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She is also pure hearted, kind and caring. You can also see how the other 8 members care about her as well and that just tugs at the heart strings. But she has that innocent look in her eyes and when she laughs or smiles, it just becomes even more charming. Hence the name Deer eyed YoonA. She also has a sense of humour. She is able to shape her mouth like a fishes mouth and she actually demonstrated that on a variety show appearance. When she laughs she opens her mouth kind of wide and we call her the alligator mouth. She also cares for children.

【TVPP】Yoona(SNSD) - Couple with Lee Seung Gi, 윤아 & 이승기 커플, 데뷔 이래 첫 공식 연애! @ Section TV

The girl is extremely talented. She is similar to Seung Gi as she does so many things, a jack of all trades. I will be the first one to admit she is not the strongest singer in the group Taeyeon or the best dancer Hyoyeon, Yuri. But she does so many things it is hard to fault her. It shows how hard-working she is trying juggle all of those things, not to mention the burden it creates on her other activities namely acting.

Fan forums react to Yoona and Lee Seunggi's relationship

I will also be the first one to admit her acting is not the strongest. But she has definitely improved with each project and you can definitely see that in her latest drama the Prime Minister and I. She has a long running adoration for Seung Gi. Sure she has other ideal types like Yun Hung hoon and Kimura Takuya, but those are very safe picks as they are both married. OK, we get it, you like his music, jeez. This ended up being a love letter of why I love YoonA, but I imagine as a fellow dude, Seung Gi would have similar reasons if not more.

And I hope you do too. Hmm…I heard she also suggested a particular song to her fans…do you by chance know which one it was?

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Speaking of Yoona always admiring Seung Gi, did you ever see the clip of Yoona pretty much pouting because Sooyoung called his name first as a guy they'd like to be set up with? I think it was on the show "Happy Together"…but not sure at all…I just remember they were preparing food outside or about to eat the Shikshin, Sooyoung, was shoveling food into her mouth the whole time lol…where does it all go!? It was hello baby, the second last episode where they were outside doing the BBQ. I also found some information about the song, but I had the wrong album.

Reading this and i laugh so much. But i admit its hard to act noble everytime though. Since most of my friends dislike her, i always hearing negative remarks. Being a fan of Leeseunggi,wahh i urge him to get a girlfriend and indeed he dating someone.

Lol sad for some reason. I know that feeling. Here I was telling Airens to be happy for him and support him…only to find out that my second bias, Sooyoung, was also dating… T-T lol. Hahaha yes i was shocked after hearing that! We have how many more. Its not because of i hate yoona. Maybe because as a fan who support him until all the way to korea, its hard to let go the feeling of knowing he is single but now half-taken.

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By a very famous girl! Hehe will support him all the way though.. Wish them a happy ending..

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I dunno, wouldnt you posibly feel MORE jealous if it was a normal person? My YoonGi mind is working overboard probably… lol. No mention of asking anyone to come along with him. I like this song too. My friend who usually likes rock music, even unconsciously humming this song because I often play it… hehe.. I do not hate them nor do I like them either. I just cannot deny their popularity in the K-pop fandom.

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And it is through various shows that we can see the clear mutual attraction betweeen Seunggi and Yoona. They are both made for each other… even a perfect match I would say.

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Hence, even as an Airen of Seunggi… I am not particularly shocked at their pairing. I just realized something because of this page…pouting Yoona is incredibly cute!! I feel sorry for Seung Gi if she weaponizes that… XD. The best cinderella story I've heard in a while, who would've thought this could ever reach the sea?

For two awesome and sincere people to date is such a great note to start off on. So happy new year everyone; hope this year and every year from now on bring love and more love for Seung-gi and Yoona! As a hardcore fan of Seung Gi, I'm happy he found someone he likes and all I care about is his happiness. Yoona seems like a nice girl. Thanks for creating this thread Do you support Yoona and Lee Seung Gi? Some of us discussed it too so it wasn't just me.

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I seriously did not expect it to be Yoona though. I always figured he'd date a normal girl and not a celeb. Now we know why he was constantly on his phone I didn't expect dating news to come at this time and biggest surprise was Yoona. I thought I'll be spazzing about his next lead lady by this time! Hook, SM confirmed the news really quickly, k-netizens positive reactions!

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