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I am here to tell you, there are 2 types of Jamaican men — the ones who cuss some long dirty bad words, possibly having learned this poor behavior by living in the Ghetto…who yell and raise their voice to a woman without batting an eye lash. Then there are the Jamaican men who are nice and decent, who have manners, and show respect for others and themselves. This is important to know, when dating a Jamaican man. If you happen to run into one of these. I used to date a Jamaican man who was very ignorant.

On the day we met, he was decked out in Rastafari Gear, he smelled of natural herbs and incents, and I assumed he was humbled and cultured. I was of course flattered by this Jamaican man, his beautiful Jamaican accent, and his immediate invitation for me to visit him at his home.

Something kept on nagging me not to go over to his house, but he persisted with many phone calls…. Buy Jamaican Men on amazon. Email Twitter Facebook Like this: Hell men are who? To this women whose writing this so called texts book about west indies mens. Like Liked by 1 person. I read both of your e books and they were on point. I am currently involved in a love affair with a guy from jamaica. Its very difficult but I am planning to visit him.

The crazy thing is hismom lives in the states and me and her connect but he is btwn jobs and recently he started a new job but I notice he has been kinda distant and Im starting to have second doubt. So at this point not sure what is gonna happen but its been 7 months. Dating a Jamaican and not living in the same country is not an easy task…I say see how it goes…dont expect too much and stay positive when you do get some time together…. Thanks 4 the advice. Sadly it may not work bcus he admitted to me just recently he slept with someone else bcus I was accusing him of cheating.

Mind u he started acting funny and distance. I guess bcus I wasnt giving him no money. Anyway I am gonna close the door on that chapter even though he still wants me to come to Jamaica but I cant trust him no more and weve been talking for seven months. Its very painful but to all american ladies out there do not and I repeat do not talk to a man that lives in Jamaica.

They will lie and try and use u. I need help with understanding this Rasta that i am seeing. I dont want to get hurt!!! White women, Indian Women, Chinese and Thai women. Jewish and Muslim women. Y dont you all just stick to the men in your home countries and stop dating men from our country. I am a Jamaican male living in Canada with my wife and three children. I came here 5 years ago from Jungle in Kingston, honestly i have been married for 10 years to my wife who is from Tivoli Gardens in Kingston as well.

I recently graduated from a respectable University here in Canada and my wife is currently pursuing her nursing degree at Ryerson University in Toronto. My Jamaicaican, ghetto, rag tag chic and her ghetto rag tag man who werent raised properly according to your book took advantage of the opportunity we received from the government of Canada. An opportunity most Jamaicans would love to receive from our own government in Jamaica and from our own private sector, a chance to love and care for their families with good paying jobs that lead to careers.

Instead Jamaican wake up to read books of criticism and cynicism from your ridiculous, prejudice, baseless writings. Here in Canada we are armed with the facts, Jamaican men are responsible, bight, confident, brave, honest, hard working, good leaders, sexually potent, strong fathers and role models, society leaders, builders, news anchors, journalists, eloquent, possessive, diverse, tolerant, and innovative as we dominate most island industries worldwide.

There is no bigger supporter of Jamaican men than me. Because you do not know me you do not know that this is the truth. I am a Rastafari Empress. I love my people more than I love my self. Not all Jamaican men are good intentioned when dealing with women from foreign, we all know that. I write to inform women who are clueless that maybe they need to open their eyes a little wider when getting to know a Jamaican man…just for their own awareness.

Clearly you are not they type of Jamaican man I have written about, and I make it very clear not all Jamaican men are like this. Blessed Love to you and your family.

I helped him financially from time to time. Trust me 50 to bucks her and there adds up. Not to mention topping his phone up on Digicel. I was wore out and becoming disenchanted with the whole thing. I should have known it would end up as it has because we were having problems anyway and the 3 year long distance relationship was becoming increasingly challenging. Once he got the visa I noticed a complete shift in his personality. All he kept talking about was how he wanted to come over here to work. First of all, I tried to explain to him that it is illegal for him to work.

