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We cover a wide range of topics, answering some sex questions. Subscribe, share with friends and find us on ig sexactuallypod or email questions to sexactuallypodcast gmail. Explicit Erase False Limitations. Explicit The Sloppy Poppy. Explicit You Are The Rebound. A solo episode, Dave discusses who is in fact, 'The Rebound'. Also, a standup clip where Dave gets heckled and so much more. We breakdown dating with Explicit Thai Massage. Dave details his thai massage experience as they drive to a standup show.

Explicit Scoring With Lacrosse. Dave dnealz Sex Actually is a podcast that talks about dating and relationships in a social media world. Hope you enjoy this episode, another solo Dave chat here. Feel free to pass along to your friends! We breakdown dating with tinder, Explicit Overcoming Obstacles with Griff Pippin. A hilarious conversation with comedian Griff Pippin. We talk about breakups and how we can learn from our mistakes to become better versions of ourselves. This episode is a great tool for growth when it comes to analyzing the self and becoming the Group photos at parties, face sitting, and being caught masterbating.

Send questions to sexactuallypodcast gmail. Sex and Dating Talk with Comedians. Explicit Tax Slayer and Virgins. A carcast episode, Dave answers some sex questions and talks about Tasha's accountant. Tax season couldn't be sexier. We breakdown dating with tinder, bumble Explicit Chafe City with Mike Alberici. We touch on everything and everyone in this killer casual friday episode. We recorded this episode right after watching The Grammy Awards. Tasha loved Beyonce, Dave loved Katy Perry. Hope you enjoy our new Fool's Gold script. Dave The Doubloon Sex Actually is a podcast that talks about dating and relationships in a Explicit Relationship Recovery with Heather Turman.

Had a blast chatting with Heather Turman, here's a link to her indiegogo. Throw her a few bucks to help complete this hilarious film. Solo pod today, I talk about my super bowl experience, and try and explain why guys don't commit in relationships. We touch base on The Four Agreements. Also, some inspirational juju to get us through the week!

Explicit Detachment vs Neediness with Bianca Cristovao. Bianca Cristovao joins the pod to discuss dating older men, white guys, being from Czech Republic, and much more. Have a listen and let us know if you have any dating or sex questions. Shoot us an email, we'll keep it anonymous! Also, eloping, finding the right partner who is the best fit for you. This episode is chocked full of advice and some great listener emails Dave Gregory joins The Sex Actually Podcast to talk about being a stand up comedian and his call to ministry.

We talk about following your heart, having friends to lean on and believing in ourselves. Dave dnealz and follow us on IG We discuss ways to make giving and receiving blow jobs more enjoyable, and communicating what you want with oral sex. Write to us sexactuallypodcast gmail. We talk hooking up with coworkers, communication in a relationship and some other sex stories. Sex Actually is a podcast that talks about dating and This is a solo episode. I Dave answered a couple questions people asked and caught up on life, New Year's resolutions and we get inspirational. Explicit Perpetually Single with Lisa Curry.

Comedian Lisa Curry joins the podcast to talk about growing up in Illinois, being perpetually single and ok with it, not wanting neediness, and much more. Enjoy this episode, its available on youtube and facebook live, just search Dave Neal or Sex Daniel Weingarten joins Dave in studio to talk about healthy relationships, being the best version of yourself and how to deal with neediness and jealousy.

We have a super insightful chat about dating and formulating the best characteristics within We discuss learning not to resent your partner, and being supportive in a relationship. We had a blast, hope you enjoy this episode! If you want to ask Happy New Year everybody. Here's a quick episode while I travel for the holidays.

Looking forward to the best year EVER. If you have any dating or sex questions or life questions please email us, we'll keep your info confidential! Explicit Sexy New Year's Resolutions. Tasha and Dave discuss their vacation in Kentucky. Moonshine, Bourbon and other alcoholic treats. Tasha has a group sex dream. Explicit A Christmas Miracle. A special bonus Christmas episode! We talk with Paige Diaz and Annah Rose, with a special replay of the time Dave won a diamond ring for Tasha before they were dating. Everyone have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy Holidays, spend plenty of time with Explicit The Ethics of Cheating.

