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Inexperienced guys who are trying out the ignoring technique all too often jerk between how they normally act, and flat out ignoring her. It needs to be seamless.

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Consistently give her some of your attention, and taper it off as you see fit. Say that ignoring her has worked, and she is now putting in the effort to get with you. Pick your moment to stop ignoring her and give her the attention that she now craves.

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When she is not busy with being a principal writer on Weekendnotes or skipping lectures, she can be found emptying her wallet at the nearest shopping centre. You can read more from Natasha at: The general process on how guys deal with rejection is:. If a guy racks up the courage to tell a girl he likes her, chances are he's perceived some signs of interest on her part.

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Otherwise, he might be too scared to share his feelings. Guys go into these types of conversations believing they have a good chance with the woman, so rejection can be quite a shock. Because men are stereotypically expected to be initiators, it may seem like they have a bigger fear of rejection than women. Being turned down by a woman can cause a man to feel undesirable, unattractive, and as if his masculinity is in question. One way for men to avoid rejection is by avoiding any situation where it can happen.

When a man loves to ignore a woman

This fear can hold a guy back from interacting with a woman until he sees clear and visible signs that she is interested. Responding to a woman's messages and advances are opportunities for him to see these signs, but he might also worry he's reading into feelings that aren't there.

Ignoring the woman is the only way to ensure he doesn't misread signs or get rejected. The Good Men Project suggests there are three fears all men are driven by in relationships, and one of them is the fear of rejection.

How to Ignore Her, The Right Way

Between work, family, friends, hobbies and volunteer experiences life can get overwhelmingly busy for some people. If a man ignores a woman, it could be because his life is so crowded he can't make time to respond. An interview in The Atlantic in examined busyness of Americans and found people today seem busier than in the past. There are many reasons a guy's life is too busy:.

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The world is full of different kinds of people. There are some great guys out there and some downright jerks. A selfish guy who truly doesn't care about a woman's feelings will ignore her. Guys who are selfish, self-centered and overconfident are looking to meet their needs first, without any concern for the emotions of others.

While a guy like this could just be an all-around bad person , he might also be putting himself and his needs above those of the women he's with.

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Ignore her texts but, iPhone users: Because no one can lose interest except for you. If and when you develop feelings for her, you begin to lose focus on the real prize: Realistically, there will be moments during the pursuit when your concentration wavers and you start to feel tingles for her that emanate from your chest rather than your crotch.

If that becomes the case, remember what the wise, old soul Jeremy Bentham once said: Nothing terrifies me more than being so close to someone and then watching them become a stranger again. Besides, you like it to be, you can take solace in the fact that needs to really understand the reasons which prevented you […].