Armenian dating outside race

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My sister dating outside race

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Its quite debatable too, from what I have read. But as I mentioned in a few other forums, my opinions are still grounded. Bottom line is this. I feel that a relationship with an armenian and an otar can work out. They can get married. Some choose to do so, others dont. I respect both, regardless of my situation. It all depends on the individual, weither or not they can be strong enough to accept and acknowledge the fact that there will be many complications in marrying someone who is "different.

But really it comes down to what thier specific belifes, values and what their hearts teach them, are. I see how in many ways, it would be easier on both individuals to marry someone of their own culture, because try as they may, know one can change who they are or where they come from. I support interracial marriages, I think they are just as beautiful, sacred and "normal" as an marriage between two people of the same race.


All I know is that there will be complications, but if two people love each other enough to accept and embrace the difficulties and do their best to learn with each other through good and bad then I believe that an interracial marriage can work. In my personal experiance,as far as marriage is concerned, we both wanted too, but in the end because I did not meet the "requirements" of a traditional armenian wife, it could not be.

The same thing had happened to me when I was Although it wasnt marriage it was that we wanted to be together. His name was Abbas and he was a muslim.

My most recent relationship is a swtich off. With Abbas, he wanted to be with me and marry me however I chose not too because of my parents wishes. They did not approve because he was muslim and not from our culture.

What do you guys think? Armenian w/ non-Armenian? - Armenian Forum

Now, with Levon, things have changed. His family wouldent approve because I am not armenian this didnt matter to him, but to his family, yes and because I am not a virgin. As I mentioned times, I love everything about him and his culture, but loveing and learning it in most cases will not be sufficiant. Heartbreak is a pain in the ass for lack of a better term and getting involved with someone who isnt of your race or culture is very very complicated.

Why don't armenian women date out of there race is it a religous thing?

It doesnt matter how much in love you may feel or be, the fact that you two are different will ALWAYS burden its way through and arouse problems. BUT, if two people are strong enough and love each other enough Love, real love, is a precious and sacred gift, if anyone is lucky to find it, and have it mutual, then I say go for it, but hold on, its going to be a bumpy ride. No Armenian who loves our culture would have a mixed family and raise mixed children. Yes, sometimes the half Armenians turn out to be good Armenians, but that is only their own acheivement.

I wasnt raised to care about Armenia, I had to find it on my own and value it all the more for that. As part of my love for our nation I dream of having an Armenian family and raising my children to love being Armenian as I do. Any real Armenian would want the same in my eyes. I understand that real love can happen in any case, and its better to be happy with an Otar than to sacrifice that happiness for Nationalism.

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My sister dating outside race Started by Guest , Nov 28 City of Angels Interests: Look at it this way. Lets say your spouse is Chinese IF Armenians keep on marrying other races and thinking that what they're doing is OK and to add to that, thinking that they're preserving their Armenian heritage, let them think again. I was brought up with the armenian culture at home, and with the dutch culture in school, on sundays i would go to the armenian school. When i was a child hated this; I was brought up much more strict then my dutch friends, I never was free to do the things I wanted, like going out, travel, have boyfriends, etc.

I felt constrained by being Armenian, and i wanted to be Dutch. When I was 18 I graduated from school, and I went to an university in another city to escape from my parents. This is still one of the best decisions I ever made; I started to do everything I always wanted, and no one could stop me, even not my family. And guess what, I didn't end up pregnant, on drugs, as a prostitute, dead or anything else that horrifies parents When I was 21 I met this dutch guy in university; we fell in love and I introduced him to my parents.

At first they didn't take our relationship very seriously, I guess they were still with the hope that one day I would fall for an armenian guy.

Armenian. Part 1 (The Ethnic Origins of Beauty)

Now, four years later, I'm still with him, and we probably always wil stay together. In the last year i've been catching up with my armenian language again; i'm teaching my boyfriend the alphabet, my culture and the language. Because it's my time now to do this, and because I want to and no one else, not even my family. The funny thing is that being with my dutch boyfriend made me realise where my roots are and what my culture is.

Someday I hope to have children with him, and I am sure that the language will not end with me and neither will the stories of my family. I will try to give my children the freedom to decide for themselves who they want to be and who they want to be with. I will trust them as my parents decided to trust me. I know who I am, and no one can take that away from me.

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And that's what's being armenian about. Vagh qo tghan kam aghjik qez kta mi shat sovorakan harc. Yev inchu petq e Hay yerjanik lini, yerb nra hogum der antagh merelner kan? Thank you for sharing it with us. Only the best for you. I never had oppurtunity to learn Armenian or such as a child - though I wish that I had - but even with the oppurtunity as an adult I have not taken it.

I still see myself as Armenian very much and think I understand most all of the things that make one an Armenian - even if I do not participate in all of them. Certainly not knowing the language is a huge issue - and its great for you that you do. But you are another example of the fact that Armenians can be diverse and still Armenain - I think that this is a very good thing. Originally posted by hasmiek: And guess what, I didn't end up pregnant, on drugs, as a prostitute, dead or anything else that horrifies parents [QB].

Originally posted by Gr. No, you got it misunderstood. The guy said his sister is dating a Christian. He still believes in Jesus and God, just like we do. It's the color thing, man. We all know it. I know from personal experience how exclusive Armenian church and community is towards members marrying out, especially when it is an Armenian girl marrying a non-white person. They see this like an ultimate betrayal.