He insisted he has friends who have come over and made a little money on the side. We ended up getting into it about it and I was really pissed off about the whole thing. He was so charming and sweet in the beginning, to say he swept me off my feet is an understatement. I have had many opportunities to date other men but have tried to remain loyal to him. I have constantly tried to move on and it has been so difficult. Wow…I walk away with nothing and he has his Visa and a job which is why he wanted to come over here anyway.

We are completely disposable to them…. I wonder if they even like foreign women at all. He constantly complains about how much he hates it over here. Jamaica is beautiful but the system over there sucks and keeps the people starvin and enslaved. Not to mention they have to scam tourist and foreigners and do it all in stride because they feel we have it. Sorry to hear you are in this circumstance. Not all Jamaican men are this way. Yes, many are but many are not.

If a Jamaican woman had your man how would her life truly be? Great sex and endless attention will not pay rent, buy food, feed the baby or provide transportation. Sarahyah, you have to decide what is best for you and go with that. From what you describe this relationship seems to only bring pain to your life while depleting your finances.

Real love does not operate this way. And there are plenty of Jamaican men and Rasta who support themselves. The challenge is finding one. Thanks for your encouragement. Even if things do not work out with us, I am still happy that he is able to work and make a decent amount of money over here before he returns to the JA. The way some of the people have to live over there really saddens me. My compassion is the reason why I helped out when I could. I am learning to accept that it may not work and know that I can move on and hold my head high. I have definitely learned a lesson as far as dating someone over there is concerned..

Greetings SisStar Sarahyah, I just wanted to send you my love and positive vibes. I just have one suggestion to you. Some men might be more reserved and this might feel like a rejection in a long distance relationship. In your case, I would really confront him to find out exactly where you stand. Call him and ask him outright. You will get a vibe from his voice and reaction whether he is genuine or whether he was only after your money. The struggle in Jamaica is real and I have helped out my King by sending items he needs for his restaurant. He never asked me for money but you know how shipping costs add up.

He is giving back by taking care of other things for me I own a small farm and we are growing organic foods on it together. So it is more of a give and take like in a marriage. I hope that you will get the same kind of relationship if you love this man. But you MUST ask for an honest answer and go from there. He may just be shy like my King was at first. Just allow him to walk off with your stuff, i. I met him on social media. He has a minor chileague. Says the mom passed away. He is to visit me in two weeks via plane.

I explain to him that he will need to get an hotel room. He says we will talk about it later today. Later today has come and gone. He leaves for Mexico tomorrow morning. On his way back he will fly here. Is this guy trying to scam me. Does he think that I will pay for his room for 3 days. Is this the same man? Keep your money in purse. Frank called yesterday morning. Always through Fb never his cell number redflag.

I asked Frank how am I to do that when I have no contact info. But the day prior he Said he was going to the country side of Mexico and would call me for 2 weekso no interception. Anyway 8 to 9 hours later he message me and he said I made it. I told him that he would have to get a hotel and could not stay with me. He said ok……so why would he leave his money if he knew he would need it when he came to m visit me.

I finally message him and told him in detail that I knew. I also told him that if he said anything nasty back to me I would contact the police. He said thank you….. Thanks Kim for the tough love. I am so proud of myself! I am making steps in the right direction and although it hurts and it is really hard I know that it is the absolute best thing to do!

He has already gained so much when all I have is a broken heart. It has really been a powerful lesson. I had never experienced anything like this. The only reason I helped him as much as I did is because I felt so sorry for his living conditions. When you are compassionate they simply see you as a fool.

