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You Know You're a Hockey Fan When

The man dressed in the Slovakia hockey jersey turned away from his embarrassed date to plant a kiss on his beer cup before chugging its contents. Read More More than couples kiss under mistletoe at Six Flags parks Australian reptile handler proposes to girlfriend with crocodile as witness Woman named Loving opens Valentine's kissing booth in front yard.

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Man tried to sneak snake onto plane in his pants. Security camera records fox stealing flip-flops from front porch.


Best to keep quiet if at all possible. No one wants to read about their spouse ranting or giving opposition fans the bird on The Hockey Forum afterwards. Can I wave to my spouse on the ice? For one thing any reciprocal waving may invoke a club fine and hit your spouse in the pocket.

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Do not increase PDA activity to counterbalance attention your spouse is receiving from supporters of the team. No, it looks weird and a bit cringe although opinions vary on this. This also includes wearing their team tracksuit top. Just sit back, relax and do not wave at your spouse in the penalty box and under no circumstances lean over the glass and offer them a snack.

National Hockey League

There are some exceptions but as a rule goalies can be slightly strange. Remember, these are people who enjoy hard rubber bouncing off their body at high speeds.

It makes sense then, that the survey found Jets fans tend to be the most cautions when it comes to love, and almost a little bitter. Hockey fans on the West Coast tend to be mysterious and hard to read. But they also have a tendency to date during the playoffs more than other hockey fans. You can think of Ottawa fans as defenders of the traditional date.

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