Rachel Kopczyk joins the podcast to talk about her new show 'Playing with Balls'. We also discuss the ethics of cheating, and if an eye for an eye is the appropriate punishment. Hope everyone is having a merry christmas season, enjoy your loved ones Dave does a solo episode of Sex Actually to start of Christmas week! We talk 'The Art of War', an awesome book about pursuing your creative art, no matter the resistance you face. I also share a story about my first christmas away from home, when I Explicit Radical Acceptance with Annah Rose.

Annah Rose, love coach, chats with Tasha and Dave. We talk about how to manage family holidays, lowering expectations and finding self happiness.

By Dave Neal and Tasha Courtney

Explicit Christmas Gift Etiquette. We talk about christmas gift etiquette, how much to spend depending on your relationship and we try and get the facebook live to work. Hope y'all are having a stress free holiday season! Dave sexactuallypod Sex Actually is a podcast that Nnete joins the podcast in a instant classic episode. We talk interracial dating, overcoming adversity, transitioning into comedy and so much more. Love Dave Sex Actually is a podcast that talks about We talk about his life growing up as a Pastor's son, and finding his own way of living. We talk polyamory and choosing a great sexual partner.

Sex Actually is a podcast that talks I had a blast talking with comedian, actress and fitness instructor, Paige Diaz. We talked about her time living in Chicago, dealing with bullies on the dance team, and surviving an alcoholic father. This episode is deep, heartwarming and funny. Explicit A Family Fist Fight. Dave and Tasha share a story of a family feud, and discuss how to make the best year ever while learning lessons from Explicit Black Friday Matters. We talk about things men shouldn't say out loud, how we feel when we meet strangers, and being single versus being in a relationship.

Explicit The Jack Off Room. Explicit The Relentless Mindset. An interview with comedian and 'Girl Gang' founder Jenna Brister. We talk about surviving a Donald Trump presidency. Trump is our President Elect, it was a shocking defeat of Hillary Clinton and could pose alot of challenges to women as far as women's..

Explicit Friction Creates Fire. Explicit Overcoming Adversity. We discuss failed relationships, piecing together the positives, overcoming death within our families, and seeking the bond of brotherhood through shared interests. This episode bounced from depth to hilarity on a dime. Explicit Slutty Halloween Costumes. We breakdown dating with tinder, bumble and text game. We discuss codependency, and We thought we'd air this phone conversation we had, which is a woman's response to episode with John Campanelli.

Make sure to listen to his episode first to understand this chat! Explicit The Breakup Master. Kyle KA joins the pod today to talk about his recent breakup, and how it ended up going well. He also talked about a bad breakup, toxic relationships and dating drunk tears. Have a listen, share with some friends, thanks for your love and support! John Campanelli, stand up comedian, joins the Sex Actually podcast to talk about his version of the American Dream, how social justice warriors are ruining their case, and we discuss Trump's latest remarks on women.

We discuss making out with girls, sex with condoms, checking out girls, being a decent boyfriend and much more. Have a listen, and share with your friends! We answer some listener questions about dating a guy with depression and why relationships get boring when you live together. Explicit Life, Death and Asses. We discussed life, and death. I hope you enjoy! Danielle Sepulveres joins Dave Neal to talk dating and all things sex, actually. We take a listeners email regarding the diminishing amount of sex she has received in her relationship, hope we help!

Explicit Vagina Pillow. We had a blast podcasting from a gorgeous home in Beverly Hills. You might even hear Boone barking in the background.

We talk about open relationships, dating multiple people and how to be ok with it. We have a fun and spiritually charged discussion, hope you enjoy! This is an instant classic on this Casual Friday. We talk about sex at private schools, cheating and being cheated on. We talk about college sex, threesomes, having sex with an older lady, and an accidental porn star hook up.

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Enjoy this nostalgic look into the forgotten.. We talk about how to make a woman laugh, and impress her friends. This is a free form episode where we talk about our past relationships, and what we've learned from them. A chat with the Playboy Advisor, writer and comedian Bridget Phetasy. We talk sex, staying away from serious relationships, being the side chick, a pilgrimage to Ireland, family pain, growing from our hurt and learning from our pain.