Like Maya Angelou said…. Blessings sistren and much love! Glad to hear you are doing well and moving on. You are strong and the pain will abate over time. Greeting ladies and Miss Kim I am delighted to see the encouragement you giving to these ladies and mi rate yuh vibes and how you lay it down but also misconception can cause problem. If your going to state something inaccurate before you do research and come back with statistics results regarding your statement. I have been with my Jamaican man for 3 years. We are mostly very happy he often talks of marriage. He has made many changes for me meaning the arguing and always feeling like he had to kinda take the leAd on everything.

I could have went 2 months without seeing them and he would still say that. All of the friends are females. Why is he jealous of females. I could say I going to lunch and he starts his rant. If your wondering if he goes out.. I have been going back and forth in my head — am I crazy or what? We only talked for a few days, and we kissed. We exchanged numbers and he has been calling and texting me.

No harm, but I am a little embarrassed because I kind of like him! He has not asked me for money or anything — I go to Jamaica every year, so we talked about me coming back. He suggested that I not stay at the resort but at a guest house instead, because it would be cheaper, I could stay longer and he could visit me. Because I know that often times Jamaican men prey on American women — my guard is up.

And I am just waiting for him to say something crazy. I recommend you stay where you are comfortable since you are not a native. Be very observant and cautious as you would with any stranger. Take your time catching feelings. People will always reveal themselves we just have to believe them when they do rather what we want them to be. Hello, I have been dating a Rasta man for 5 years now and we have had our fair share of good and bad moments.

My concerns of communication are definitely getting under way because he is so quite most of the time. I have tried talking about it and it is like breaking into Federal reserve bank no entry. The love is strong still but the passion,spark and romantic aspects are dying slowly and I want to at least give it one more try before we decide to no longer be us.

I ment my jamacian man 5 months ago. He was here working in the states. He returned to Ja In september and was to jave dollars when he returned to pay back people whom he borrowed money from to come here in the first place. He had a saved up. So i volunteered the other half through payments. I send him dollars every 2 weeks.

I top his phone up and pay his wifi monthly. Supposed to be sending a box of stuff over worth dollars. He has never bought anything for me but a bottle of water here and there. I would have to ask him to help me with gas. Im going over in January and plsn on staying until we come back together. He said thats not a good idea. My gut is telling me he is using me to get his visa and come here but not for me and he is using me to make life easier on him over their.

Do you have any evidence he owes people money? He could be using your money to date his Jamaican ooman. A person who truly loves and cares about you will NEVER manipulate you into doing anything that would cause you to feel bad. Hello, I stumbled on this blog, and am seeking guidance, cause you all seem so much more knowledgeable about Jamaican men than me.

We met at my apartment pool where he was working. When we met, I asked all the questions — any wife, girlfriend, kids, etc… I was told he was in the process of ending a 5 year relationship, was not involved with anyone else, etc. I was not even that interested in him at first, and went out with him at the urging of my family and friends. Well, it was like electricity. The chemistry we have is amazing. We talked all the time, saw each other often, and did not become intimate right away. Then he began becoming distant, disappearing for days with no contact.

I would break it off, and he would pursue me. Yet, every time I would leave, he would call continuously, or show up at my house asking me to stay with him. He tells me he loves me often, and that I am in his heart. He says that is what first caught his eye about me. He claims to have watched me for a year before he approached me. Now fast forward to now:. I finally found out by finally investigating online, something I really should have done from the very beginning. I did look up criminal records at the start, but not social media.

She helped him come into the country, and brought his teenage son over as well. She is rather a large woman over pounds , average looking, 14 years younger than him, and seems to handle the finances. Everything is in her name, and she has paid for everything — condo, cars, insurance, etc. When approached with this information, my Jamaican Man was shocked that I learned everything, yet spent more time trying to convince me to stay with him. He admitted he was married, claims the marriage was to come into the country and that it was actually her idea.

He met her here while on a work program and claims nothing was romantic between them initially. He had a wife in Jamaica, divorced her quickie-style, married this woman months later and they lived as roommates for some time. He claims she started to want more, and wanted a true marriage and he had to oblige due to the situation. He also says that he would have never told me he was married, because he knew I would not have given him a second glance.

