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Hello, I'm considering moving to BR for a job and would be relocating from a large city. I'm a single something female and was wondering how those who may have relocated to the area of a similar demographic found BR. What is the dating scene like? Just looking for some realistic opinions. I am in my 20s and live here. I hate it, but that doesn't mean you will. Yes, there are bowling lanes and two dog parks. There are tons of bars. I just dislike the atmosphere. Many of the bars are filthy and dingy. The people are very small minded, which works for some I suppose.

As for the dating scene, most people are married in their early to mid 20s.

Queer Girl City Guide: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

A lot of people my age already have kids and are divorced. Some even have 2 or 3 kids from different men or have that many kids with different women and are considered middle class. The infrastructure here is also terrible. The roads are pretty beat, there are few turn lanes, and no sidewalks in a lot of places.

You are walking into the late s in terms of thinking, but the s in terms of infrastructure. Many companies have difficulty finding skilled labor to relocate here. The schools are terrible, its hard to get anywhere, and the quality of life is far less than most other places unless you like poorly maintained neighborhoods, hunting, fishing, and college not pro sports. Originally Posted by nevdowell. Reading back a little bit on these threads.


Obviously the person who posted hasn't come back, but maybe if someone else reads the thread they will find the information useful. I am a young professional and have found some difficulty in meeting new people.

Photo by Baylea Jones. The dating scene for lesbians and queer girls in Baton Rouge is small and inextricably linked to the New Orleans dating scene. In its corridors, infamous Governor Huey P. Long was shot and killed. Conservative elective officials elected by a conservative majority dominate the state and local government in Louisiana, and it can be difficult to see any legislative progress for LGBT people despite the best efforts of some amazing advocacy groups working hard to make changes.

Because of the discrimination and lack of legal protections for LGBT people in Baton Rouge, the local queer community is hella strong. Anecdotally, a lesbian couple I know who recently moved to the Northeast said they were considering moving back to Louisiana because they miss how strong the community is here. Photo from Equality Louisiana. Student activism groups feed into adult activism groups, and all activists come together in support of one another.

Clover Dating App Ranks Louisiana In Top Three Of ‘States With The Least Attractive Women’

Probably the trendiest spot in Baton Rouge, Radio Bar neighborhood bar exists in what used to be an auto shop, with huge garage doors that open up to an outside patio with ping pong tables and a second bar. Pet and queer friendly, Radio Bar allows bar-goers to select bar tunes through an iPhone app, a modern alternative to putting coins in a juke box.

Why do all gay nightclubs look so depressing in the daylight? Splash Highland Rd Thur-Sat: Splash is one of only three gay bars to survive in Baton Rouge. The shirtless and buff bartenders serve up sugary, weak mixed drinks to the tune of electronic Adele remixes.

Fredo Bang: Only Reason Da Real Gee Money In Baton Rouge At Time Of Death Was For My Jail Release

Louisiana has yet to adopt no smoking policies for bars. If smoking bothers you, skip out on Splash. With one of the best bar programs in town, Olive or Twist continually whips up creative drinks for the craft cocktail aficionados of Baton Rouge. The cozy, comfy cocktail bar offers a decent selection of small plates perfect for sharing.

The University is the lifeblood of the city, attracting students from across the Southeast region who often wind up settling in Baton Rouge after graduation. The food culture in Baton Rouge, and in Louisiana, cannot be overstated. Gastro-tourism is alive and well here, with tourists flocking in from all over to stuff their bellies full of homestyle Southern fixins and Cajun delicacies.

As someone who works as a food and beverage blogger, I feel pretty qualified to recommend places to eat and drink. This new restaurant concept smokes meat, bacon and sausage in house and serves them on delicious sandwiches or packaged behind the counter. Each month, they cook a whole pig called a cochon de lait , break it down and serve it buffet style with sides like creamy macaroni and cheese and spicy smothered greens.

All three are worth checking out.

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Within this building lies crispy, golden fried chicken and soulful sides that speak to the soul. You better believe the South knows how to fry some chicken, and no one fries chicken in Baton Rouge like Chicken Shack.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The small restaurant serves up heaping mountains of deep fried, spicy chicken and soulful sides all day, every day. Baton Rouge, and the South in general, does not have a reputation for being particularly accommodating to those with dietary restrictions. I am a cool chick to hang out with. I am happily married to lj guilbeaux he is the best husband and father ever.. I have a wonderful stepdaughter name Sabrina i love her as if she were my own.

I'm a single mother, looking for a friend If your looking for a booty call, don't even bother messaging me. I'm not kind of women. I am a good women at heart, great sense of humor. I love to be out doors. Really never did much out door stuff, but maybe that would be something you teach me.. I'm on here to look for my soul mate. I completely forgot I signed up and feel like an at the moment. I'm not here for money I can make my own.

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Family is first and I prefer to get to know someone before I make a decision. I just want a strong minded,educated,supportive,motivated Gentleman.. If you can give me Ill give you a kingdom fit for a worthy King.. And you won't regret it.. Here is a little about myself I have two sons they are my pride and joy. I could not live without them. I am a mother of 3, I'm a hard working, hard loving woman who knows that God is the only reason I am here today and blessed with a great heart.

I'm a good friend to positive people and don't want anyone who is negative or in a negative state around me.