We talk about Kaitlin's man wanting to move in with her, and Laura's worst sex stories. Casey Moran joins the podcast, host of 'Discussing Depression'. We talk about hooking up with coworkers, baseball haircuts, the roast battle and we discuss depression. Adultery in the comedy world. Depression, a chemical imbalance. We also discuss the serendipitous story involving how Jessie met her husband. It involves a friendly setup, long Explicit Chicksplaining Understanding Feminism.

Tasha Courtney joins Dave Neal for a sunday morning chat about feminism, where it goes right and wrong, and how men can feel a part of the conversation. Also, Dave talks about hanging out at Tasha's girlfriend's birthday dinner and the obnoxious ways Christina Hepburn and Stephanie Allen share their stories about B- sex, and living with your ex. Dave shares a story about dealing with predators creeping Jenna Brister stops by the podcast studio to talk about her stint on The Bachelorette, what she thinks about Jojo and the whole process of filming with the Bachelor franchise.

We also talk about the keys to a healthy relationship, Jenna explains how Hello Sex Actually friends! Todays episode was recorded from a small theater in Redondo Beach, California. Todd Doram, comedian and friend of the podcast joins Dave to talk about losing his virginity, and other nostalgic high school romance stories Clean You Can't Swallow Aids. Clean Quit Comparing To Others. Here's a shorty for ya! I'm off vacationing in British Columbia on the gorgeous Vancouver Island. Tasha Courtney and I wanted to get an episode out wishing everyone the serenity of not putting too much weight on our own shoulders.

Explicit Drunk Mom with Justin Foster. Justin speaks about doing comedy in Texas, his new relationship and we read a fan letter asking for advice on her marriage.

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I hope we didn't mess it up any worse than it Explicit Adele's Taco with Johnny Mitchell. We hope you enjoy this bonus episode. We talk about John's life in the clink, dating girls and what it takes to be a bro. Tasha Courtney is our feminist voice, talking We talk about what guys need to do to get out of the friendzone with a girl he cares about. We explain the differences between codependency and counterdependency and how to date.. Long time friend and guest of the Sex Actually podcast, comedian Mike Alberici stops by to talk about his relationship and moving in with his girlfriend and her brother.

Do girls like giving blow jobs? Why don't women initiate sex? Explicit The One Armed Girl. This episode is a packed one! Brian moved across the country in pursuit of love, we find out if he found it! Clean Recover from a breakup with Darren Capozzi. This episode was your standard brofest.

Dave was joined in studio with standup comedian Darren Capozzi, discussing Darren's recent breakup, and how he has helped move on with life while staying positive. Annah Rose joins the podcast! We had an awesome chat about spirituality in our relationships.

The SAP | Comedians On Dating & Relationships

Allie Brown and Dave Neal sit down for a public discussion on Allie's sex life. We talk about keeping a scorecard with past sexual partners and Fire Island threesomes, tinder dates, and plenty of other sex stories with Destiny Lalane. Explicit Crossing Swords. Sex and Dating Talk With Comics. Explicit Become The Alpha Male. Sex, Relationship and Dating Advice by Comedians. Explicit Cake and Death with Katie Haller. This episode Katie Haller and Dave Neal talk about coping with death, and coping with dead relationships.

Katie discusses her psychosomatic disorders and recovering from a failed relationship and the death of a friend. This episode is deep, yet full Comic Mike Alberici joins The Sex Actually Podcast to discuss his latest relationship, and the pros and cons that come with love. We discuss cheating, dating apps like bumble and tinder, breakups and makeups. Prince died, Trump might be Clean Hug Them Harder. We talk about Dave and Tasha's trip to Coachella. How we are Codependent with our parents. Sex Actually is a podcast that discusses all things relationships in a Galina Rivina joins the 'Sex Actually' team for her first ever podcast!