He says he was not expecting this to happen at all between us. I asked him if he did not feel guilty fooling around on his wife, and he said no, because one situation does not affect the other, and he wants a life with me. I have yet to answer. He plans to teach me how to prepare Jamaican dishes properly, and brought me back spices and other items from his trip to Jamaica this past Christmas. He opens doors, pulls out chairs, and completely focuses on me. We talk about everything and anything, except his life with his wife. His brothers know I exist, but his mother and sister do not.

He has also told his son about me and wants to introduce me to him. He has met my adult daughter who showed up unexpectedly while we were talking about this issue , and told her he is not using me and that he loves me and does not see his life without me in it. He said if he was not in his situation at home, that with me is were he would be.

He again said he could not let me go, because now I am in his heart. I never call him, except when I an returning a call that I missed. He has mentioned in the past that he was trying to come up with money for this or that, but I always encourage him to keep trying and things will work out, and never offered him a dime. I would like to think that if he was looking for a woman to financially help him, he would turn to his wife unless the well has run dry or would have ran from me a long time ago and sought out another target. When I break it off, he is relentless in trying to get me back.

I always do…I love him. Now that I am involved, it is harder to let go. He lied to you about his status, therefore manipulating you into a situation with him. So, he is not available to you or any other woman but his WIFE. I got out of this situation a couple of weeks after posting this. I deserve better and happy I got out early before any real damage was done. I hope other women on this site pay attention to the signs, and trust their gut feelings. If something seems wrong, trust me, it is.

The Jamaican I met is much younger than me by 9 yrs. As a matter of fact, just too damn charming so I know how he got me, he can get 20 other women as well.

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Led me to finally wake up from being a fool. There is a fine line between making time and making excuses. Good luck to all. I am still mentally drained cuz I cared so much for him. Jamaican men are not all that. Bottom line, my guy is Jamaican and we argue alot. He thinks he knows it all, be is controlling, abusive at times and can treat me like crap when he is angry. Then they turn around to apologize, only to blame you for there actions. The worst group of men are Jamaicans.

I prefer Hispanics because at least they love there women being around them. In my opinion, Jamaicans are insecure and full of pride. They are just too much for American woman. I stand up for myself, I will not allow a foreigner to run me. I have to agree. I used to have some fantasy in my head about Jamaican men. They are not that great. Bring them closer to that, or be that…you have a great relationship. I have read all of the post above and, I too experience the heart break of a Rasta. And he says he wants to get married and have kids with me but I dont know if I can trust this..

Just started dating a separated Jamaican man. Full stop on dating this Jamaican man, until his divorce is final. Sometimes, spouses go back and forth. Can I buy a hard copy book???

Some thing here

He calls me Empress, but there are some red flags. First of all a man has to be a man and work because nothing is free in this life. The Island has jobs for those who want to work so there is no excuse why many men prostitute themselves by thinking the cocky is sooo good a woman will provide for them financially. God knows I love me some Jamaican men til death but there is no way in hell I am a western union or bank of America! Also, if a Jamaican man is truly in-love with you as a foreigner he would not have to leave his country. The option should be open for his wife to go there and live.

Because if the relationship is based off of love and not money he would still bust his ass in Jamaica to make sure his foreign Queen is provided for over there too. The saying is for richer or poorer…. And the minute he comes across with that same old line many give they need this and that I am sooo gone! Once they figure out you are no fool to their money schemes and ability to use good sex as a weapon they will have nothing but respect for you. I am with a Jamaican man that is supposed to be rasta but likes anal sex I am not about that. I am older very attractive and in shape as a mix black women.

So I have been seeing this guy from Ja.. Mobay for about 4 months now.. I had met him on a dating site called interracial love. So after 2 weeks on the site he said he had a confession…and it was he was using his brother profile because he wanted to make sure I was a woman! So he asked was I still interested.

