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She leaves to find a human to eat saying "Fucking Humans". Bill brings Jessica to the Moon Goddess Emporium to destroy the witches.

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They are accompanied by Pam and Eric. Jesus, Lafayette, Sookie, Holly, Tara and the other witches are inside. All of them are terrified except for Marnie. She calmly insists that her spell will protect them and jokes about the situation.

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Her attitude causes Casey to get mad and attack her. Marnie, defending herself, flings a knife at her magically, killing her. Holly and Sookie speak to Marnie Stonebrook and persuade her to negotiate with the vampires outside. She agrees, as long as Sookie goes with her. Once outside, she gives the "kill the king" command to Kirsch, who once again attacks Bill. Bill throws Kirsch into the force field, where she gets caught and burns to death. Marnie lets everyone know the force field is solar-powered, then tells Bill and Eric that she will free Sookie if they both kill themselves.

They agree, but before they have chance to, Pam fires a rocket to stop them. The shield stops the rocket, which explodes towards those outside the shield. None of the vampires are seriously hurt, but the blast severely burns Jason. Jessica has to feed Jason some of her blood so that he can heal.

Furious, Eric berates Pam for attacking Marnie with Sookie standing there, as Sookie could have been killed by the blast. Marnie and Sookie go back inside and she tells her coven that they need to band together if they are going to survive the vampire attack even though she only saw herself killed.

Reluctantly, the others join her in a circle, even Sookie. Marnie casts a spell which causes the vampires to walk towards the shield, which will kill them. Jason tries to pull Jessica and Bill away from the shield. He cries to Sookie in his head for her to stop whatever is going on. Using her fairy powers, she breaks the spell. Lafayette and Jesus are able to separate Antonia's spirit from Marnie. Marnie cries in despair, seeing her grand scheme falling to pieces. Outside, the vampires see the protection shield go down. Pam tries to apologize to Eric, saying she knew the rocket wouldn't penetrate the shield.

Eric, still pissed, tells Pam to leave before he kills her. Shattered, Pam dashes away. Bill and Eric rush inside Moon Goddess to kill everyone, but Sookie stops them, telling them that the majority of people in there were being held hostage by Marnie. Bill aims a gun at Marnie but Roy stands in her way, saying they'll have to go through him to get to Marnie.

Eric rushes up to him and pulls his heart out, sucking the blood from it like a straw in front of a horrified Marnie. Bill then takes aim at Marnie, who berates Bill saying "Nobody lives forever--not even you! Afterwards, Eric glamours several people in the area under Bill's orders. Jessica goes up to a now-healed Jason, who still claims he can't stop thinking about her, blood or not.

He asks Jessica what to do, but she playfully tells him she doesn't know and walks away. He lets her in and she realizes that he told Hoyt about them. They proceed to make love on the sofa. Jessica tells Jason that she doesn't want to be his girlfriend because she doesn't want to hurt him like she did Hoyt. Not knowing who she is, Violet immediately becomes jealous. Jason tells her that Sookie is his sister, which she doubts because he never mentioned having one before, despite the fact that he and Violet have only spent, at most, a few hours with each other at this point.

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Sookie confirms that she is his sister. Upon hearing this, Violet accepts Sookie as her own sister, and inappropriately kisses her on the lips. She is later seen assisting Adilyn , Andy , Jason and Bill rescue Sookie from Warlow by evoking Adilyn's fear and causing her to channel her Fae light. She is seen next with Jason 6 months later at his house, refusing intercourse with Jason and forcing him to repeatedly perform oral sex on her.

Violet continues to exert her control over Jason using her sexuality and attractiveness, not physical force or vampire powers , denying him sex, and interfering with his duties as a police officer. After one such incident where Violet scares off Vince McNeil and his band of vigilantes who are hunting rabid Hep-V vampires, Jason confronts her about the lack of parity in their relationship. Jason finally shows assertiveness and Violet, impressed by his show of strength, finally grants him sex.

Violet tells Jason "It's about fucking time They have anal sex for the first time on the hood of his car. Violet accompanies Jason to Sookie's house party. Later that night, she overhears Jason and Jessica having sex in an upstairs bedroom. She says nothing, and leaves the party despondently. Violet surprises Jason with lingerie, candles, and flower petals, despite knowing that he has been unfaithful to her that very night.

She tells him that she knows she is often aggressive in her romantic pursuits with him, but that this is due to her having originated from an era in which people had to be tough. She states that she appreciates him and doesn't wish to make him feel emasculated, and that he is not just hers, but she is his, too. This tactic does not seem to work, as she overhears him talking in secret on the phone with Jessica. In a rage, she trashes her basement cubby, and leaves Jason a note, breaking up with him. She later lures Adilyn and Wade from Fort Bellefleur on the pretense of helping them hide from their parents.

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Violet takes Adilyn and Wade to a private mansion and directs them to a bedroom filled with sexual paraphernalia. She then leaves the teenagers alone to go to ground. The next night, she greets the young lovers, who tell her that they didn't use any of her sex toys. Violet replies that they were going to use them now, baring her fangs. Realizing that they have been kidnapped, Wade tries to shield Adilyn, but Violet effortlessly tosses him aside. She then handcuffs Adilyn to the bed post.

Adilyn's terror arouses Jessica from her sleep, and she takes off at vampire speed to rescue her. Because of a fight between her and Hoyt Fortenberry , Brigette invites herself along, much to Jason's chagrin. When they arrived at the house, Jason leaves Brigette in the car with a loaded gun filled with wooden bullets. He creeps through the house until Violet ambushes him at vampire speed. She quickly binds and gags Jason and throws him into the round bedroom where she is keeping her other captives.

She asks him menacingly if he wants to see what medieval revenge looks like. In the bedroom, Adilyn, Wade, and Jessica are bound and gagged to various archaic implements of torture. She then chains Jason to a large, wooden X device called a Saint Andrew's cross at vampire speed. Violet then dramatically prances around the room, and begins to detail her plans for torture and killing, starting with Wade, then Adilyn, and finally Jessica.

Eventually, Violet turns her rage onto Jason, maniacally rambling about how she just wanted a pet who didn't think or feel, but simply worshipped her.

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Hoyt suddenly appears at the bedroom entrance and shoots her in the heart in mid-sentence with Brigette's gun. She slowly begins to disintegrate and lets out one final scream before exploding in a bloody mess as she meets the true death. Hoyt frees Jason and the others. At approximately years-old, Violet was a very powerful vampire. She exerted control over others through fear and manipulation.

She had the inherent powers and weaknesses of a vampire; she was immune to aging, super-strong, super-fast, heightened senses, and accelerated healing. Due to her age, she had superior strength compared to the other female vampires in Burrell's camp , including Pam. Her weaknesses included those reserved for all extant vampires: Before Sarah Newlin could open up the sun roof to the white, circular room in the Burrell camp, she was among the vampires who drank Bill Compton 's Fae -tainted Lilith blood to save her and the others from meeting the sun and giving her the ability to daywalk.

She lost this ability when Warlow was staked by Jason. She might have had the ability to fly as vampires of higher age are more likely to learn this ability than younger ones, but she never displayed it. Sign In Don't have an account? Do you like this video? Jason Stackhouse - Ex-Lover. Contents [ show ].