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In the meantime, If I come across a high quality and very desirable woman will she give me a chance for a relationship knowing that years later I will be making a decent income? In other words, make more people aware that you exist! DHVs work best when they are woven subtly into stories or displayed through action.

Microcalibration The things women respond to though, while they appear to be social constructs, still go back to evolution. Otherwise, why is some alpha black guy on the street more attractive than a nerdy white millionaire businessman. Who has more societal value? Who gets laid easier by a random stranger? But what you're on about here may possibly not be exactly what you may think. These black player guys attract, but the girls run off giggling.. He keeps approaching until one DOES.

He never looks like an idiot. Girls don't think bad of him. But most won't get with him, because he can't attract them. The key is in recognizing the sequencing.. In the past, I'd just run the same game on every girl. Sometimes it wouldn't work in different scenes. Then I recognized the distinction, and modified.

Thoughts on Social Value

Now I can work any scene, given the adaquate preparation time and observation. The game you run won't be effective unless you have the right value prior to the sarge. I first realized this in Miami South Beach, at a club called Skybar.

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I wasn't trained properly to convey value at Skybar. I shifted my value via both clothing non-collegiate peacocking and the stuff you're talking about in this post. Then the game I ran was as effective as it was on college girls. Unless you have the right value beforehand, she will block your game, IN THE SAME WAY that you'd block the game of a fatgirl who is touching you physically, her touch feels good, but she doesn't have the value for you to allow it to escalate so you cut it off before it can start..

They have no looks but they have plenty of social value. Women want to be with them, men want to be them.

Social value is key to being attractive to the world! The peacocking will get your noticed in the club.

When people notice you, they see you socializing with everyone. Then you social value starts to build.

How To Appeal To More Women Through Demonstrating Social Value

And when you made your way around the club to open the hot blonde set in the back of the club, she would have already seen you and knows you have social value. Even if you are short, fat, ugly or simply not her type; you have social value. Sets easily opens when you have social value. A women of her dreams is not necessarily a guy who is tall, dark, rich and handsome.

It comes down to social value and acceptance. We as humans are social creatures. Being social and having social value is the key to advance socially. People like you, they accept you, they will want to associate with you. You associate with the right people, you will get the right things coming to you through association.

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Work on yourself and develop those social skills that are needed. Not just to game a girl, but to game the world. Game everyone you meet. Be the cool social guy that everyone likes. Then you will have opportunities just fall in your lap. People do business with people they like. If they are forced to, they will never give you the best deal or truly want to help you. Be the guy that everyone would take their shirts of their backs for. That will enable you to have lots of social value.

And social value will make you attractive to everyone! Be a value giver. A person of value leaves people better than they found them. Some traits of value that are socially valuable are:. Sense of Humor 4.

How To Appeal To More Women Through Demonstrating Social Value

Make people feel good. A guy with no value, going up to a group with the highest social value in the venue will be a value taker unless he has value to add to their lives. If he brings a magic trick or orders another bottle of alcohol for them, he will start to have some value. But if he is positive, makes them laugh and feel good about themselves. They will be more willing to keep him around. And if he really makes them feel good and enhance their positive experience when hanging out with him, they will do anything to keep him around since he is now highly valuable to them.

Be that high value guy. The power of social value. A bum asks you for a dollar you immediately say no. Cause he is not asking or taking any value from you. In fact, having him in your social circle might possibility yield personal financial gain. So be a value giver. Give value and you will get value back. Be the value giver. They game the world and give value to the everyone making the world a better place. You have a HUGE responsibility. With great power comes an even greater responsibility. So game on fellas! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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