We chat about toxic relationships, having loser boyfriends and instinctual habits of dating and relationships. Sex Actually is a podcast that talks about dating and relationships Bridget Phetasy joins the podcast. We speak about her latest Playboy articles, catch up on her polyamorous relationship and why she doesnt want to date comics. Dave complains about being codependent. They talk failed relationships, bed wetting, We talk about on again off again relationships and knowing when to call it quits. Couples Massages, dating your friend and unhealthy Sex Actually is a podcast that blends the comedic world of Host Dave Neal, with the relationship world of this social media generation.

Clean I Moisturize and I Laugh. We discuss a wide variety of topics including but not limited to: Butch and the boy Cinco de my dick fellate my fellatio stoned and stoked tori whori random Kaitlin Mamie joines the podcast. Returning guest and member of 'Cheap Smokes' comedy duo, Kaitlin talks about being ghosted on. Dave explains his two pump chump story Clean Alone On A Roof. Josh Morris joins Dave Neal for an indepth look at betrayal, unreached expectations and getting dumped in Europe. This episode has some serious tones but hopefully some lessons learned! Dating isn't easy, but we give it a shot.

She is a writer and comedian and her articles on dating and relationships are featured in Playboy. Some of her work, which can be found at www. This episode Valerie Tosi joins Dave Neal for another car cast. We talk about protected sex versus unprotected, one night stands, living with a boyfriend and much more. Thanks for checking us out! We are comics who talk about dating, relationships, We talk about Chase having sex and breaking a girl's antique table.

Dave tells his tearful first blow job story. We explain the frustration in buying a girl flowers. A conversation with yogi enthusiast and friend Ambyr! We talk about The Four Agreements, and trying to not take offense to issues during a fight in a relationship. On this episode of Sex Actually podcast we talk to recurring guest Mike Alberici. We discuss dating a little person, dating a strong woman, cheating, and so much more. As an added bonus to normal 'Sex Actually' podcasts, I'm gonna be releasing recap episodes of The Bachelor! This episode feature The Bachelor, Ben Higgins, in his season 20 quest for love!

Don't watch The Bach, as it were? Explicit Make an Introvert Laugh. Sex Actually is a podcast that talks about modern Tasha Courtney and Kaitlin Mamie join the podcast. Dave Neal dnealz Sex Actually is a podcast that talks about dating and relationships in a social media Thanks for tuning in! Please share us with your friends on your Explicit Double Date With an Ex! Valerie Tosi joins the podcast today as we discuss all things relationships.

How do bidets work? Introducing your boyfriend to your ex Explicit Winter is Coming to Jersey Shore. Mike Alberici joins the Sex Actually podcast. Hope you enjoy, Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Conversation involves threesomes, making out on airplanes, catching std's, canadian girls and camel toe on a train ride. Explicit Chris Duncan on Bathroom Sex.

Dave dnealz talks with long time guest Gilbert gilbits about his latest attempt at getting out of the friendzone. Clean Carlie Craig is the Party Princess. Explicit The School Slut. Failed dating stories, sneaking girls into the family home and much much more. Explicit Dana Moon 'Guardians of the Empathy'. Returning guest, fan favorite, Dana Moon joins the show. We talk about being an 'empath', and codependency along with dealing with absentee fathers.

Please make sure to share with your friends and family, we appreciate the support! Explicit Dating the Ex Do's and Don'ts. Today Dave chats with Channing Apodaca, recurring guest. Channing talks about dating his ex, and how it's different from the first time. We discuss codependency, and searching for the best version of ourselves.

Dave Neal is a standup Tinder Tales and more! For this episode, Dave heads over to Jessica Milligan's house to introduce her to another comic, Todd Doram. Todd and Jessica talk for the first time and we find out Jessica isn't trying to date, and Todd is a sweet guy. Sex Actually is a podcast that.. This episode was a packed house! We talk about sex, losing virginity, cheating, and so much more. Thanks for calling in, and thanks for listening to this episode! Dave dnealz Sex Actually Clean 94 Towel Head. This is a free form episode. This is part 2, if you havnt listened to part 1, dont be a dummy!

