How to get the ball back in your court dating

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The ball can be in your court, always. You just need to be that independant hot little mama that you are deep down and not put yourself in situations where you have no control.

If you can take care of yourself financially, you need not others to take care of you in that way. If you always bring your car or cab moeny with you, you can make a clean, swift exit without depending on another.

need help getting ball back in my court. (yes mind games)

When people do things for us, we often are made to feel like we owe them in some way. If you are one who is nodding in agreement while reading this, then you are my target market, my demographic if you will, for this blog post. The thing is, when we are placed in a situation where others have the upper hand, it is typically our own wrong doing. It is likely, that we let them.

The Ladies Guide To Dating And Male Interaction: 10 Rules

Realize how you can take control on your surroundings and then follow that through. When you stop casting yourself in the role of the victim, you can stop playing it. Male here and I agree with this.

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As a guy, we want to know if you want something serious. There have been plenty of times where I end up hooking up with a girl and later down the road she believes I have been using her for sex.

The Ladies Guide To Dating And Male Interaction: 10 Rules – Bliss Returned

Originally Posted by unclejeff. It'd help a lot if you spend time with other female friends or potential lovers; it would not only divert your attention so you don't appear too clingy, but also send her a message that ur a top find and she better start putting in some effort.

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Originally Posted by timhsvwalkinsha. How about Option C - Don't overthink it and just go with the flow. Don't call her any more than you should and don't avoid calling her.

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I think Option A is ok but could be bad if she is doing the same thing to you or is just busy. Option B doesn't seem like a good idea because she might take it negatively. Originally Posted by Lughd. It's like growing marijuana. First you gotta plant the seed, then the seed grows into a plant, than you fukc the plant.

How to keep the ball in your court

Originally Posted by SCDiesel Originally Posted by Below So 1 girl is going to hold up your life in this way? You really can't just look outside and get another girl? It's alot harder to build up your body, than it is to leave one girl and get another That is your job as a man. If you invite her out and take the initiative then she'll respect you more. If she is so busy that she can't ever set time aside to be with you then find someone who will.