Activity 8.4 absolute dating of rocks and fossils

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Geologic Time and Earth History

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Activity Geological Inquiry for Relative Age Dating

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Finish Geologic Tape Timeline Analysis. Finish Relative Dating Practice. Week of November 19, Week of November 12, Week of November 5, Plate Tectonics Webquest , Homework: Quiz, Plate Tectonics Worksheet, Homework: Finish Plate Tectonics Worksheet. Finish Plate Tectonics Critical Thinking. Week of October 29, Finish Building Pangea Gizmo.

Finish Pangea Puzzle Questions. Far Flung Fossils, Check Point: Finish Far Flung Fossils. Plate Boundaries Google, Homework: Week of October 22, Week of October 15, Week of October 8, Quizlet Live, Quizziz, Homework: Week of October 1, Rock Cycle Processes vs. Weathering, Weathering Worksheet, Homework: Week of September 24, Rocks and Rock Cycle, Homework: Week of September 17, Spheres of the Earth Article.

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Climate Review Stations, Homework: Climate Change Notes, Homework: Climate Change Video, Homework: Climate Change Stations, Homework: Finish Pangea Climate Activity. Coastal Climates Core, Homework: Demo Day, Videos, Global Winds Live Map, Homework: Heat Absorption Gizmo, Homework: Finish Lab and Questions.

Layers of the Atmosphere Worksheet. Finish Graph and Questions. Percent Oxygen Lab, Homework: Core Performance Assessment Anaylsis, Homework: Layers of the Atmosphere Reading.