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Time differences are evil and should be banned.


When I was in USA some of my colleagues had never heard of the before-noon thing. I think it might be all day there anyway! I like all of them except for dandr and bully match. You totally got me.

Definitely thought the pizza one was real!! This is me and my gal pal every time!

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Love will find a way if you believe in yourself! Me and my mum I know not gf eat a meat and vegan one from Pizza hut cos you can get half and half pizza. Thanks for sharing these 5 apps Faith. I will try all of these. We can watch latest movies for free from Terrarium tv app. ExNay Ever meet Ms. Dandr Cat people unite! Even the dates that were terrible ended with a tasty pie. BullyMatch allows you to connect with arch-frenemies from your teen years, with a twist: Kai Kai Choyce is a writer, comedian, and cat whisperer.

Kai has written 15 articles for us. You May Also Like Log in to Reply. I wish OutCat was real. I want to say sorry to the girl I bullied at secondary but not ready to forgive my own bullies. Start with a question. Ask an absurdly specific and slightly bizarre question about pop culture. Below, some suggestions for Tinder opening lines. Borrow and go forth. Or suggest your own in the comments! This line was, without a doubt, my favorite way to start conversations on Tinder.

One time, a girl gave a complete answer with reasons and everything… only to later admit that she had never seen any of the films and had made the whole thing up in a panic. Honesty is a great quality in a potential sexual partner. A few years later, and the joke was still wildly out of control, seeping into my Tinder presence.

Sarah Michelle Gellar has a lovely nose. Cruel Intentions is a great movie. At some point, I decided this was a perfectly reasonable question to ask people I was trying to make out with.

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This one led to some of my favorite Tinder conversations. It is very important to be totally upfront with matches about your interests, even if those interests are slightly embarrassing or otherwise chip away at the very cool and sexy exterior of your Tinder profile. This message served two purposes: Sometimes, you just gotta get straight to the point. I think I threatened to unmatch anyone who said zero.

A sensible question in all scenarios. My Tinder bio at the time read: This is a really easy way to find out if they are a sociopath. T2 is the right answer, but T3 is the gayest. I just need to know. Kayla Kumari Upadhyaya is a Brooklyn-based writer, television critic, and comedian who spends most of her time over-analyzing queer subtext on television, singing "Take Me Or Leave Me" in public places, and assembling cheese platters.

But Make It Fashion

She has a cat named after Piper Halliwell from Charmed, and her go-to karaoke song is "Everywhere" by Michelle Branch. Her writing can also be found at The A. Club and The Hollywood Reporter, and she wrote the webseries Sidetrack. You need to login in order to like this post: Good lord, I have poor answers for all of these.. I am a little mystified by the rise of Jenny Schecter apologism. You know, I seem like I actually read your profile. Is there a text-length limit on those things? On the other hand, if someone were to ask my favorite type of dog I would want to meet them immediately.

9 (Must-Know) Lesbian Dating Rules

After reading all those printscreens, my first question would be: Every time I get a match I scream and hide from my phone till it goes away. Dana Scully, the root of my love for pantsuits and redheads. Bonus points for redheads in pantsuits. I can confirm this approach works. Also obviously my answer was Zayn simpler times. For reference; Answer 1 is YES!!!