I said yes and gave him a chance! This was in June when I met him.. We had so much in common! The sex was the best I ever had! Oh I forgot to mention that he lIves with his Baby momma! He says that he wants to leave her. Says they have been dating for 2 yrs….

Then I visited in August again it was great! And the baby mama was standing in the dark road waiting for him.. So I asked and he said yeah.. Man was I scared!!! He did apologize greatly he said he would never put me in harms way..

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It was a good trip besides that incident.. Oh and I forgot to mention he tried to get me pregnant!!! And yes he did ask me to buy some video games and he just told me he was depressed because of financial reasons! Oh and on Facebook the white girl has all there pics posted of them together. But on his Facebook he has no pics of them at all posted together!

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Please any in site on this situation? This all sounds eerily familiar. Yes, leave this man alone. The large red flags flapping in your face are for real. Get out now before you get sucked in anymore than you have already. Good luck and please take care of yourself. Can you answer me please why would a rasta Jamaican man asks for anal sex. I been dating him since last yr and I refuse to give in. I am very attractive,independent,and a mix black women. I love Caribbean men of their loving ways and culture.

Girl, you cute but not that cute for 5 Jamaican dudes to fall in love and want to marry you after a week. Make sure to exchange money at the airport. With him things seem too perfect, we dated for a year and 11 months before we finally met in person this February. I wanted to take it slow and he completely understood that. He is a very private person and from time to time he does post up photos on his whatsapp that we took together back in February. My question is and still remains the same why did he go through my phone? Oh and for those wondering, we are set to get married March 31st, on our 3 year anniversary the K-1 visa has been approved!

On top of that I constantly hear horror stories about how Jamaican men use foreign woman and it always leaves me overthinking my situation….. I am sorry ladies a few typos in my text. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Notify me of new comments via email. Dating a Jamaican man Hi everyone. The trend in Jamaica you need to know about 6 Reasons women love Jamaican men How do Jamaican men treat women? My Jamaican man dominates in the bedroom. My Jamaican boyfriend wants to get me pregnant?? Do all Jamaican men like to fight and argue? Can you trust a Jamaican man? Jamaican men have a nice sexy Jamaican accent Jamaican men make great lovers Jamaican men tell women what they want to hear Jamaican men are known to have the big bamboo Jamaican men have a cool and interesting culture Many Jamaican men have a dark smooth chocolate complexion Jamaican men and foreign women Jamaican men have a natural ability to meet and allure foreign women.

Does he respect the woman and her culture? Does he see her as being better than him in some way? Does he see her as someone who he would settle down with? Does she understand his culture and his way of thinking? Does he think she is beautiful? Is he just using her?

Jamaican Men; 21 Things about dating a Jamaican man (the eBook) – Jamaica & Rastafari Culture

Conditioned to be the best There once was a time when it was a rare thing for a Jamaican man to date women who were not Jamaican. Sounds typical of some Jamaican men… Thanks for sharing. I know I married to one and I know all the tricks of the past Like Like. Thank you Like Like.

I am happy for you hve one for me that is loyal,and not mysterious.. Your not married yet give it some time to change and your living together. Most men in the island will give you affection and compassion when it will benefit them but say no and they turn into ten year old boys Like Like. This is so true. Blessed Love; Jana Like Like. I cant comment on that…but I am sure someone will. Dee Sheph, I believe there is someone special for you.

All the best, Kim Like Like. OMG…that sounds just like my husband!! A dat mi a seh Like Like. That is making me reconsider dating a Jamaican. I liked my friend. Let him go samara lol but true sorry Like Like. Blessed Love Jana Like Like. Hi Jana, From what I am reading in your post it appears your insecurities are creeping up and out.

Bless up Sis Jana Like Like. Greetings SisStar, Thanks for replying. Love n light, kim Like Like. Hi Jana, Please pardon me, for not being thoroughly detailed with the description. One love, Kim Like Like. I wish your friend a speedy recovery.