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But for instance Tim liked the intensity of replies: And what is interesting, from 11 countries!

AsianDating Goes Over 11 Countries

Can you imagine how big this Asian dating platform is? You start with free account but do not forget to upgrade it to paid and girls are the first who get in touch with you. Our Tim visited several Asian countries and dated many Asian women with the help of Asiandating. Sure he was in just because of Western women who changed his love affair intentions: And indeed over 1,5 million of single beautiful Asian ladies with black hair and perfect skin is waiting on this site.

Tim created two profiles just because he forgot the previous password. Anyway he managed to chat with years old single ladies from Indonesia, Cambodia and Hong Kong. He explained that he liked profile of the lady and would like to go out. Besides I almost forgot, our hero upgraded his account to Platinum and received responses within a day. Ladies were trying to escape from the site and to contact on skype, others wanted to go out right immediately and other part of ladies just registered the wrong site. Indeed thinking that in China or Hong Kong women speak English fluently is completely wrong.

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And Muslim territories like Thailand some parts managed to be free of rules for online dating. Malaysia is famous for regular scam girls as usual. Even if you try to get in touch with a girl you cannot stop seeing some suspicious thing in conversation.

This is more than possible. So let me summerize all facts about Asiandating. This dating platform is legit and safe. Besides reliable to their members as the owners live in Australia and are proud of their more than 15 years work experience. They are free of scam as during all correspondence with women Tim never received money request, suspicious messages, letters from ladies with non-filled profiles. Review | Is it Worth Your Time? ~ Masculine Profiles

Tim was surprised by testimonials. That means a very stable statistics if men are satisfied with the Asiadating. This website does not represent any casual matches or hookups.

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Choose your country you love the history and mental principles of and you will be satisfied with sincere intentions. There are a lot of members who have sworn to the effectiveness of the website, including me, as I was able to find new friends. The website, itself, works.

However, just like any other social media websites, there is no actual control on the members who are joining in the site. Reviews

For this reason, there have been some complaints regarding the truthfulness of the information provided by some of the members. You need to be careful of some scammers. Based on personal experience, I met a girl named Stephanie from the Philippines while I was traveling there. What I really like about girls in the Philippines is that most of them can at least converse in English. This is a huge plus, considering that I do not know other languages aside from English.

There are occasional barriers, but as a whole it was good.

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Unfortunately she wasn't on the same island I was and I really wanted to meet Stephanie, so I arranged a boat ride over. I had thought about going before, but knowing she was there was the deciding factor. We had a good time and both when she took me out to eat some Sig-Sig and at her place after.

All I can say was she was truly a giver. No matter what you are looking for asian dating will have it. However, based on talking with other people it seems like there aren't too many gay and lesbian options. It's still a big no no in asian culture so I would imagine that's the biggest reason. One thing that I noticed is that a lot of them are weirdly hot. Not that they look weird, but the sheer number of attractive girls on the site is a bit odd but maybe it's also because I'ms slowly developing yellow fever. Normally, I'd be wary to see if they were scammers or hookers.

ALL Asian Dating sites are SCAMS!

However, the photos weren't like you normally see. They were in a variety of situations, had filled out profiles, and most actually messaged back without trying to get money from me so if they are scammers then they definitely aren't the usual ones. There seem to be a decent amount of other white guys, but a lot of them are like mid 30's, have some sort of asian fetish way beyond yellow fever , and are fat and bald.

This is based on what some of my dates that I met on asiandating. I can say that if you are looking for Asian women and men, this is a good site for match making.

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You can choose the type of relationship that you are looking for, whether it is just for friendship or for marriage. I have also tried the option of doing a standard search, filtering information by gender, age, country, as well as the date in which the other member was last active. After a month of enjoying the standard membership, I decided to try the platinum option.

Asian Dating is a website that is very easy to use. I am not really a techy, but I can navigate through the site easily. It is one of the best asian dating sites that is available on the web these days. The website is well-organized in a way that even members who do not use English as their main language can use it easily. It seems like I agree with other people's experience other asiandating. What makes it unfavorable, however, is the presence of untruthful members and scammers.

The site itself is clearly legit, but you have to be careful of other members. Some are real people looking for dates while others are clearly trying to get your money. There are other websites that also offer similar services, including Asian cupid. What I noticed however, is that even if you are not yet a member with any of these sites, it is quite easy to tell the difference between the two. Most of the members on other asian dating sites have really bad English.