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They where there in her mandate. Yeah, I think they're absurd exaggerations of her policy stances. Net neutrality is not censorship, admitting refugees is not mass importation, and if you think HRC or Vladimir Putin are crazy enough to go to war over Syria, I've got a bridge to sell to you. She wanted to ban "fake news", as vague as the term is you mgiht want to know that pretty much all conservative media that isn't mainstream falls under that category, whilst CNN, Huffpo and buzzfeed strangely did not.

Hillary not only used Russia as a scapegoat but firmly warned him over and over and threatened to take military action and shoot down Russian aircrafts, that's something that would provoca war, not to forget Putin stating that a war might happen. As for the refugees, tell me how many does America take right now and did you see the actuall numbers she wanted to import? Look at Europe, Refugees are used as political fodder and just mass imported.


Hillary actually said she admires Merkel I'm going to wish you a sincerely happy day and step away. Because being gay is trendy nowadays and Buzzfeed has to prove to the populace how tolerant and accepting they are of what deviates from the social norm. Unfortunately, they seem to refuse to bend those rules enough when it comes to short, straight men. Buzzfeed is dumpster juice OP don't even waste your time letting their "content" bother you. I'm very aware that the sidebar says that.

Doesn't change the fact that some individuals here do consider 5'8'' to be short. One dude here considers 5'11 short, but anyone who gets colloquially considered short is in effect short regardless of their actual height. Isn't that a little odd?

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I get what you're saying, but I think it makes sense for the standard for women to be lower relative to their gender because roughly half of all people are men, so an average height woman is still going to be shorter than half of all women and the vast majority of all men. Gotcha, and yeah, that makes sense. I'm not trying to start any shit, by the way. I know this sub isn't really for me, so I don't want to intrude. I didn't take what you said as aggressive or shit-stirring at all, and I think it's good for tall people to read and contribute to the sub, so it's all good dude.

I think it's what BeachHouse4lyf said. Plus, I think the bell curve is narrower for women than for men. There is a much wider array of different heights in terms of frequency among males than among females.

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The shortest straight man they featured was 5'8" and he complained about "gender norms" in dating. TBH I don't see short men asking and promoting their presence. It just seems like a lot of bitching online but not doing anything about it. Do you lack the capacity to understand that short men complaining reinforces rather than alleviates the discrimination they face?

What a shocking article. Short men should be laughed at or mocked unless they are trans then be nice to them.

12 Real Challenges of Dating a Tall Guy

It's possible that they just didn't want to interview anyone that would expose some sort of a wider social problem. It's an article on a click-bait website. The models got a few bucks for the pictures and the writer wrote the entire thing. Now THIS is interesting It's also interesting that the author couldn't even imagine what dating would be like as a straight short man, if this really is all just imagined.

Welcome to Reddit,

Either someone said "I need words about height and dating," or some writer pitched "I have words about height and dating" to the website. A deal was struck and the words were written. The people pictured in this "article" were all hired after the fact to fit the Story. It's called a "Story" for a reason, after all. There is a good chance more than one of the people pictured actually work at Buzzfeed and just got a bonus for using their picture for this article. You sound like the typical triggered short straight male Why would you even want to be apart of anything buzzfeed does???

Basically, they're either an idiot that can't see the "point" and is just focused on bitching about people bitching, or they're a troll. Buzzfeed is hypocritical in every way possible, they claim to be against body shaming then go on to poke fun at short men. I see people bashing these bigoted identity politics sites like Buzzfeed, huffpo and CNN all the time online but at the same time they have such a huge viewer-base. I'm not sure whether they don't have any straight short men working for them or if they simply didn't ask them because they wanted to article to be upbeat.

And I'm not sure which one is worse. Buzzfeed doesn't care about men's issues because short guys are ugly bitter manlets and curvy bbw's deserve all the sympathy in the world! And a lot of the girls say they dont mind short men. Why are you angry at this? There is no straight short man in the 11 people interviewed. There is one 5'8" straight guy, and that's it. How does one 5'8" guy speak for straight short men when you have seven different trans people of both genders talking about their experiences being both tall and short?

You seriously don't see how this article is beyond ridiculous and silences the short male voice? I don't remember that time Buzzfeed wrote about that topic because Buzzfeed writes about all kinds of topics and they're all trash articles. They try to push a very PC agenda that just isn't realistic. Well yes they're trash but just because something isnt dominated white, straight, males doesn't mean that it's automatically politically correct.

So if you wanna see people like you go to Denmark. Only the guys there are taller than you on average It didn't silence anything. One of the blurbs is from a shortish straight guy regarding his height. I'm certainly not angry. But for those that are, I suspect the reason would be because of social bigotry which is celebrated in our culture instead of shunned. Because SJW like to push equality and body positivity but conveniently leave us out of the equation.

The only "short", straight guy profiled on there is average height at worst. Below average IS short and 5'8 guys definitely have issues online dating too, but it's still hardly representative especially when they managed to find two actually short gay guys. I find it kinda funny though how straight guys are complaining about something not pertaining to them. Im straight to but I don't get pissed when I'm not constantly represented. Now you see what it feels like when you can never relate to the majority What are you even talking about?

This was an article about height and dating with no short men represented.

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  4. It would be like doing an article about the racial minority experience in America, interviewing 12 people, but no black women. Talking about the issues of short straight men who probably have it the worst when it comes to height and dating would require Buzzfeed to have sympathy for them It's more about the article focusing on the different dating experiences base on height and not including any short straight guys.

    No one is upset that there are too many LGBT people represented. FagFeed is run by Jews, queers and submissive females. They lack testosterone and produce nothing of value.

    Stop being a pussy faggot, disregard their views and fight back against the Marxist plague. Damn, we need more tall guys like you to show that obnoxious personalities aren't a height thing.

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