I need a partner. I am an inveterate comparison shopper; the grass is always greener, with better benefits and happier employees on the other side of the fence. My grass is yellow, scorched from the sun, boring and insipid and uninspired.

Both tasks require a preternatural amount of tenacity and both are inextricably tied to your self-worth in a way that feels dangerous and potentially damaging.

7 steps of dating you'll find in job hunting

Like on a date, a job interview is your one shot to convince a person across the table that you are more than the words on your resume and the blandishments in your cover letter. You are sparkling and witty and extremely confident.

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  • You swear only if they do first but it is sparing and measured. Common knowledge and general experience tells me that dating is a numbers game. Despite how hollow a sentiment it may be, it really does work. Throw yourself into the churning water and see what comes out of it. The same can be said of looking for work. Every time I find myself out of work, I attack the job boards with the same kind of blind determination seen most commonly in the eyes of people waiting outside a Best Buy on Black Friday.

    Cast the net wide, they say, and drag in everything the vast ocean has to offer. Apply for everything and hope something sticks. Waiting to hear back about a job that you really want is often times more stressful than waiting to see if that person you met on Hinge will respond to your pithy quip about television shows and beers in the future.

    The mind is conditioned to cycle endlessly through the same patterns: