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She refers to herself as my beard, as she has acted as my fake girlfriend on several occasions over the years you know when you have politely brushed someone off, said no, then bluntly said no, then faked it with someone else?

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We hold hands sometimes, even snuggle. We kiss on the cheek regularly. We are close friends. I also have a horrible, horrible crush. If it even is something else? That is not what helping means, friends! I want to talk about it with her, but am also leery I am seeing what is an awesome, intimate friendship as something else through my crush-filled romantic eyes.

I am an adult that can pull up my big girl panties and get over my crush, so I am afraid to voice this out loud. What kind of crazy high-level romance do you require? Do you live in a cave on the side of a cliff that your dates can only approach by climbing a rope ladder, gripping a bouquet of roses in their teeth? Every time you date a new person, you have to learn how to do it all over again, adapting to their specific preferences and peeves and weird habits.

A lot of people go through this, especially women, especially smart, passionate, interesting women who date men. There is, unfortunately, a large population of folks out there in the dating world who want their partners to have no needs or insecurities or hangups or ambitions, who think they can have romance with absolutely no conflict, who are basically looking for a coat rack they can make out with sometimes.

Expecting this in a date is a character flaw, not a lack of experience. Now, whether that applies to your umfriend for the newcomers: Tell her how you feel and what you want, and listen to what she wants. Either way, a frank conversation will let you both know where you stand. I tend to only be attracted to women who present as masculine-of-center and I have a hard time explaining this to others and to myself.

But I have a hard time justifying this.

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Like the rest of us. Are you a short haired girl? Tell us why you rule sofeminineUK.

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The Hottest Hairstyles Ever. How To Have Healthy Hair: Home Fashion Beauty Beauty. They don't get hung up on bad hair days. You might also like: The Hottest Short Choppy Hairstyles.

2. They know how to party

Choosing your hair colour. Gel, mousse or spray: Fair Skin For The Win! From Eek To Sleek: Give Frizz The Middle Finger! Should I Get A Fringe? All Your Questions Answered! How to choose sunscreen. Caring for your perm. How to wear perfume. When I have short hair, it was adorable guys at the record store or super hot coffee shop dudes.

I even got told I was going to hell by the Bible thumpers that were visiting my college once! In general, I prefer having my hair short. Do whatever suits you. Yeah, when I had short hair I was read as queer much more. I started with a short pixie I took in a picture of Keira Knightley in Domino — the stylist used trimmers on a longer setting on the sides and back and have grown it back out over a couple years. So I started with that, then went to a Bieber-bowl style as I was growing it out until it was long enough to make into a short bob.

I just got it when I was 18, and it made me look young.

1. They don't get hung up on bad hair days

People started guessing I was still in high school where when I was actually in high school with long hair, people thought I was already in college. No, not really, I just like short hair? Worst thing for me is all the guys I vaguely commenting on it.

It is more edgy but I liked your hair long. But it is honestly more telling of the kind of person they are than anything else.

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Got a pixie cut a couple months ago. Lots of attention from other girls saying how it suited me and how good it looks. Less attention from men.

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In the process of growing it out now. It sucks because I feel more bland with long hair. I guess I will just be able to know that I can pull off this look if I ever want to go back. Had a pixie cut a few years back and I definitely got much more positive attention.