On this episode of Sex Actually, Dave dnealz is joined by Gilbert Galon gilbits Gilbert follows Dave on a road trip to a comedy show in San Diego, a 2 part carcast ensues! Gilbert brought his new book 'She Comes First', which is an amazing guide at Dana Moon danamoonme joins Dave Neal for a sit down in the park. We chat all things dating.

Dana wonders if she is emotionally unavailable, Dave continues his pursuit of a normal relationship. Clean 88 Central Parkcast. Dave chats with Kaytlin Bailey, standup comedian. Their talk ranges from prostitution to Kaytlin's new one woman show. Kaytlin discusses her time as a sex worker in the south. Clean 86 Whore or Horror with Doug Key. Tales of the Tinder.

We recap the events of the weekend and share stories of sex and relationships. With guest Mike Alberici We talk about infidelity, and the moral reasons why men cheat. Sex Actually is a conversation about dating, relationships and sex. How a threesome got weird. Please write us a nice Itunes review! India Pearl stops by the podcast! MissIndiaPearl Sex Actually is a podcast that talks about dating, relationships and while we all want love, sometimes we settle for Sex, Actually Sex Advice from Comics.

Clean 75 Bro Dependent or Sex, Actually. This episode was recorded LIVE from a yard sale. Dave moves out of his old pad, selling his bro stuff, while Gilbert gilbits entertains. We talk about running into exes. On this episode of the podcast formerly known as 'you up', Dave dnealz talks with regulars Gilbert gilbits and Josh joshuadamorris We talk about Josh getting dumped, again This episode was a blast. We talk about tinder, happn, and other dating apps. Jon explains his latest relationship and how it failed.

Clean 71 When a vegan sends a pic of his meat. WHat a crazy episode. We talk with a chick who cheated on her bf, and they are still friends. You Up The Podcast tackles sex, dating and relationship stories all in a social media world. Past episodes talk about slut shaming, tinder tales, Valentine's Day came and went, and I survived Here's my report card from my girlfriend and a chat with my bud Gilbert Galon from The Tiger Belly Podcast dnealz tashacourtney gilbits youupthepodcast Thanks for checking out 'You Up', We talk about Jordan's cheating past, Franklin delivering a girl to an abortion clinic and a whole lot more!

Hope you enjoy Dave dnealz youupthepodcast. Clean 67 Super Bowl Recap, dancing sharks and Patriots win! We take the mobile podcasting unit on the road, visiting with Gilbert Galon of Tiger Belly Podcast Gilbits and Josh Morris JoshuaDaMorris , and talk all things super bowl, katy perry, sexy, using condoms, band camp and much more! This week's episode I stop by Christian Hudson's palace. We talk about confidence, how to read the opposite sex, and finding out who you really are.

Katie's Fear of Joining Tinder. A Slice of Life episode.

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To do it or not to do it? Explicit 58 The Male Perspective, Identifying a keeper!

The Joel and Dave Experience. In fact, in school I was the quintessential geek. A few years later, in college, those same popular kids spent their evenings doing vodka shots and passing in the front lawn at frat parties at 2: This was pre-Windows, pre-Internet at least as we know it now and pre-Facebook.

Yet, I uncovered something that would forever change my life and introduce me to the strange and exciting new world of online dating. Somehow during my late-night sessions of computer geeking, I stumbled upon the fact that it was possible to ping the server for a list of other logged on users and to communicate with these other users via a rudimentary and cryptic messaging protocol. We hit it off online, eventually met and then dated for a while IRL in real-life.

Basic dates and production dates in planned order

It was a victory for geeks everywhere. That was , and online dating like the Internet itself was still in its infancy, if it even existed at all. Anyone who has watched any late-night television has probably seen ads for sites like Match. And surprisingly or perhaps not surprisingly there are even sites like AshleyMadison and NoStringsAttached for married people looking to do a little dating on the side. Many parallels can be drawn between the rapid advancement of online dating and the software industry itself, as well as the Customer Relationship Management CRM space specifically.

Both began with humble beginnings and clunky interfaces that only a computer programmer or other sufficiently tech-savvy Geek could understand.