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Give lots of gifts, pay for dinners and, oh yes, remember to acknowledge that the Chinese invented pretty much everything. However, as in any relationship, small things — which at first made our relationship unique and extraordinary — started to become exasperating after a while.

His mother, although I adored her, was overbearing. She would call him several times a day with the most useless advice, to instruct him to wear a coat because it was cold outside, or to remind him to drink more water and ask him endless questions about his health.

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Although I admire the strong bond people here have with their parents, being with a man whose mother plays such a fundamental part of his life undermines any sense of a mature relationship. My Chinese girlfriends often moan about their exhausting mother-in-laws, who become jealous if their son pays his wife too much attention. It was an accumulation of things I found increasingly hard to ignore, such as his criticism of Western women who he would condemn for being overweight, aggressive and too easy and my deteriorating patience with his personal habits the stomach-churning sound he made as he spat in the bathroom sink — a daily habit of most locals — or his insistence on wearing the same unwashed clothes for several days in a row.

We Brits have been brought up to consider personal hygiene and table manners as second nature. So when you move to a country where talking with your mouth full of food, street-side nasal cleansing and communal squat toilets are a feature of everyday life, you have to develop higher tolerance levels along with a strong stomach. But in the end the sight and sound of my beloved slurping his way through a dish of noodles, his face half an inch from the bowl as he sucked the meal into his mouth like a top-of-the-range Dyson, was enough to extinguish any flames of passion.

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I have now come to the conclusion that my romantic endeavours will always be severely tested while I remain in China. I am faced with two options: My extended stay in Beijing has also rendered me a complete misfit back home. After six years away, my speech has become a cacophony of English and Chinese, decipherable only by fellow bilingual expats. I have picked up lifestyle habits most Westerners would find bizarre — the weekly cupping therapy that leaves me looking as though tiny spaceships have landed all over my body, the flask of hot water and green tea leaves I religiously carry around with me — and I find little in common with those who have no experience of a culture outside their comfort zone.

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I am not only an alien in China; I have become an alien in my home country, too. Mukherjee is not about to leave and he is sure many other foreigners will be keen to come to work in Shanghai, a city of more than 24 million people. But he also knows many businesspeople who are packing up — for these reasons and others.

To meet its target, Shanghai will have to attract , more by , the same deadline by which it plans to cap its population at 25 million. If it did get there, the city would have more expatriates than Hong Kong. She said concerns about pollution were also keeping people away, prompting some clients to spend only part of their time in China. Wang Huiyao, director of the Beijing-based think tank the Centre for China and Globalisation, said it was good for Shanghai to set targets.

Peng Xizhe, a professor in population studies at Fudan University, said Shanghai would need to come up with a comprehensive plan if it wanted to attract such a vast number of foreigners while keeping the population under 25 million. Some changes are already happening.

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In , Shanghai had its first population decline since , mostly because of migrant workers leaving the city as labour-intensive industries retreated. Skip to main content. Sunday, 28 January, , Tuesday, 24 April, , When your choices match you can start a conversation and take it from there. Best feature The Tinder Moments feature lets you add and share pictures with your matches, which then disappear after 24 hours. Until you meet up, that is, which we imagine would be much trickier.

The app recently made international press due to a 30 million USD investment, and its userbase surpasses that of Grindr, making it the biggest in the world — which founder Geng Le expects to double this year.

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Blued is in Chinese only. See what they did there? Feeding into WeChat and Weibo, Blued is one of these apps with a WeChat Moments-style function to show whatever you feel like — we scrolled through everything from biceps and bums to pizzas and Japanese manga porn.

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You can also upload a gallery of images on your static profile, so really you get much more of a feel for the other person than from just a cock-shot on Grindr.