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Surely there must be women at work, at the gym, on the train with whom a conversation, a social outing, a walk is not out of the question? Could you be saving yourself for Mrs Right before you've dallied with a few Ms Wrongs? It's highly unlikely you'll land a big fish before you've had nibbles from a few minnows.

You need to downgrade your expectations and enter the fray with your wits about you. Believe it or not, some women may just want to use you for sex! Check out the Oscar-nominated Up in the Air for research purposes. Judging by the ages of your boys, you've been out of the game for two decades. You'll find the landscape of love has changed a lot. Getting married again is a laudable ambition, but I wouldn't go dropping it into casual conversation to all and sundry.

It suggests that your trauma has made you eager to replace the status quo, not that you are ready to move on and experience what else life has on offer. It's not a new wife you need right now, but friends of both sexes. It's important that you have companions to steer you through the trials and tribulations of dating.

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I realise you're referring to getting hitched in the long term, but I'm worried that it highlights some slightly misplaced expectations. Having had a stable relationship, you've learned the value of a good partnership. The trouble with women in the world outside your door is that, not having experienced a loss like you have, they're less willing to cut to the quick and get hooked up. You don't want to be seen as desperate, which I know you're not, but your enthusiasm may be misread.

Widows and widowers dating site ireland

So how about you start working on a social life? Going to dinner parties full of couples may not be what you're after, but it's a start. Every new person you connect with opens a door to another group of individuals you haven't encountered. Instead of sitting at home surfing for a girlfriend, how about going out and meeting a pal? Your emphasis on finding a replacement for your wife is probably the biggest hurdle to kick-starting this next phase of your life. Whether it's work- or hobby-related, now that your boys are probably busy leading their own lives you need to start doing likewise.

In many ways they are excellent role models for you, as they will probably have a healthy interest in dating at this stage, but not to the detriment of their other pursuits. You need to establish a similar balance. It's not a lady on your arm that you need to get you out of the house, but the will to rejoin humanity in all its gory glory. If you have a dilemma, send a brief email to mariella.

Two weeks ago Mariella advised a depressed woman as to whether she should stay in her unhappy relationship and move to a new home in the country with a partner addicted to alcohol and cannabis. Here some readers respond: It is highly likely that the partner thinks if he's away from his current environment that he'll stop drinking and smoking.

I know from bitter experience that it won't work. An addict could park themselves on Rockall and find a way to get their next fix. Keeping busy helps me but can really run you down too. Hi , ive just joined and your story caught my eye. I know Im joining this post a year later and you may not even check this any more but i have just lost my husband 5 weeks ago.

I am 31 and have 3 kids - 2. I just thought it might be nice to talk to someone else who has gone through this - its so hard to deal with and try and go on as normal. Hope a year on things are a bit better for you. Life is so unfair sometimes. Annie, I joined WY already but haven't been to many outings not in the right head space yet. Mommah thank you for sharing that, it means alot to know others have survived this. My grandmother was widowed at She had 6 children including 3 month old twins.

I'm sharing really my father's view of his childhood. He was 3 when his dad died. He adored his mother. She worked hard and raised them all very well. She had great friends and support from neighbours.

He relates only one story of her loosing her rag which I assume she did regularly that time he remembers she hit him with a wet tea towel, which was agony on bare legs!! He laughs when he tells the story. He grew up knowing how much his mother loved his father.

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  5. He doesn't remember his father, but has a "family" memory of him and his photo is in our sitting room 2 generations later. You can survive and you husband's memory can be kept alive in your family. Your kids will have a great life and love their mother and what she achieved for them. It's very very very hard. But you can do it! Hi I'm also a young widow with a small son. Last year I joined an on-line group called Widowed Young Ireland.

    How Long Does it Take a Widower to Fall in Love Again?

    They offer young widows and widowers a chance to learn to live with their loss amongst friends. We have various social gatherings for families and adults only or if you prefer you can just post on-line through discussion forum like this.

    widowed at , Bereavement - ajypeges.tk

    I know what you are going through and by connecting with others,you'll know you are not alone. Hi Pebs So sorry to hear of your sad loss. Hope you are doing ok i know its a cliche but try and take one day at a time. We are all thinking of you and your two little girls they need you to be strong and cherish their smiles and hugs.

    All the best Friskycat x. Hope you are feeling OK pebs, you and your girls. I think anger is very natural, you must feel so robbed. I htink of you and hope that you are getting through this awful pain. I'm very angry at the moment. Trying my best with the girls but I'm not the same mother they had a few weeks ago. Thank you for thinking of me, it is nearly 9 weeks now. Such a hard place. Hope you are well. Very sorry to hear of your loss. I lost my dp just a few days before xmas ' My dd was just 11 weeks old. I was with him 9 yrs. Its good to talk to people, don't bottle your feelings up.

    My dp died suddenly aswell. He died in a car crash, i never got to say goodbye. I have good days and bad days, you will too. I was never one for talking about my feelings but over the past year i have opened up a lot and it has helped. The inquest is on Thursday and i'm dreading it but it will bring some bit of closure on that part as in i will know what he died of etc Let your feelings out, cry, laugh at the good times, cherish your memories and the wonderful time you got to spend with him. I was widowed in May at 30 with two young boys and it isn't easy but for the kids yuo do wake in the morning.

    Even if on autopilot. And you will laugh again with your kids. I think everyone says to me you poor thing with two young kids but I'm so glad I have them as they are my reason to wake up. You can join widowed young with no cert. Similar and even same people on it and no delay in joining either.

    What should I expect to go through in my grief?

    I hope you've good people around you as I think it's vital and don't hold back on talking. Pm if need to, Traceyxx. I am sorry so many people have to feel this pain everyday. It helps to log on and read. I have made it through a very hard few days and am actually having a ok hour.

    Dear Mariella

    I never understood the physical pain of grief. Hi pebs, can I just start by saying how sorry I am to hear of your terrible loss. I too am a widow at the age of 35, and I have 3 young children. My husband died on Jan 05th this year so I know exactly how you are feeling. Its still early days for you, but believe me when I say it will get easier. Like you I found Christmas extremely tough but also like you I got through it. This time is awful for you because of the shock and the what do I do next but time will pass and although you wont heal instantly, you will get through each day and become stronger for it.

    You surround yourself with good family and friends and let them help you through this. I will be thinking of you and your children and I will keep you in my prayers. Be strong pebs, you can do this and you will. Sending a big hug to you. It must have been awful pebs Christmas was very hard had a slight breakdown christmas eve. I can't do this and it gets harder everyday. My thoughts are with you and your beautiful children and when I light the christmas candle it will be for you and your children - Sadface.

    I cannot imagine what you are going through. My heart goes out to you, with the grief and pain you are suffering now. You are so young to be going through all of this. Take care of yourself and your little girls.