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Matchmaking for Co-op? : dyinglight

By kresa , February 12, in General Discussions. I dont need that bloody filter NO WAY in the world that no one is playing public now out of 18k players If i want to join someone from the other side of the world let me LET ME, if i want to join someone on different story part I dont get this restriction I want to play with others and it pisses me off like hell seeing players online yet having 0 matches found on server browser!!! What is the point of all the "endgame"? If its so hard to team up with others? The game will die out very fast once everyone finish the story You need to keep digging the forum and adding players and then trying to make sure that all online and up for playing nightmare I just cant understand this This game has a very good co-op system and then you mess up the matchmaking so badly?


Well sorry if i were a little harsh, but this is a serious matter for someone like me who wanna keep on playing the game for a while, "Playing the Endgame". And while not seeing many who talk about it from what i seen people who might have stayed to play with others if it was easier after finishing the game will just move on.

Wasn't this the reason why you added legendary levels, nightmare mode.. It would encourage people to require more skill and timing to dodge a tackle, rather then spamming back and spacebar in hopes to dodge every tackle thrown at them. Another thing i really hope techlands will fix really soon, is the night hunter clipping and trying to climb up a hill when trying to jump on slanted ground like hills.

I'm sure anyone that has played as the night hunter has experienced this issue. And maybe a better anti cheat system. Even with VAC on i still seem to encounter hackers when playing as the hunter. I honestly think this is where your problem is. I don't even remember finding more than 2 servers on VAC-secure, so I've kept it off for all my playtime. I suggest you do the same, hackers: As for barred games being either Preys or someone with 2k hours, that's a lie.

It can only be one of the two, that's how the game is designed, and Apex Predators can't even get Preys as anything more than a 3-barred orange game. I know, because I've tested it with an Apex with only losses. Anyway, get a feel for your matchmaking menu and start picking from there.

The game definitely has a number of faults, but I can say I've always used matchmaking accurately. About the dodge spam: No, it will never get addressed.

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That's how Digital Scapes feels it's fair. Though a cooldown isn't the right solution, it would be piss easy to casually sprint up to the Survivor, him guessing when you're gonna Tackle wrong, and you just Tackling him when you know he's on a cooldown. Completely agree on the Hunter climbing up hills, however. This is why I avoid Slums for the life of me, that map is so bad for PvP.

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Idk i feel there should be some sort of counter to dodge spammers. I remember seeing some sort of a spike mutation that would do damage to the player for dodging a tackle on the forums, and the devs didnt think it was a bad idea, but i think that would be too much. Consistently tackling would be an easy kill if that were to exist.

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You need to learn how to move around the survivors to take advantage of their blind spots on where they can't dodge the tackle. Since you should've noticed by now that if you just run straight up to the survivor and attempt to tackle it's not gonna work unless the survivor is mentally disabled. Yeah i know several tactics to get behind and tackle easily, but they somehow still manage to dodge it. However, it's always a good idea to create topic about looking for players.

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