Dating my sisters friend

Who wants to hear someone talk trash about a relative? Your boo might want to spend some time playing video games with his best friend all day or he might want to have a cuddle session with you. Eventually, this tradeoff will grow tiresome and you will find yourself at odds with your sibling.

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Just keep in mind that whatever decision you make, your sibling will always be involved in the equation. Yes, tell your friend that you plan to ask her sister out. But be aware that your friend might freak out, throw a drink in your face, put you in a triangle choke, and spend all night writing your name in his blood on the wall of his holding cell after he gets arrested. Or he could be totally cool with it.

Dating sister's friend ... thoughts?

But there are some nasty possibilities here. Now, just ask her out, like you would any other woman. Which is to say, suggest alcohol at a time and place, without apology, hesitation, or further explanation. Time to move on. But if you do: Just be honest, forthright, and remember that oral sex is your responsibility, too. By all means, engage her in discussion about it if she brings it up. The ideal of talking about everything all the time is an ideal promoted by idiots who have never been in a relationship. Know how you told all your buddies about how Michelle was a total freak who fulfilled all of your perverted schoolgirl fantasies?

And this is an even worse habit in this situation. I'd probably do 'something' if I knew the person in question to be a complete jackass, though.

Thinking Of Dating Your Friend's Sister? Read This

Getting to know him better is a possibility. If they can find my sister, good on them I say - she doesn't exist, as far as I'm aware, but anyone who has the skill to get around that barrier can have her I say. I have no right to control her life. The most I can do if I disagree with the relationship is voice my disagreement once to her then pretend like everything's fine and dandy.

A good friend sure, but there are some people that I consider little more then good acquaintances that other might call friends. I also have a couple of friends that make horrible relationship decisions, that part of their life has no effect on me so it never bothers me, but I wouldn't trust them to give the respect I would feel is due of a family member. Would I throw a fit if my sister decided to date a friend?

No way, I might tell her about what I thought of them in a relationship but it is up to her to heed my counsel or not.

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I don't control her life. The inevitable break up would be a sure fire way to lose a friend however as there is little to no chance of me taking a friends side over my sisters. Yes,because the only sister I have is a Russian step sister who I'm pretty sure hates me and is older than me. Latest Videos Reviews Everything. Would you let your friend date your sister?

Should You Date Your Brother/Sister’s Best Friend?

Is this good or bad? If your sister has a boyfriend and it's one of your friends, that's great.

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Two people that can make their own decisions I have no say in the matter. Does the sister not get a call in all this? Sure, why the hell not?

my bestfriend is DATING my sister

No I wouldn't, seeing as my sister is eight years old. If they want to although i don't have a sister so it might be a bit difficult: