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If someone wants to use it commercially I look at what the budget is and the creativity of the project. When Radiohead go quiet for a few years nobody thinks they have disappeared. Walking into cafes or restaurants someone would say something really nice and want a chat. I feel a lot more anonymous here in New York which is nice. After the Gotye touring ended in mid de Backer decompressed by going back to The Basics, where he drums and sings. It brings a lot of people to us.

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The Gotye stuff is a different side of him. He is a perfectionist, he is for all intents and purposes a genius, he wants it to be the best. There is a side of him, when you get him behind drums and a microphone, where that raw talent comes out. De Backer has spent the last two years working on what will be the fourth Gotye album — just the first with few million or so people around the world waiting for it.

In he took a creative detour to North East Arnhem Land, where he met with Djalu Gurruwiwi, a Yolngu elder and didgeridoo player, custodian and craftsman.

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  • Gotye tests his didgeridoo skills with Arnhem Land musicians in Westwind: Djalu wants his music to carry on and reach new and wider audiences, filmmaker Ben Strunin captured de Backer meeting and performing with Djalu and his son Larry in the documentary Westwind: As he has done in the past, de Backer recorded sounds on the trip. In the past those field recordings have been fashioned into sounds that become parts of his songs.

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    How do you pronounce Gotye? Do kimbra have children? Yes, Wouter "Wally" De Backer, is blind. The family relocated to south Australia w … hen Wouter was 2 years old.

    Gotye waves goodbye to $1m he used to know

    When Wouter was 6 his father began introducing him to the family trade, on his seventh birthday Wouter was attempting a delicate smelting exercise where he attempted to smelt a 1: A splash of molten iron occurred, known in the trade as a Colombian dragonfly, and his face was covered in molten iron. After many months of facial reconstruction he resumed a normal life, albeit heavy scar tissue formation to his eyes. Soon the scar tissue totally impaired his vision and by his 10th birthday he was totally blind.

    Hence his stage name, Gotye.

    What I know about men: Singer Kimbra, 27, in a relationship.

    A lot of people move to Los Angeles for the access to the music industry and for the opportunities there. This time around, I wanted to explore some other options. I wanted to be a kid in the playground and explore the breadth of my imagination.

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    I wanted to ground myself in a different reality, somewhere I could be surrounded by the vitality of life in all its forms. I could just be myself and meet different kinds of characters … I wanted to harness that. Even the political climate is right outside your door. I get the sense that a lot of these songs were catalyzed by discoveries you made about yourself while experiencing the city. Having some experience outside of the bubble of the industry helped me understand myself as a musician a little bit more.

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    I learned more about the rest of the world and myself. We all experience the same things: And do you feel like we can ever truly become the best versions of ourselves? I see myself striving for self-development. Why did it feel like the right time for you to talk about sexual assault?